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Ration or Riot

As has been shown repeatedly throughout history and currently throughout the world in more and more places, humanity can either riot or ration.  Another term for rationing is optimizing. There are several main areas that need to be rationed in a logical, methodical manner: Food, Jobs and Babies.

  1. Food: As the foodchain collapses and disappears from the global dying and disaster basturds , humanity can either ration or riot.

    1. Global Dying is causing the foodchain to disappear from droughts or floods in addition to the consequences of Bees Dying and other unexpected results of rising CO2.
    2. Disaster Doublers, that is, habitual politicians, will continue to provide tax-supports to spur waste of food. In 2008, the production of ethanol from corn will take one-third of the corn grown in the United States. Disgustingly, ethanol production actually speeds up global warming, another example of a falsehope. In 2008, the US agricultural tax-support programs will maintain or increase factory production of beef, pork and fowl which reduces caloric content by 90%, that is, 100 pounds of grain becomes 10 pounds of meat. In addition, production of meat generates many greenhouse gases besides CO2, e.g., belching or farting cows release methane. In New Zealand they have proposed a flat tax on the flatulence of farm animals.
  2. Jobs: There is an optimal workweek length for a given economy. If some people are allowed to be workhogs then others will be deprived of the need, right and freedom to work. Workhogs don't get ahead, for the cost of unemployment, underemployment and misemployment can only be paid by those who are working or who have worked. Either we share the job time or we will share jobless crime.
  3. Babies: There are too many people on this planet. We are overpopulated. Pregnancies should be limited to one per couple with both couples being over 30 and having had stable employment in their twenties.

If we do not ration food, jobs and babies we will have riots. Optimize ... or epitomize.

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