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MBA Definition:

  1. Masters of Bankrupting America
  2. Masters of Business Assassination
  3. Both of the above

Not only in America but world-wide, there is a higher education degree that has brought humanity ever lower with a descent into a hell-on-earth that is an existential meltdown. These degree-holders are responsible for the final human historical event being global dying marked by the end of life on earth. That degree? The MBA: Masters of Bankrupting America or Masters of Business Assassination. While the rest of the world might object to this jingoistic reverse engineering of an abbreviation, the truth is that ""mankind's best hope" was and is centered in the United States of America. From Harvard et. al., MBA's went forth to take up the whiteman's burden with the weapons of economic serial killers.

As the number one problem behind global dying is too many people, the number one common denominator in all necronomic policy-making is the present of the MBA's. Out of great universities come these masters of the universe who think manipulating symbols of wealth to transfer and consolidate wealth is the creation of wealth. In truth, by attracting the best and brightest to be fancy pants paper players in stocks and bonds, universities have orchestrated de facto destruction of the cost of living business.This is leading to inflation which is the mother of all destroyers of economies, societies and civilization.

To understand inflation, forget the fluctuation funny numbers on funny paper. The true absolute universal quantification of inflation is how much work time does it take the average person in a day to acquire the necessities of life. As delineated in the examination of the proposed honest, functional currency--the lifehour--this work time divided into the 24 hours of the day gives the true status of an economy. If a person has to work only three hours to have food, water and shelter, that person's economy has a lifehour value of eight(24/3). If a person has to work 12 hours, his lifehour value is only two(24/12). If a person cannot work, his lifehour value in substance and symbols is zero (24/infinity), that is, he is the walking dead.

With accelerating global dying, collapsing foodchain, and disappearing food reserves, the global lifehour value is rapidly declining. More and more people cannot find work to pay for food. Economic and political decisions are decreasing food production, e.g., ethanol programs taking a one/fourth of corn production . The organic properties of rising atmospheric CO2 is behind the disappearing agricultural farmlands causing less food to be produced. Eighty percent of the agricultural land downwind from the Saudi Arabian peninsula has disappeared since 1980. All this is leading to food shortages with food riots and famines.

Historical note on assassination: ??  role of politics parallel

What academic graduate has the greatest blame for the existential meltdown that is part and parcel to global dying, the death of all life on earth? The MBA, Master of Bankrupting America. MBA's are responsible for the following:

  1. Necronomics: The laws of the dead and dying
    1. Decapitalism: Wolves parading in sheeps' clothing.
    2. Pensions, Bye-Bye: 401ks that left American workers with no pensions, savings and benefits.
    3. 2007 Financial Meltdown--the list of key players with MBA's is like a list of the 1930's Murder Incorporated.
    4. Securitized Packaging
    5. Sub-Prime Loans
    6. Derivatives
    7. Bastard Stock Options
    8. Cheap Products that don't last: toothpicks, shoes, buildings, cradle-to-grave price analysis
    9. Time cancers
    10. Outsourcing: Inability to fight a global war: MBA's have shipped basic industries needed to wage global war to China. Guess who would win a conventional war thanks to the Masters of Bankrupting America?
    11. Sinflation
    12. Short-Product Life aka Fingernail Trimming Necronomics:Fingernail Trimmers: When currency was soft silver or soft gold, holders would often trim off a fingernail sliver which, over time, amounted to hefty sum of wealth. Timistically, since "currency" derives from "what is you time currently worth," the metal trimmers were stealing the time of others when they passed on the coins which looked the same. Overtime, the coins were reduced to half of their minted value in soft metal content. This is what Masters of Business Assassination.
      1. Free things: pot, heroin, financial advice, parking and love, Printing cartridges. Somewhere in the sinflation of printing cartridges (like air-filled potato chip bags) one will MBA's calculating how small the cartridges can be so as to soak the dumb slobs as much as possible. The market hand is guided by a silent hand, the black hand of money greed, kodak morality and legal theft.
      2. Short-Product Life is an example of sinflation.
      3. my doorknobs
  2. Political Corruption:
    1. Revolving door between Washington and academia/Wall Street.
    2. Monetary Colonialism
    3. Repealed 1934 Glass-Stengel Act

MBA's are the high priests of financial fiascos who like the innumerable philandering, thieving priests, pasters, rabbis and mullahs, take the money and run. They are the secular moneytheists . The motherlode of MBA's is Harvard , the gas-guzzler of higher ed and the academic time cancer par excellence.

To Save America, humanity and life, we need to take our fate and future out of the hands of the moneytheists--the bankers, the montetarists, the usurists, the economists, the MBA's, the priest, the pasters, the meanisters, the rabbis, the mullahs, the habitual politicians. It's your future. The solutions are simple.

Solutions to MBA's Bankrupting America: (Need brainbee for for MBA's cutting corners and cheaper, non-lasting products)


  1. These moral miscretants think the public is outraged because they have become rich on Wall Street. They think they are envied by others who would do the same thing if they had the chance. In truth, most of their critics do suffer from this envy which blinds both victim and victimizer to the real immoral and illogical basis of Wall Street wealth, that is, decapitalism. These modern day Silas Marners are financial Parisite Hiltons .
  2. Based on the impact of businessmen managing America's business, business schools are not producing the "Right Stuff" but rather the wrong stuff with a worsening stuffiness each year. Can a business school graduate truly believe they have been taught how to individually and jointly take forth their word, that is, create true profits.

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