Workweek Reform To Save Life On Earth

Reasons for cutting the workweek

  1. If all people died, the rate of global warming and dying would slow down.
  2. If half the people died, the rate of global warming would decrease.
  3. If all people stopped working, they would die and global warming would decrease.
  4. If all people worked only enough for the cost of living needs and worked none for the cost of wasteful wants, the rate of global warming would decrease and we would have more free human time for reversing global dying.
  5. The sooner we have workweek reduction to the cost of living, that is, the time needed to earn life's needs for survival, the fewer people will be drafted for the duty to die.
  6. If we wait too long, we will not have the governmental structure to initiate workweek reform, e.g., Baghdad.
  7. If we don't share the needed work on the job, we will share the crimes of the needy.

If everyone cut their workweek in half, the rate of global warming and dying would slow down.

  1. Thus, we need to cut the workweek observing the 24 in 4 principles.
  2. Thus we need to have lifehour refinance agencies at the global, terra, national, regional and district level
  3. Thus we need re-districting

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