Heat Waves Worsen

While the U.S. has had heat waves before, the number of record breaking high temperatures and and high heat indexes prompt examination of the possible CO2 local warming as a contributing factors. The heat wave of August, 2001, was blamed on moisture from the Gulf pervading the areas affected by the heat wave. As established elsewhere, increase of deep water wells of high production in Gulf of Mexico  has increased flaring great amounts of CO2. This CO2 binds up the moisture in its path which increases the humidity of those areas over which it travels until conditions initiate the soda bottle shake. So, in the simplest, most direct application of local warming and CO2 plumes, the higher heat index result from the higher humidity of air masses that pass over large, flaring oil fields. But what about the higher temperatures?

Within the thesis that oil fields cause downwind droughts from the dessciating effects of CO2 plumes, the various discoveries vary in the weight with which this writer would bet passage through the Pearly Gates. Global warming? Betcha 100%. Local warming? Betcha 100%. Some of the analogies have not been high betchas, e.g., the clouds acting like capacitors that discharge when "shorted." Betcha 85%. Torrential rains being triggered by previous ground soaking rains, e.g., a dry rag floats while a damp rag sinks, betcha 80%.

The following has not been researched sufficiently for this writer to betcha more than 50%. However, it is something that should be explored by those professionally trained in the field. Consider the question of whether a drop of water on a leaf serves as a magnifying glass to focus the sun's rays on a spot that burns or damages the leaf under the drop. Consider the question of  how the sun melts snowbanks internally when the outside temperature is below freezing. While the overall caloric value of the sun's rays per square area has not changed, the sun's heat has been concentrated. Consider the question of whether the CO2/H20 clusters of local warming increase the collection of the sun's rays besides trapping surface heat.Would you rather have all your BTUs on one spot or many?

Dismally, if this heat magnification is a factor of local warming and given the "heaven be damned" attitude of the bushitters in the Gulf, Texas, Wyoming, Canada and Alaska, we can expect a complete failure of U.S. food crops in the next two to three years. The bushitters will, of course, not considered this a burden to the American economy.

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  1. The 2010 Russian Heatwave, Fires and Food destruction is another quantum leap in the eventual global conflagration from CO2.
  2. For over thirty years, this writer always had cool tap water during the summers. Sadly, in 2010, an extended heatwave in Richmond, Virginia, resulted in warm, tepid tap water. While one can live with warm water, one cannot live without the roots of the trees being injured by warmer and warmer soil that encourages insect infestations--see Burn, Baby, Burn and back to earthers.

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