One of the latent pleasures of the paradigm of timism has been how numerous people have contributed to its expansion often while knowing only what was conveyed in a smattering of conversations. This author found it very encouraging when people made comments or raised questions that prompted significant insights and inevitable applications. The following are a list of applications that arose from basically two conversations with Becky Muyres during her final year at St. Thomas University in human resources. While her input prompted a launch delay of several months, the final product is of greater practicality and functionality in implementing better democracy as indicated in these webpages.

Lines of Communication
Steering Committees

In many ways, the on-line brain bees were high school diplomas compared to the problem-solving systems of the habitual politicians. The above processes raised the level of achievement to a graduate degree while the politicians were still trying to avoid matriculating to kindergarten--the hot potato game of election reform in alternating years between the two houses of Congress with no consumable meal presented to the voters to chew on.

This writer is very grateful to daBeck for her stimulating input, for these processes not only extend and close the ring of democracy but offer the personal freedom for this writer from being obligated to babysit the missing links. Pragmatically, the development of these tools eliminate the need for "steward"

Less significant, but very helpful, Becky donated her prior computer which was set up to handle telecom traffic for Women 50/50. While BIOS'd in 1997, daBeck's machine is an example of how an old slow computer with honest software is a faster problem-solving process than a stone-walling, lobbyist-dependent habitual politician.

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