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When an old-fashioned male sees an attractive woman walking down the street, it is not unexpected if his mind turns to the erotic, fantasizing of what's underneath and imagining what's possible. Acting on his impulse, what he gets depends on the morality of the woman. Many a pristine, virginal madonnas are facades for charging more for services rendered like the politicians who keep drugs illegal so they can charge more for the illegal service. A self-remanufactured virgin claims more first time fools than an honest woman. As it is easy to diet--many people have started a thousand diets--so have many women been born-again virgins a thousand times.

As many people have learned from the STD-plagued sexual revolution, looking nice doesn't mean clean and safe. In the moral terms of more time, the virtuous, monogamous woman is less likely to saddle society with tax-sucking diseases and offsprings than the leg-spreading  sluts. Underneath the stereotypical slut are hidden costs that keep draining one's money pool long after the time-pleasure of the moment has past. Free love is often 18 years of child costs. A free leg-spreader is more dangerous to humanity than a fee-charging whore charges rather than gives it away--the slut takes words promising more time (love) drawn on an empty emotional bank account while the whore require a person to provide hard, real time in the form of money. Sluts encourage players who practice false promises while whores effectively demand that the johns be gainfully employed in some problem-solving employment.

A parallel in weather is the hidden nature of FRQ clusters on weather systems. In general, the atmospheric currents of air are like ocean currents which heat or cool the coastline along which the ocean currents course. On a human body basis, this is like how you can stand hotter hot and colder cold if the air is dry. A 100-degree day is more tolerable if it is dry rather than humid which is why a lot of people prefer the desert dryness of Arizona over the ocean humidity of Florida.

With the atmosphere, the greater the water density, the longer and more distant the weather system will affect the temperature of the underlying land. In addition, the general principle of increased atmospheric CO2 trapping heat applies not only to the atmosphere as a whole but with horizontal moving systems. Conversely, as noted in the dry ice fog analysis (below), CO2 saturated air coming out of the polar regions has greater self-insularity from the encountered warmer air masses. As odd as it might initially seem, record cold events are symptoms of polar thawing during the winter. When you open your freezer door, the cold blast of air carries away some of the freezer coldness which the freon system restores. The poles don't have external systems to replace the cold lost in the accelerating polar cold blasts. CO2 sublimation of the polar ice is opening the door to the refrigerator, temporarily cooling or freezing downwind areas.

A very real parallel to the FRQ clusters is a styrofoam bead. Consider how it can be used for insulation to delay the transfer of heat or coldness. However, once a styroforam bead become cold or hot it takes a longer time for it to give up its heat or coldness. If the cold or hot bead moves a distance, the temperature accumulated in its original location will be transferred more slowly resulting in more distant locations having hotter or colder temperatures. This is why record colds become closer to the equator and the polar reason has blast of hot air.

An important consideration for rate of global warming--a tipping point--is how the increase in coldness distant from the polar regions means that more coldness is being transfered away from the poles meaning the poles will melt faster. As here are no free lunches no are there any free coldsnaps. As the polar bleeds coldness, it is not replaced by more coldness but by higher temperatures. It is analogous to defrosting your freezer with a fan that causes the area around the open freezer door to be cooler as the ice melts and only until the ice melts. Furthermore, as the ice mass in your freezer decreases, the rate of thawing increases for the same influx of warm air.

Another way of looking at the previous paragraph's conclusion is to consider when you open your refrigerator's top freezer door and watch the cold air fall out: Is the freezer maintaining its coldness more when you stand next to a freezer with a closed door or with an open door? In accelerating the sublimation of polar ice, CO2 has open the freezer door of Mother Earth which is causing longer, deeper cold snaps as the polar ice melts faster.

Consider what happens if you first spead salt on the ice in the freezer. The temperature will drop as occurs when one uses salt in a manual ice cream maker. When you open the freezer door after applying salt, the temperature of the cold air falling out will be less. The same lower temperature from CO2 sublimating ice at the poles accounts for record cold blasts all over the world. The melting of the polar ice caps is not only happening in the summers but all year round from increased atmospheric CO2. The cold blasts are removing coldness that keeps the ice caps from melting faster in the summers.

Anyone who says global warming is not happening because we are suffering record cold all over the world are anyones who are under-informed. Life is not a picture but a movie in which one who looks at more frames is more informed than a one who looks at a single picture. These anti-global warmists are akin to a person with a hole in his gas tank who claims his car is creating gasoline as evidenced by the stream of gas exiting from his gas tank. The increase in record lows and snows indexes the accelerating demise of the polar ice. When gone, all hell will break out--see Burn, Baby, Burn.

Because the water density is greater the cooling or heating effect of a FRQ cluster jetstream is greater than less CO2-saturated air. Because of the invisible nature of the FRQ clusters, weather watchers are like girl watchers. Apparently innocuous weather becomes suddenly turbulent or expected rain fails to occur. With FRQ clusters, it is not only drought or deluge but hotter hot and colder cold. The impact on the food chain is not feast or famine but famine and more famine.

The real immediate impact of global warming is the destruction of the foodchain as the average ambient conditions are stretched further and further away from the norm needed to keep food growing. Claims of CO2 increasing food yeilds is not supported by research that shows evolved plants are suffering from higher CO2 while the invasive, less evolved plants are growing. If you like to eat kudzu, ragweed, stinktrees and poison ivy, higher CO2 will please your pallette.

Like the male who beds a good-looking diseased woman, people are being lured into complacency because the FRQ clusters are yielding days with fewer clouds overall. This is not good, for the lack of clouds increases the sunlight reaching the earth. Because of the analogy to a dirty slut, the phenomenon of FRQ clusters causing extremes in temperatures and rainfall should be called weather whores.

Relevant scientific events:

  1. Dry ice fog versus refrigerator fog: Probably the simplest, most obvious example a weather whore maintaining a cooler temperature is the difference in a fog from opening a freezer and dropping dry ice in a bucket of water. When you open a freezer, a fog develops as moist air contacting the cold air condenses into droplets that reflect and refract sunlight. Usually, this freezer fog disappears within a few feet as the ambien air warms the freezer fog. Oppositely, the fog from dry ice is CO2 saturated with clusters that remain together for a longer distance than a freezer's few feet. Recall how the fog from dry ice travels across stages for more than a few feet. The reason it does not warm up quickly is that the water is bound to the CO2 as FRQ clusters which maintain the mutual molecular resonance (cold or hot) longer than non-CO2 bound water molecules. It is ironic that the cause of droughts--CO2--is in a solid form called dry ice.
  2. Artic slush rather than ice
  3. [CO2-laden water freezing as a slush shows how water is less likely to bind together as CO2 levels increase.]
  4. Antarctic ice melting: Antartic Melt-070516NYT
  5. Freak Hail Storms--Australia
  6. Massive Ice US Multi-State Storm, Dec 2007. and China Massive Blizzard, Early 2008: Given that southbound "colder" polar jet streams of CO2 FRQ clusters and given that northbound warm masses of moisture slide upwards over the ground-hugging colder air from the north, ice storms will increase in frequency, area and impact as the warm rain falls through the freezing ground air. Between record forest fires, floods and ice storms, the biomass of CO2-sinking trees is being rapidly reduced which one general reason why we have passed the tipping point from global warming to global dying.
  7. Flipflop climate records in a few days or hours: The US winter 2007-2008 had not only record extremes in warmth and heat but these flipflops were record breaking. One day bikini weather and the next day parka. Weather sluts are like difference between a lawn sprinkler and a firehose. Everything gets a little wet with the lawn sprinkler. With the firehose, it is either no water or wood-ripping deluge. Weather sluts are like the plums from volcanoes--see oil field plumes.
  8. Big cold, wet blast October, 2008: A record early massive winter blast dropped up to two feet of snow on New England. This is a weather slut that has speeded up the disappearance of the polar ice cap as CO2 sublimates ice and sucks up atmospheric water which is the bases of colder weather masses traveling farther earlier or later in the season, dumping record moisture.
  9. Nation's Ice Box has record low: International Falls, -40 replaces -37.

Foodchain-destroying headlines of weather whores:

  1. Georgia Freeze
  2. Georgia/Florida Drought
  3. London: Colder than arctic circle: a
  4. Grapefruit hail in Denver--out of nowhere: Size and composition depends on and reflects FRQ clusters.
  5. Baghdad had snow (January, 2008) which no living human being could remember having happened before.
  6. Jerusalem had an unprecedented snow storm (January, 2008).
  7. China had an economy-stopping, food-chain destroying national blizzard (January 2008) worse than any storm for more than sixty years. Given the primitiveness of China in 1948 with a civil war raging everywhere, how were the Chinese able to measure that supposed storm? Who is alive today that can vouch for the equivalence of the storms?

One of the reasons that climate is to going collapse faster than scientists and their computer models predict is how the increased quantity and quality of cold weather farther and farther from the poles represents a reduction of polar "cold density." Cold density is like ice in an ice house or ice chest. If you start removing the ice faster than it can be replenished, whether winter or summer, you will find your summers without the cooling effect of ice on your drinks or weather--see ice cubes melting. The unprecedented cold masses in Winter 2007-2008 represent the polar areas bleeding cold matter during the winter months.

Having repeatedly since 1982 tried to awaken meteorologists to the water behavior of CO2, I have concluded certain things about meterologist: they are themselves whores who sell out to the highest bidder. Instead of educating us to live they are entertaining us to death, e.g., Joker Roker of NBC to whom I sent a summary of this information. Locally, in Richmond, Virginia, I repeatedly contacted news channels with no luck.

Why are weather people whores? They sell their services to the higher bidders. Consider how the panel members of the UN commission on global warming watered down the reports because they were asked. Why did they lack integrity? They want their paycheck and benefits--whores! As noted elsewhere, they are purveyors of negative information, ninformaniacs, who are screwing people for no productive reason.

Because America's means of mass communication has become increasingly dominated by corporate journalism, we are not educated to live but are entertained to death. Consider how the biggest advertisers are CO2 sinners: oil companies, auto manufacturers, car sales, car insurance and car lawyers. Because humanity, particularly the United States, does not have a separation of public news and private greed, the media is a lapdog to the money dictators who want soundbytes to encourage people to be CO2 sinners, not life-on-earth savers. Make no mistake of it, without a global manheaven project to prevent passing the recovery point, all life on earth will be dead by the year 2030.  

(Another, earlier consideration of melting ice caps is When the ice cubes are gone.)

NUBS: If you are not comfortable with the term "weather sluts", consider some of the alternatives, "wealthy sluts", e.g., Parasite Hilton. Or, "whoresale sluttery" aka Grey's Anatomy. Has the actress Katherine Hickey ever refused a role portraying a slut? Like a blond bimbo, she talks about her initimate relationship with God. Jesus defended a prostitute. Jesus did not organize, market and run a brothel as a pimp. Has Hickey been a time-shaper as a creator or a cancer of young minds? How many young dumb girls have becom leg-spreader because they want to be like a parasite hillbilly or a kancored hickey?

In a world dying from too many people and too many unplanned, unwanted babies, corporate journalism is not providing good role models and honest raw stories. When the highest mental ecstasy is given away for free, why learn to work to solve problems when you can get all you want by being a player with the Parasite and Hickey wannabees?

Women lost  more than their freedom when they allowed themselves to be suckered into the global sexual revolution. They lost life on earth. The needed problem-solvers became fewer and fewer in a world with more and more problems--an existential meltdown. And, women still get the wet spot. Dase!


  1. In January, 2009, Britain suffered its worse cold snap in over 60 years. One feature of the cold snap buttresses the process of CO2-weather sluts extending polar coldness farther and longer: The cold snap was extremely dry which one would expect since CO2 is a dessicant soakng up water.
  2. Sadly, in August, 2010, media reports circulated that Katherine Hickey has competition with Julianna Marguarita of the Good Wife doing a softporn bad wife scene to hype viewership. Ah, Hollywood , entertaining us to death rather than educating us to life.

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