ABC Index

Lifeboats Index

If everyone tries to get into one lifeboat,
it is no longer a lifeboat.

  1. Generalities
    1. Primary Moral Imperative: Saving Life On Earth
    2. Principles
    3. Reasons : Lifeboats to Save Humanity
    4. When every one tries to get into one , It is no longer a lifeboat.
    5. Armadas of Flotillas of Lifeboats
    6. Why Lifehour Accounting
    7. Products Needed
  2. Passengers
    1. Occupants' General Characteristics
    2. Qualifying Polls for Lifeboat Status
    3. Automatic Passengers  in Lifeboats
    4. Get Out Of Hell Free Cards and Lifeboats
    5. Veterans Administration, Lifeboat
    6. Lotteries of Lifeboats
      1. Billion Dollar Lifeboat Lottery
      2. Lifeboat Lottery: Billion Dollar Scam?
      3. Reward of Lifehours for Winning Brainbees
    7. Your Do's: Dues for Lifeboat Passage
  3. Non-passengers
    1. Illogical Aliens
    2. Immigration
    3. Sentencing For CO2 Sins: Overview ... Another View