Volcanic Winters

Volcanic Winters describe drops in global temperatures due to a massive volcanic eruption that saturates the atmosphere with light reflecting particles which reduces the heat generated by light from the sun. Historical examples are

  1. 1816: Mount Tambora, Indonesia, the largest eruption in 1600 years, caused the "year without a summer"

  2. 1883: Krakatoa, Indonesia

  3. 1991: Mount Pinatubo, Phillipines

Understanding the effects of increased light reflection from atmospheric particles can explain why, in part, the decrease temperatures after major regional fires. Some anti-global warming advocates cite record low temperatures as refutation of global warming. However, de facto volcanic winters from forest fires are temporary until the soot from the fires settle out. As the soot settles out, the CO2 warming effects become more pronounced because of higher CO2 from the burned biomass which also reduces the amount of CO2 sequestering because there is less biomass.

A ying-yang pendulum of temperatures swings as more and larger fires generate more temporary volcanic winters until the biomass is functionally destroyed as a CO2 sequestering process--see Burn, Baby, Burn.

Contributing to record low temperatures is the phenomenon of weather sluts where increased CO2 sublimates polar ice to generate plumes of cold "jet streams" with denser water mass that conveys coldness further away from the polar ice caps--see polar time bomb.

As has been repeatedly stated, the real impact of increasing CO2 on humanity will be the destruction of the foodchain. As was seen most horribly in the year with no summer, no food grows when it is very, very cold. In summary, the ways that CO2 destroys the foodchain and biomass are:

  1. heat waves--average temperature rises don't

  2. drought--CO2 sucks up water from the ground

  3. deluge--CO2-saturated air masses dump it all at once

  4. weather sluts--polar ice cap melting causes record colds

  5. volcanic winters(ici)--massive biomass fires temporarily reflect heat-generating sunlight.

CO2 is killing life on earth.

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