No one is above the law--the first level

Lines of Communication for Problem-Solvers:

The True Thousand Points of Light for a Brighter Life.

A goal of the timistic vision of humanity for the third millennium is to efficiently and effectively solve problems using the internet to promote better democracy and capitalism.

  • Democracy is organizing people to solve their common, public problems.
  • Capitalism, not decapitalism, rewards people for using their heads (capita) to solve problems. has two innovative system for promoting "democratic capitalism."

  • The on-line spelling bees provide a fair and free forum by which concerned citizens can prioritize individuals to solve problems or issues for the problem-solvers to address. On-line brain bees constitute better democracy.
  • An integral part to people participating in on-line democracy is a quantification of their problem-solving effort in that ultimate wealth which is created when people solve problems: lifehours. Lifehours constitute better capitalism.

On-line democracy and capitalism provides another vehicle by which to improve problem-solving. Each time an election is held on-line, the winner of the group of seven constitutes a focal point for the other members of that group. A review of the division by seven principle for spelling winners shows how the top winners are known by the other six members of that cyber-classroom. Thus, if you are not the winner in your class of seven, you have someone to whom you can forward a question or comment for the duration of that cycle of democracy.

With each new election--cycle of democracy--a new hierarchy of communication lines and points are created. Very dynamic. Very organic. Very healthy. In effect, on-line democracy replicates the process by which the brain or mind is constantly creating new hierarchies of focus for a changing world--see eerie coincidences.

Winners of any cyber election are not only expected to respond to "up the ladder" questions but are compensated for their time--see problem-solver rewards. Using the record volunteer activity, the time or money spent on responding to feedback is compensated with the lifehour credit per real life minute.

While the clock time remains the same, the lifehour credit increases as one goes up the ladder of responding/responsibility. Lifehours are adjusted by the level of management, i.e., level rights. The level of management is determined by how many times you were a winner in that cycle of democracy. If you cannot answer a question then you forward it to the winner of the your election contest.


  1. Individuals are expected to poll their classmates before emailing the class winner. If the question can be solved at a lower level and at a lower cost then we all come out ahead. If the time cost of the winners can be minimized, we all come out ahead as the winner can focus on larger problems. And, learning is be broader.
  2. Individuals are requested not to forward upward more than one email a day per problem-solving hierarchy.


  1. Winners are responsible to answer the questions of the immediate classroom as well as the feedback from the class from which they were elected.
  2. No mob chaos. No special access.
  3. Payments: Problem-solvers are compensated for the time they invest in creating a better problem-solving system--see record volunteer time.
  4. Educational enlightenment: This process will educate people to the causes and solutions of problems faster than our current system--no burned-out bureaucrats waiting for a pension so as to get another bureaucratic job. By quantifying in lifehours, people realize the real cost of their problem consequence: time ... life.
  5. Currently in the United States, half of government workers (900,000) are expected to retire in the next few years: Would it not be nice to reduce government through employee attrition and citizen involvement? (see Reform Education and Employment)

Currently, our national and state problem-solving systems require the expensive political lobbyists or campaign donations. On-line democracy and capitalism bypass these Nebuchadrezzar impediments to solving problems of, by and for the people. The on-line spelling bees create a meritocracy by which the person at the bottom between elections can share an insight or concern with the top officials if that information has merit and cannot be solved by an intermediate winner of the last election.

Re-presentative, self-government

These lines and points of communication institutionalized a long-standing principle that has a long tradition which is at the core of democracy, in origin and etymology. Democracy has many meanings but only one is valid: "dividing people to work."

  • Demos means more than people. Demos means "divisioning of people" as in demographics or demolish.
  • Cracy will be found in your dictionary to translate "rule." But more basic and necessary to "rule" is "work."

As a public policy-making process credited with originating in Ancient Greece--the Cradle of Democracy--it arose to make sure that people work without fear and with reward. The reward is product of one's sweat, effort and time--capitalism. Therein is a reason why democracy and capitalism are timistic twins.

The level of democracy is commiserate with the level of capitalism. Optimal democracy means the presence of optimal capitalism. Democracy per diem means capitalism per capita. If a people are optimally divided in time to publicize and solve their common problems then the common man will be fully and absolutely rewarded with the time created or saved when solving a problem. The latter is encoded, enshrined and institutionalized within the timistic vision of humanity in the form of lifehours. Lifehours are the universal currency that transcends the boundaries of nations and centuries.

The created hierarchies of lines and points of communication constitute better re-presentative government by which people can re-present their concerns and consensus more often than every 2, 4, or 6 years as originally established in the U.S. Constitution of 1787. Each citizen can contact via email the winner of the initial deme (spelling bee) to voice a concern or question. The entry level representative can correct or forward the concern until one of the "1000 points of light" in this line of enlightened communication resolves the concern.

This is a system without privileges--private laws. No individual can act on a personal concern or an issue that has not come through the lines of communication. The day of backroom favoritism is coming to an end. The day of unearned economic theft is over.

If the President has a personal problem, he cannot use his office and power to solve it. The President must submit his personal problems to the hierarchy of communications like every other citizen. No one is above the law. No one is above first level. This system elevates to a new meaning that no one is above or outside the laws of the land. No more Secret Service snatching snotty spoiled sisters.This system can be applied to government, insurance and education reform to name a few.

Applied to many public and private bureaucracies, this system can cut the dollar and stress cost of problems. This system is one of the reasons that this writer, who prides himself on being a timist sine qua non, i.e., a timistic traffic cop, knows that the size and cost of government can be cut by more than 50% at all levels. It is one of the reasons he can argue for 24 in 4, that is, we can have a 24 workweek in 4 years with more disposable time and money for self, family and community in a safer, saner world.

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