Kargo Kontainer Killers

Consider the "coyote" who brings illegal immigrants across the border in trucks with inadequate ventilation. As the locked in human beings use up the oxygen, they start dying. A similiar situation exists with the thousands of Kargo Kontainers transported across borders and oceans.

One report states that about 25% of the human generated CO2 is associated with global trade, much of which is transported in Kargo Kontainers. In effect, as a group of people would die if trapped in a Kontainer so the thousands of Kargo Kontainers killing humanity by making efficient the burning of fossil fuels.

The global holocaust owes much to the busyness associated with Kargo Kontainers. They gas people. People who work in filling or transporting them are guilty of working groan jobs. These intermodal Kontainers are economic caskets for humanity built by the MBA's (Masters of Bankrupting America), most of whom got their wolfskins at the Wachasee Village of global  dying..

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