Public Problem-Solvers Wanted:

Federal and State Leaders:

Hammurabi, the great general and lead minister of King Nebuchadrezzar, was beseiging an errant city when the King appeared. Listening to the King's advice on how to capture the city, Hammerubi threw his hands into the air and beg to be excused from the task at hand, expressing, "Oh, Great King, the task has become too complex for your humble servant to achieve."

Moral of the story: Solutions are simple until some politician introduces irrelevant factors into the problem-solving.

Simple solutions escape chronic problems because habitual politicians keep introducing irrelevant factors. What are the irrelevant factors that make simple problems very complex? Campaign payback. The complexity of something-for-nothing in the form of campaign welfare to reward their supporters causes many problems to not be solved, to be ignored, to be worsened, or to be generated. One can't get something for nothing. Someone has to lose. The losers become the new, larger problem, e.g., slavery in all its forms--see timistic morality.

In principle and etymology, politics means "to make policy." The policy is supposed to solve problems. The policy is supposed to end the wasting of time of those who suffer the problem. Unfortunately, policy-making has all too often caused more and larger problems than are solved in the policy-making. Compromises are not common promises to benefit the problem-sufferers but to benefit the politicians who want to maintain a monopoly on the policy-making process. It's not policy-making but poicy-mocking.

With polticial solutions, our problems are no t solved. Time losses increase approaching an existential meltdown. Humanity needs problem-solvers focused on the creation and saving of time in all public activities. Humanity needs the timistic problem-solvers. offers a platform to find and elevate problem-solvers.

To speed up the creation of a problem-freer world, in anticipation of future elections, and to give potential candidates part-time government interaction

  • the on-line principles of better democracy and capitalism
  • will be used to elect problem-solvers for federal and state offices
  • who will parallel and interface with the major federal and state elected and appointed offices.

The problem-solvers fall into three classes reflecting the three branches of government: legislative, executive and judicial. Using the on-line brain bees for the appropriate offices, new elections will be held each time the applications increase by a multiple of seven--apolitical hierarchy and Steering Committees.When one signs up for an account and completes the deme information, one is automatically enrolled as a voter with the option to self-nominate for basic offices--see basic democracy.

The duties, responsibilities and compensation of Problem-Solvers are

  1. to re-present the citizen legislation derived from the people, of the people and for the people,
  2. to respond to inquiries as part of the timistic lines of communication, and,
  3. receive lifehour contribution. Compensation for time served is au tomatically calculated at the end of one's term with the election of one's replacement.

Elected problem-solvers will be paid a lifehour salary that corresponds to their parallel position. For each day of being available to serve, the elected problem-solver receives the per diem salary, e.g, $400 to $1100. In addition, any money put into specific activities can be and should be recorded as volunteer activities. Primary winners who fulfill a review/relay niche in the lines of communication are paid based on the time and level--see record lifehours.

Key factors to Elections

  1. Frequency: Elections of problem-solvers are automatic each time the number of candidates increase by a factor of seven or the nomal office term, e.g., 2, 4, 6 years.
  2. Women 50/50: Each new position has as its winner from the seven finalist the member of the opposite sex of the last winner. The highest member of the opposite sex within that same election will be the vice-person for that position. For that election, thereafter, the winner flipflops between the sexes--see Gender Alternate Example .

The problem-solving positions are listed on the Global Democracy webpage where you can change your default or current submission summary.

The public problem-solvers will interface with their corresponding position. When citizen legislation is formulated, the public problem-solver will present it to the current elected official for re-presentation to the legi slative body. If a commission is established, the public problem-solver will re-present the findings to the public agency. Public problem-solvers will track actions of the public official which have too often been swept under the rug, e.g., cabinet waste and ambassadorial incompetence.

Since the habitual politicians will not live by the campaign speeches (which they put back into the closet until the next election), we, the people, need to use this internet to hold them up to the standards they exhale in campaign breaths.

  • Re-Election Schedule: New problem-solvers elections are held each time the applicants reach a new power of seven: 7, 49, 343, etc., or for three or six months.
  • Compensation: When elected, the problem-solver receives the scheduled lifehour tax credit. When doing the work of the people, the problem-solvers pay form is used to record expended money. Problem-solvers found inflating claims will lose all accumulated lifehours and be banned from participating in and benefitting from Better Democracy and Capitalism. Nubs
  • Office Limits: You cannot hold the office you previously held. If you hold an office, you can run for others. However, when elected you must give up the previous office. Women 50/50 will be implemented at and above the state level.
  • Citizen Duties: For individual supporters, it is a waste of time to contact habitual politicians, for they have ears and actions only for their money dictators--see habitual quacks. If you want a safer, saner world, ignore the habitual politicians. Let the people-elected problem-solvers act on your behalf. See Lines of Communication.
  • Replacement: Replacement or candidate is the highest ranking person according to the fulfilment of Women 50/50.
  • Salary: As an elected problem-solver, you will receive a daily lifehour tax credit corresponding to the elected position, e.g., President=$1100, Senator/Congressman=$400/day. Payment is made at the end of your term when a new election selects a replacement.You are helping perfect a government of the people, by the people and for the people, and you deserve to be paid. These fees are within the parameters of the projected $3 billion leverage buyout of habitual politicians.
  • Cash Expenditures: Record them as part of Record Volunteered Time and Money.
  • Ambassadors: People selected for the Ambassadorships will receive a paid, group vacation as a symbolic end to political junkets and political nincompoops that have bedeviled our foreign friends and made us some enemies. Be sure to submit your name and qualifications for an ambassadorship (only one country).


  1. No current or past habitual politicians should apply. Giving known drunks a new vehicle will merely destroy and waste the investment into a new system--see habitual quacks. In times of trouble and turmoil, the only thing worse than not voting is voting for a habitual politician.
  2. No current or past staff of habitual politicians. Alcoholic co-enablers can not be trusted.
  3. No one who has been employed in any capacity by, in or for an election/voting registrar office can run for the position of state registrar: A new broom sweeps clean. Our economic body will not benefit from mixing bad blood with good blood.
  4. Exception: Any newly elected, first term representative, senator or governor can resign his office to participate in on-line brain bees.
  5. If you become aware that a participant is habitual politician or wannabee of either of the two parties responsible for America's decline, you should notify the other members of the cyber classroom.
  6. Forget about the political quacks and hacks who will delay or deny a healthy recovery of our economy and society. Just forget about the Democrats and Republicans.
  7. Focus your energy on how the process and supporters of Better Democracy and Capitalism can make your life better. We can have a 24-hour work week in 4 years by managing our time so as to have more disposable time and money for self, family and community in a safer, saner world--24 in 4. We can emulate Japan to retire from the rat race.

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