Burn, Baby, Burn!

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The final chapter of life on earth will begin with massive, widespread fires that will destroy the CO2-sequestering biomass while suddenly elevating CO2 as a result of burning the biomass. If it does not precede the Polar Time Bomb, the burn will occur within a few months or years thereafter. An initial cooling from the fires' smoke and soot reflecting sunlight--pseudo volcanic winter--will be replaced by rising temperatures as the soot settles out. The most important dynamic characteristic of increased atmospheric CO2 is not warming but drying. CO2 is hydrophilic, that is, it rapidly soaks into water or soaks up water. The atmospheric dessication has been documented downwind from major oil fields where non-commercial natural gas is burned off generating massive plumes of CO2, e.g., Saudi Arabia flares over four billion cubic feet of un-saleable gas each day. Burn, Baby, Burn is a Tchaikovsky's finale of the War of 1812 booming out the end of mankind.

Historical harbingers of the global conflagration are numerous. In 2008, Greece had nationwide fires in a few days that destroyed more land (trees, crops and structures) than had occurred in any year in all of Europe ... in just a few days.

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2008 California Wildfires
  1. In June, over 10,000 dry lightning bolts started about 2,000 fires. The firefighting resources of California were exhausted even though many firefighters from other states and nations had come to help.
  2. In October, fires near Los Angeles were not contained until numerous homes were burned up.
2006 Richmond. A construction worker dropped a cigarette into a trashbin which started a fire in the alley of a new retail/dorm building for Virginia Commonwealth University. It was a windy, dry day with the fire rapidly consuming the new building on Broad Street. Like a blowtorch or jet exhaust, the "wind-fed fireball" shot almost horizontally across Broad Street, an eight-lane primary roadway. The flames set the new VCU printmaking building on fire (picture on left). More omniously, embers flew blocks away dropping on buildings along the way. Homes and businesses went up in flames. Very quickly, the multi-alarm fire prompted a call for fire units from surrounding counties. Luckily, the hop-scotching fire did not cross the Interstate 95 despite embers making the trip. The smoke cause whiteout driving conditions like the dried-out swamp fires in Florida which has repeatedly closed I-95.

2003 The Australia Christmas fire of 2003. Numerous outback fires blown eastward joined together to form a fire line that was 2500 kilometers (1400 miles) long. This is the distance from Chicago to Miami or from Denver to Atlanta. The fire burned into the national capital, burning up not only homes and businesses but parts of the university.

1944-5  In the Second World War, General LeMay commanding the B-29's bombing Japan realized that a better weapon than high explosives were incendiary bombs. Explosives often merely moved machinery which could be re-set to keep producing war materials. Fires, on the other hand, would warp the machinery so it could not be used again. Fires destroyed nearby structures. Because the incendiary devices were small and light they spread over a wide area starting many small fires that grew into one large fire that killed tens if not hundreds of thousands of people. When the fires become large enough, they become their own weather systems, generating a "chimney" weather system in which the rising heated air mass not only sucks in the air from all direction but sucks out the air of people in the firestorm even if in a basement protected from the heat of the fire: Dresden, Germany, 1945. A similar situation is the flashover/backdraft of a smoldering closed room in which the oxygen has been depleted until an opening allows the oxygen to rush in where within seconds the whole room is engulfed in flames. (These are examples of how air molecules move at 7,000-9,000 miles per second and observe Boyle's law of distribution. Or, if bed is full, no one jumps in until someone exits the bed.)

1906 The San Francisco earthquake did not do the most damage, it was the subsequent fire which spread rapidly because the fire-fighting infrastructure of water lines and hydrants was destroyed.

1871 The Chicago Fire burned most of the city in less than 24 hours. North in Wisconsin, a forest fire driven by strong winds burned 1.5 million acres and killed between 1200 and 2500 people. An important dot is how the upper Midwest regional dry conditions not only contributed to the Chicago and Pestigo fires but were common to other large fires that would have been front-page news if Chicago had not burned up. These other large fires were across Lake Michigan in Michigan where over 1.2 million acres were toasted.

2010 British Petrophilia New Horizon Gulf Of Mexico Oil Rig--Harbinger of Global Dying: Sudden and widespread destruction of habitat and humanity--institutionalized Global Dying Lottery. This is a harbinger of what will happen faster and wider with continental-wide fires. When one happens regardless of which continent, the others will follow shortly as a result of the massive CO2 release in the atmosphere from the first one. Where are the disaster response let alone a disaster prevention response of the habitual politicians? Once again, like Katrina, habitual politicians are humanity's worst disaster as they make disasters even worse . Like the oil company CEO's in congressional hearings, they are all following the same script: Short-term outlook to maximize either bastard stock options or re-election addiction.

2010 Russia's worst ever heatwave with drought and fires destroying homes and crops.

Also see Russia: Pissing in the Wind

  1. Sept, 2010 Detroit Fires: Dry winds whipped fires across city
  2. Sept, 2010 Colorado, winds and dryness
  3. Sept, 2010 St. Bruno, exploding gasline and winds

Opportunistic Fires: As it is not the HIV virus that kills a person but the weakened immune system that allows invasive infections that the body otherwise would destroy so it is that is not the CO2 warming that will kill us but the CO2 drying that will allow invasive fires. In recent years, the number and size of field and forest fires have increased.

Predictive Model: The following scenario summarizes a coming event that will be repeated widely in every nation like the October, 8, 1871 drought-initiated fires in Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan. As droughts lengthen in duration, the trees in Virginia which cover about 70% of the state will dry out. On a windy day, fires will start that will spread from treetop to treetop at a speed of more than 20 miles per hour. As the trees begin to burn, the embers will drop on the homes and businesses below. In less than a day, the Commonwealth of Virginia will cease to exist as a functional human habitat. One Richmond suburban community, Brandermill, will find its name taking on an original meaning as the landscape is burned with eternal brand.

People who think the global financial meltdown was faster and deeper than anyone thought possible will worry less and less about the financial crash like a person who doesn't worry about a stubbed toe as a subsequent accident severes the leg. Many individuals, institutions and nations initially thought they were insulated from the financial crisis only to find themselves blindsided. When Burn, Baby, Burn! happens, people will not only be shocked and awed, they will totally forget about their lost savings, pensions, jobs and egos as they struggle to survive in an environment that will no longer support 1% of humanity. In other words, it's too late to save the petty stuff in life but not too late to save life on earth.

Burn, Baby, Burn is the final fate of life on earth. We have passed the tipping point. We are approaching the recovery point beyond which there is no return. Burn, Baby, Burn will be the exclamation mark on the sentence that humanity has written as its final judgement. Burn, Baby, Burn is the universal crematory of the Global Holocaust that humanity has greedily and igknowantly self-ignited.

Can it be avoided and prevented? Yes. Are there specific, technical things that we can do? Yes, quite simple solutions using existing human resources.

What needs to be done will not be done without better democracy, better capitalism and better values. The tools of timism have been developed as strategic managers of our time to find specific, simple technical solutions. This writer has many simple solutions some of which are sequenced to be launched as part of later armadas of lifeboats to save life on earth. The price of these already elucidated salvations is better democracy and better capitalism as quantified in the doubling of supporters for the Manheaven Project  with each new armada.

You want to watch your loved ones and your world flame out in a few days, remember: All play and no politics makes Jack and Jill desperate, destitude and dead.


  1. The alternative, evil twin thanks to increasing atmospheric CO2 is Drown, Baby, Drown when

    1. the CO2 causing the droughts by soaking up the water

    2. suddenly releases the water as record precipitation.
      All the levees to block last year's 500-year flood will fail with next year's 1000-year flood. Every worsening floods will destroy homes, jobs, and, most importantly, the food chain.

  2. While global dying is creeping up faster and faster and affecting everyone with higher prices from the collapsing foodchain, more and more people are finding that they are winners of the global dying lottery wherein the climate changes are condensed in record breaking events: droughts, deluge, heatwaves, storms, hurricances, fires, etc. When one wins the global dying lottery, one's whole life is suddenly turned upside down as fire or flood destroys one's job or home.

  3. 100707 A record heatwave occupied the Atlantic States which with drought conditions destroyed many home gardens. An indication of what is to come. Food will be less with higher prices.

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