Summary ... Morality of More Time

Better Democracy and Capitalism
A Timistic Vision of Humanity
for the Third Millennium

Timism: Periodic Table of Existence

What Einstein had in part but not in whole

Before man had sufficient and diverse raw knowledge to see the quantifiable and qualifiable time in each part of existence, schools of thought arose separately like descendants from the Tower of Babel. Time is the universal linkage of all existence. When taken as the point of reference for understanding existence, this linkage becomes the unifying language. This unified system of understanding is also a system of encompassing values.

Now, through timism, man can unite the artificially diverse disciplines into a universal understanding to quickly and efficiently solve our problems. Solutions in previously distinct disciplines can be translated for more universal, widespread application to other fields. No where will human problems benefit more than from the application of timism to politics and economics: better democracy and better capitalism. Nubs.

Waiting for discovery, a periodic table of existence existed with time as the common, basic link. The food chain, from the sub-atomic to astrophysics, from Kreb's Cycle to Einstein's equation, is a chain of time. Chain reactions in chemistry depend on time. No time, no reaction. Time underlies our deficits: dollars, trade, education and pollution. No time,  no family values and no work ethic.

The time gains of Einstein's relativity are no different than any other entity on the existential foodchain: Something loses its time (existence) when something else increases it time. Zero-sum existential economics. Timism is the tool by which problem-solvers in all fields can develop a more efficient sixth sense on how to solve problems.

Existentially, timism is the master jigsaw puzzle pattern. It locks together the deep diversity of life beneath a thin, painted veneer of human short-comings. One pattern, time alone, cuts all images and holds them together.

Time is essential to understanding and solving problems. Problems waste or destroy time. No one  has yet been found who can describe a problem which does not waste time. In fact, the awareness of time being wasted or being lost leads to the application of the "problem" label.

Solutions to problems create or save time. Humans create or destroy time. We are either part of the solution or part of the problem based on the time we create or destroy. We flicker between the two. 

Do we have the right to destroy time? Yes, if we are part of a system which creates more time than is destroyed. Unfortunately, mankind as a whole may be cancerously cannibalizing parts of our survival system,  an existential meltdown. Do I have the right to restrict you from destroying or wasting my time? Yes.

Over a lifetime we must create more than we consume. Hopefully, we reflect the Almighty as a creator of time. Karma is a bucket of time, or, lack thereof.

An existential meltdown is in motion. Problems increase while the problem-solving individuals and institutions decrease. The sands of time in the human hourglass fall faster without replenishment. The thin veneer of shiny financial cosmetics creates and hides the infrastructural cancer ravishing the human ecosystem.

Gains in some workplace productivity often cause greater human reductivity. Too often Wall Street sets record gains in productivity while Main Street suffers reductivity in economic activity. No net gain. The fabric of civilization smolders, approaching a flashpoint of a full-blown civil holocaust. The inflationary bubble of an irrationally exuberant stock market masks a deep cancer eating away at the foundations of human existence.

Within an economy, the common intermediate product by which producers exchange their work time is named after time: currency: "I'll pay you what your time is currently worth" or "What are you currently due?" This unappreciated fact underlies most necronomics, the killing laws that necrose our time. Time is the basis of true ecos nomos where economists can simultaneously know both the price and value of everything through lifehours. Understanding and applying a timistic analysis can end more than contradictions in economics and physics. A timistic analysis can end the need to observe that "Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted."--A.Einstein.

We suffer inflation when currencies are not kept current in time value. Inflation is not really a cheapening of paper but a cheapening of the valuable human time behind these paper products. Only when the symbols of our time are united with the substance of our time will we have stable currencies and economies. That unity ... lifehours. Without lifehours--a currency uniting symbols and substance--our hours of life are cheapened.

Time is the essence of profits, that is, pro esse, forward  existence or being. The time benefits of  the participants in a transaction determine whether a profit existed in more than words. The foundations of economics will be rebuilt on the following:

  1. Man survives and progresses by solving and preventing problems.
  2. A problem wastes a certain amount of time.
  3. A solution requires a certain amount of time.
  4. The difference is the true, absolute, immutable profit or loss in any human transaction.
  5. The difference is the currency of existence, what one is currently worth.
  6. If a problem wastes two hours and the solution requires one hour, the profit is one hour saved or created.
  7. Profit is absolute in hours of life regardless of the symbolic currency for the current time savings.
  8. Profits are not determine by the markets or politicians who merely determine the theft of someone's time.

If the participating parties in a transaction do not equally go forward (pro) in time/being (esse), then the profit was stolen in part or whole. Gun-toting thugs don't have profits when they rob another human being. Nor do profits exist from theft by computers, lawyers, politicians or economists ... even if "legal." Nubs. The solutions to our problems are simple until politicians introduce the complexity of campaign welfare: someone getting something for nothing--legal theft.

More than 99% of Wall Street transactions do not have profits. Financial bureaucrats push paper to gain wealth from the wealth creators. Ninety-nine percent of stock transactions--existentially profitless--do not create wealth, but, instead, transfer wealth. Financial bureaucrats are like the habitual politicians who use inflationary money presses, treasury debt and middle-class taxes to transfer wealth to their re-election friends. NUBS-Soros 

This transfer of wealth is more than numbers on paper balance sheets. It is increasing indenture of a growing majority by a fewer few. More time for few and less time for more. The most obvious injustice is how those with political privileges don't pay their fair share of taxes. The poor working slobs who draw regular paychecks make up the difference. Less obvious but more insidious is how th unearned wealth creates inflationary competition for basic goods and services. The average person has to work longer to have the same standard of living.

Time is the judicial line gauge for establishing the phenomenon of capitalism or decapitalism. If the action adds time to humanity per capita, then it is capitalism. If time is stolen or destroyed, then it is decapitalism. Time determines whether it is capitalism or decapitalism.

Increased productivity means more time creation in less clock time ... Einstein's theory of relativity on the factory floor. An honest currency is the penultimate tool of productivity. Stable reservoirs of time allow producers to exchange goods and services over vast distances in space and time, elsewhere and elsetime. Sadly, productivity gains in the workplace are outpaced by the destructivity gains outside the workplace due to the misemployment laws of necronomics.  

Relative to human existence, what is information but a bucket of time? The information either adds to or distracts from the quantity and quality of life. As such, we are not experiencing an information revolution. Rather, we are experiencing an explosion in the creation and saving of time that has had its thin surface veneer called "information." With the advances in finance and information from computerization the question is:  Where are all the time savings going?

The age old debate about haves and have nots is not one of money but one of time. Even the economists recognize the consolidation of a larger percentage of wealth into fewer hands.  Really, this growing disparity between the haves and have nots, both individual and national, is actually the new face of slavery. A increasing number of people have longer workweeks and worklives while the politically favored work less and retire earlier. In the year 2000, the average person and family had to work eight weeks longer than in 1980 to have the same standard of living.

There would be no problems if the rich created their wealth rather than bought politicians to transfer wealth through economic privileges. Economic prejudices are the most engrained, base forms of institutionalized racism ... and the basis for racism. Timism, lifehours and decapitalism will fight a mindset of unquestioned selfishness. Their flowering will bloom among youth unset in a comfort zone of diverse bigotry.  

Despite the blaring headlines, the financial and informational revolution has been the establishment of a universal existential plantation enslaving an ever larger part of mankind to serve the whims of a fewer few.  Like the similar enslavement by chains, this enslavement will have another unprecedented bloody civil war unless the rule of reason succeeds. To end this enslavement stemming from political corruption and favoritism, we need term limits and campaign reform. Democratic Capitalism offers both, awaiting enough people to make a difference by throwing off their mental chains and casting them into the dustbins of history. Democratic Capitalism seeks to implement Abraham Lincoln's compensated emancipation with a leverage buyout of the habitual politicians.

An ultimate tool transcends the penultimate time-saving value of currency. How best can humanity solve problems and save vast amounts of time? Democracy! When divisioned optimally in frequency and numbers according to the problems they face, people solve problems. Time is saved.

Optimal democracy is the key to re-civilization. Optimal democracy will stop the existential meltdown of humanity.  The automatic and manual on-line forums democratize the problem-solving knowledge of citizen. Citizens living with the problems are the core of Democratic Capitalism: A Timistic Vision of Humanity for the Next Millennium.

On an interpersonal basis, love is neither black nor white. Love is colored in shades of grey, reflecting the willingness and actuality of one to give time to the beloved. The want to  or abuse of  love is black and white, but not love itself.

Like a debased currency or  a rubber check, too many people abuse the word "love" as they try to buy something more valuable than they can essentially and truly afford. Love confessions are too often meaningless rubber checks with no real currency of time behind them. Love is a mine which bears endless motherlode as one invests the time to dig deeper into the relationship with another person. Many people claiming love are merely claim jumpers never farming or mining the land they claim.

Timism adds new meaning to the expression that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Families, cities and humanity can create more time as a whole than can be created by the same people living as isolated hermits or suburbanites.  But we must improve our highest form of productivity--democracy--to handle the quantity and quality of problems.

The key to maximum human time creation is democracy, the ultimate productivity. America has benefited from having the highest level of democracy, but the level is nothing compared to what it can be achieved through on-line democracy. Sadly, America does not export the number one product of human endeavor which  makes America sine qua non.

Timism provides the standard by which to determine creativity: Creativity is simply the amount of time that is created by inspiration and perspiration. Clearly, the person who finds a new way to build better mouse traps, paint inspirational artwork or write soothing songs is a person who creates time for those who use, view or listen. The creativity of Mozart was his creating something that consistently attracts and entertains people.

Timism is a basis for understanding the origin and commonality of moral systems. All arose, as the archaic definition of morality implies, to have more. More what? Death? No. More life. More time.  The moral man had more and mores--when the unity of substance with symbols had not suffered slippage. The tenets of all lasting systems of morality can be condensed to the creation and maximizing of more time for humans wanting to live a long and prosperous life, timism. At the core of the Judeo-Christian and other religious tradition is God the Creator. The clutter cutter on an action's morality is whether it creates or destroys time.  What if everyone did it? Timism is morality.

While time creation can be found at the core of all lasting morality, one commandment encompasses all other dictums: Thou shall not steal ... the primary rule of the civil trinity. All crimes are a theft of another's times. Sadly, less unified value systems have implemented a social system in which the victim of the crime does the time.

Timism, for all its potential to unravel solutions to our time wasting problems, is the ultimate time-bomb. Failure to act to promote better democracy and capitalism will burden you with the negative consequences of the ultimate time-saving device. Every time-saving advance in history (e.g., gunpowder, electricity, nuclear energy) has advanced the ability of humankind to destroy itself. The key to immortality, timism, is also the key to cheap mortality.

If Thomas Jefferson, Adam Smith, Louis Pasteur, Milton Friedman and Albert Einstein, among others, synthesized their ideas on democracy, capitalism, biology, economics and physics into a common, universal language,  they would come up with timism.Timism is a new way of looking at life to profit the most from your one lifetime. Timism is a system of understanding for values that will last a lifetime. Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.

Amusingly, and in summary, timism is the one ring to control all rings and in this existential darkness find and bind them, a hellova sutra fur das glasperlenspiel.  

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