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Deadzones: Environmental and Mental

Alzheimer & Autism & Arterials

A number of environmental disasters from rising CO2 have mental parallels. Consider what happens to your fishbowl when you don't clean and aerate it? It becomes cloudy, CO2-rich and oxygen-depleted with all kinds of ugly things growing that kill your fish. Should it surprise anyone that the dead fauna from acid rain should not be echo'd in our bodies of water where CO2 is increasing ocean's acidity? The accompanying images show how our global fishbowl with its bays is becoming dead aquariums ill-maintained by their human stewards.

Over 150 locations have been declared deadzones in our oceans. While nitrogen runoff is considered the main culprit, nitrogen runoff is not present in ocean areas far from cultivated land, e.g., Great Barrier Reef.

Within the framework of timism, the periodic table of existence, the comparison of CO2 impact on hurricanes is mirrored in other levels of existence, for the weather patterns which are best viewed from satellite images are no different from the on-going summary neural patterns of the brain, just different dynamic systems with different measuring devices. With adequate measuring systems, one could find the Mandelbrot set of both dynamic systems. With adequate review, one can see why some physicists see strings and branes in their dynamic mathematics, like the coherent and internally consistent mathematical models of Ptolemy.

There are greater similarities between these neural and weather systems which warrants common descriptors mental/weather storms, mental/weather depressions, etc. As highs and lows develop on the surface of the earth with fast-moving fronts or stationary systems, so do similar neural storms and fronts develop on the cortex. Mental equivalents to tornado and lightning strikes can be readily found in the brain, e.g., epilepsy and seizure. Like the obvious and necessary relationships between relativity and quantum mechanics, the devil is not in the details but in the system of explanation that makes it coherent and cogent--timism. Otherwise, one merely has analogies which can be ascribed to semantic misappropriation.

There is a unity and periodicity to existence which one can see if one has sufficient learning in different levels and is lucky to have acquired the "timistic clutter cutter." If you are in the neural science and you cannot reconcile your theories with the more obvious weather patterns then I encourage you to gain an appreciation of weather systems. As weathermen make predictions of system tracks that is how the brain develop/recalls memories. Memories and thinking are not localized, pigeon-holed items. Rather, they are re-creations of a multitude of events that have come together once again like a storm system being described as the re-creation of an earlier weather system. If you look at the daily satellite animation of the last 24-hours, you can watch the process by which a thought develops and competes with other thoughts with underlying currents and over-riding winds.

Brain: Normal ... Alzheimer

What are the mental equivalents to the CO2-rich, oxygen-deprived dead zones in Chesapeake Bay, Gulf Coast and other bodies of water? Rising frequency of Alzheimers, autism and arterial diseases.

Some descriptions of alzheimer read like the description of aquatic deadzones.

Find comfort in the faith-based advice of
Geo. Talker Bush on global warming,
"Live with it."

Rising CO2 levels do not cause Alzheimers but triggers earlier, faster onset ... like rising pollen counts and frequency/severity of asthma attacks. Cerebral and coronary plaque formation are potentiated by CO2. Controlled studies with rodents in hermetically sealed environments will confirm. (A side study would show an interesting, positive affect on the treatment of another class of diseases).

The anabolic and catabolic role of CO2 in biological systems is greatly under-appreciated and under-studied. Without CO2 there would be no photosynthesis or Krebs cycle, no sugar or fat, no muscle or cholesterol, no carbohydrates or hydrocarbons. The brain, weighing only 3% of the body's weight consumes 25% of the body's oxygen and sugar while, as a result, generating 25% of the body's CO2 and urine. Elevated CO2 levels are like elevated cholesterol levels--those with certain predilections will have their coronary or cerebral environments plagued with deadzones.

Humanity is not the only specie having its biological processes altered by elevated CO2. Rates of mutation for many bacteria and viruses are accelerating with new specie introductions--HIV and bird-flu. Humanity, however, is the specie least able to biologically cope with the agents of pandemia. And, as the 2004 shortfall in flu vaccine (50%) shows, the economic and political will to prepare for pandemic chaos is lacking in a world where Viagra, not vaccines, competitors are multiplying. The dirth of inexpensive flu vaccines and a deluge of expensive phallic vinegar are another example of how we live in a world of capitalism for a fewer few rather than capitalism per capita.

God is just

All the oil executives who polluted the land, air and water of Mother Earth will poetically suffer equally from CO2 deadzones. A lot of wealthy people think that global warming won't affect them because they can afford higher electricity bills to cool and afford higher heating costs to warm their bodies as well as relocate to higher grounds or tourist venues. A lot of wealthy people don't care about depleting the oceans because they know they can outpay 99.9999% of the people for some fish. But they breathe the same CO2-laden air. They may think their sh-- doesn't stink, but their stinking brains will shrink. They and theirs will contract the pandemic bugs from their domestics.

Maybe global warming will become another cause celebre among the oil party, the republicans or rich pubes. Afterall, they became johnny-come-latelies to stem-cell research when the heartthrob of the rich pubes developed alzheimer, Ronald Reagan. (Reagan's decay was an example of God's poetic justice, for Reagan was no friend of the working wage-earner.)

Like many human problems, the cure is not more expensive and redundant research--Bush want to study global warming some more. The solution is less CO2-dependent living. The American dream is based on the time-savings from burning more oil per capita than any other nation (above chart). America has 5% of the world's population and generates 30% to 35% of the world's CO2 and pollution. And, as noted elsewhere , the CO2 rise has initiated non-human generation of CO2 that will exponentially rise until it exceeds manmade CO2: At a certain point, there may be nothing humanly possible to stop Mother Nature fueling the fires of rising CO2. The reader has the pleasure of realizing the enveloping existential meltdown of which the reader is powerless to reverse

The growing number of Alzheimers victims will be blissfully beyond suffering the painful dread of an even more painful future. One way or another, the American dream is going to end either as a reality wakeup to reduce the future suffering or a sudden nightmare of unrelenting suffering in which the Altzies are the lucky ones. Massive suffering is unavoidable. This writer wonders which American city will be the first to be nuked by terrorists and wonders whether the guilty parties for CO2 and nukes will be punished. Or, will they be given get-of-jail free cards because they a monopoly on defining patriotism, values and morality while living an antithetical life: Scratch the surface of a Compassionate Conservative and you will find a passionate hypocrite.

If you don't mind alzheimer, keep your mind closed to global warming. Generate CO2 for your standard of waste beyond the BTU's needed for a standard of living. No creature on earth is more biologically fragile because of its higher complexity than homo sapiens. No creature will suffer more. But even worse than the greedy oil executives are the average American's who have as much to lose and nothing to gain.

  1. Americans are blissfully participating in the greatest ever collective "living beyond our means" and bequeathing to fetuses unconceived a massive, max'd-out collective credit card--the national debt of $7 trillion. Another example of how compassionate conservatives are passionate hypocrites is their duplicity on abortions and global warming--an individual can't harm a fetus but it is ok if our wasteful lifestyles mutate the unborn.

  2. The same caring parents who are driving gas-guzzlers (as well as buying Junior a bigger gas-guzzler) are bequeathing another debt--a mental inability to cope with the problems of living.

People who think they can offset global warming with more money, that it can be a condition of suffering for the poor ignore how global warming is behind the rise in mold in schools, homes and businesses, both poor and rich.

Today's adults are responsible for tomorrow's humanasia, pandemic euthanasia, that is, systematic withholding of healthcare from all people over a certain age regardless of economic status, e.g., fifty. America and humanity will not have the financial means nor the time to cope with widespread, worsening, worse-than-childhood dementia of CO2 dendritic deadzones. At some point, the youth of tomorrow will vote to withhold their goods, services and taxes from preserving the spoilers of the past. Baby boomers will become hospice roomers.

If this is not 20/20 clear then you are already suffering from rising C02.

Alzheimer: Smoking and States (in deadzone and in western and in Alaska) ... in Deadzone, reference rat experiences on amyloid. NIMBY

Alaska and US-West: thanks for sacrificing your environmental and mental well-being to allow the rest of the county to live wastefully beyond our means--see deadzones.

Mechanism is increased carbonic gas, an irritant ....

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