Computer Crimes: Love Bugs

The Unsolicited Rape of Our Time

No where do the victims pay more of the crime time than when computers steal. Everyone pays the price as time is spent devising and implementing more security measures. More time is wasted by people having to learn and re-learn security measures designed to stop last week computer thefts.

Consider the vast number of lines in Windows on how to set users, passwords, permissions, encryptions and certifications: thousands of lines of instructions! Each one of these lines of instructions, taking many minutes or hours to implement, translates: Someone was allowed to repeatedly steal and this how we have tried to stop them. And, the thousands of lines, minutes and hours today will be less than what we find next year.

Each new round of expensive security (time in dollars and time in frustration) is met with new learning not only by the security users but by the security abusers. Passwords become encoded with hidden encryption and permission files ... a temporary chastity awaiting violation by the time rapists.

The escalating crime time from faster evolving security terrorism contributes to the meltdown of existence. Victims have less time to deal with real needs and problems. Ambulance chasing consultants and upgraded new software appear. Each promises security that invariably fails. What follows are demands of refuge from litigation with disclaimers of new viruses or "I'll hack you." The doctors become the assassins.

One consultant to PBDC summarily demanded that 10% be sold to a group of his friends. Later, he offered to provide a hack-proof website for 10% equity in PBDC and for control of the website and software. His last offer for PBDC was an airline ticket for me to fly home. From the drift of escalating equity demands, I knew this consultant was doing everything in his power to help me succeed.

Why do we have time-thieves? Because we do not have appropriate punishment for the slightest infraction of the admonition: Thou shall not steal. Adolescent counselors and educational psychologists use techniques that co-enable rather than correct. Without the considering how the victims of crime do the time, the co-enablers' remedies only encourage more crime by the unpunished upon the undefended.

Why do we habitual criminals? Because the punishment is not appropriate. Punishment will never be appropriate as long as the biggest theives escape punishment for their time-destructive actions. Who are the biggest thieves of our time? The habitual politcians.

Habitual politicians debase the greatest creator of human time-savings which is the highest human productivity ... democracy. The habitual politicians cause of habitual problems and habitual terrorism. If politicians paid for their thefts of our time, purgatory would not have room for the other sinners nor have an eternity long enough.

The costs of thou shall not steal are finite while the costs of thou can steal are infinite.


Review of Newsweek Article: 010115.htm


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