If I am wrong, I have made a fool of myself.
If you are wrong, you have made a fuel
of our planet, our lives and our loves.

2006 Conclusions: 2010: foodchain collapse ... 2011: global civil war ... 2012: military disintegation
2015: 90% human demise ... 2030: life on earth extinct.
(2008 update: These are happening faster than concluded,
e.g., food riots,  with the economic meltdown presaging
earlier global civil war and military debacle.)

Global Dying: Summary Overview

Before reading the conclusion of global dying, compare the qualifications of this concluder versus your informers. (below)

Conclusion April 2006

If tomorrow, all humans died, the earth would still die, just not as soon,
in 30 years instead of 20 years.

Why this dire assessment? Consider the following factors:

  1. The fossil fuel coal were created over 200 million years in the carboniferous period during the migration of the single original continent--Panagea--into the separate continents that have slowed in movement as they have balanced the planet Earth.
    1. During the periods of movement, the amount of volcanic activity was much higher than it is now as the continental mass spread out.
    2. Volcanic gases have almost 50 times the concentration of CO2 than any previous historic atmospheric level, 15,000 ppm versus 350.
    3. When mother Earth was spewing billions of tons of CO2 in the atmosphere, the flora was primarily primitive ferns that quickly converted the CO2 in the carbohydrates that became hydrocarbons (coal and oil). The fossil fuels that we burn--100 million barrels a day--are returning CO2 to the atmosphere that was extracted from volcanic gases over many years, decades, centuries and millenia.
    4. Mother Earth, today, does not have the biomass to extract the CO2 from the atmosphere, both in quantity and quality. In quantity, man has maimed and mangled Mother Nature both on land and in oceans. In quality, plants evolved to the lower CO2-dependent, slower growing plants that populate the earth today.
    5. The fossil fuel petroleum was created later by ocean algae accumulating on the bottom of now disappeared large bodies of water, seas or oceans.
  2. An oil company--Chevron--has a cute commercial which talks about how half of the oil on earth may be gone. Since the beginning of the oil era in 1857, a mere 150 years ago, humanity has burned half the liquid fossil fuels that took Mother Nature two hundred million years to create. In just a century and a half, we have released half the petroleum CO2 that took more than a million times as long to sequester. Think about it: We have, on average, in the last 150 years released the CO2 sequestered by nature in a million years. Of course, the release in the last few fews has been hundreds of times greater than the annual average in the first 50 years.
  3. The Earth is dying. It will have an atmosphere like Venus composed of the carbon dioxide and sulfur gases, the same gases that Mother Nature sequestered as fossil fuels millions of years ago. The fast, hot, caustic winds will wipe all traces of intelligent life off the earth. In a few years, there will be no record that life existed on earth.
  4. The more rapid and wider swings of extremes in precipitation and temperatures from the properties of the FRQ clusters will tear the foodchain apart like an imbalanced wheel driven faster and faster until a blowout crashes the vehicle.
  5. Without controlled as the foodchain fails, the lack of organization will lead to a massive die-off from the diseases of undisposed garbage and bodies.
  6. The crucial variable or point of no return will be the collapse of public policy making in a few weeks like Kenya. The confluence of critical masses within the existential meltdown will stop governments. If the US economy collapses then global collapse. If Americans riot, the US economy will collapse. If Obama is assassinated, Americans will riot. If the US Secret Services fails again, they will aid and abet the death of life on earth.
  7. After life has gone out on earth, the earth will revolve around the sun looking like a comet as the boiling water is blown off into the heliosphere by solar winds. It has begun with the isolated, shallow bodies of water--swamps and lakes--and will eventuate into the oceans receding as the polar ice caps cease cooling the oceans--see homemade ice cream and weather sluts.

Without a massive, global ManHeavan Project, the death of all life on earth is a foregone conclusion as the rising levels of CO2 become self-sustaining. We will have chaotic Depopulation. In 1982 when this writer wrote Drought Forever documenting and explaining how CO2 alterred precipitation and politics would destroy civilization, I was a mind of vision. Since then I have focused on how to respond when enough people became enlightened to our demise. The Manheaven Project is a multi-disciplined integrated response to global dying based on the principles of timism, particularly, the primary moral imperative.

Optimally, and at a minimum, the conditions to stop global dying will necessitate a collapse of the foodchain to a level that will support three to ten percent of the current global population. That core Depopulation will have only one business beyond feeding itself, sequestering CO2: For every molecule burned, at least two must be removed.

Imagine being on the petroless moon in which you cannot use fossil fuels for any personal activities including shopping, traveling or temperature adjustment. The limitations on human activity will make prison life seem enviable. This hellish, concentration camp existence to remove CO2 until the earth has exited the holocaust of the petrophiliacs will easily take 500,000 years. The curse on Nazism of the Jews will be faint footnote compared to 500 millenia of bitter hate to the CO2 sinners of today. The greatest tragedy of the Twentieth Century was not the camps, gulags or killing fields--it was is the oil rig.

Every day that humanity continues both the economics of needs and lies is not only many years added to the final cost of saving life on earth but an increase in the mandatory early deaths of more human beings (humanasia) to achieve a life-saving, sustainable population size of human beings on earth.

What does one say of the parents who readily say they would sell all their possessions to save an offspring's life but will not give up a gas-guzzling lifestyle that is killing the future for all children? DASE! Funny Mentalists! Evilutionists! Cretinists! Illogical Aliens! Pro-Litter! DooDoo Digesters! These DooDoo Digesters have forced generational warfare upon their children wherein those who are least responsible for the death of life on earth must be the children who require the previous, guilty generations to self-euthanize not as a matter of justified atonement but as a matter of necessity and self-survival.

June, 2008 Update to Global Dying Conclusion: A new CO2-derived atmospheric process was realized when it was reported that there were 800 fires in California from dry lightning. The dessication of the atmosphere by hydrophiliac CO2 is a one-two punch that is killing life on earth. The drying of the land by soaking up water and binding it into the FRQ clusters continues to cause lightning when cold and hot air masses collide but the lightning does not also have accompanying rainfall, that is, more dry lightning on the CO2 parched land.

As noted in Polar Time Bomb, when the polar ice cap melts, within months the temperature and CO2 in the Northern Hemisphere will rise like the space shuttle. The flora biomass will die within a few weeks after a heat wave that involves double-digit temperature jumps. The animal kingdom will die within a few weeks after that because we will be subject to a rapid escalation of dry lightning across all continental land masses fueling an exponentially divergence of increased CO2 generation and decreased CO2 sequestering.

As a result of this increased "dry lightning" phenomenon, I realize I was wrong in my 2006 prediction of the year when 90% of humanity will be dead. This is akin to my misprediction on widespread food riots by 2010. The food riots started in 2008. Likewise, the 90% dieoff will not occur by 2015 but by 2012 or 2013. I hate being wrong but sure wish that I was wrong. It is worth noting that this further confirms that the earth will become like Venus with a CO2/sulfur atmosphere with lots of dry lightning. (Fall, 2008, update: The financial meltdown will accelerate the social/political collapse and reduces the chances of the Manheaven Project becoming a fact to fulfill the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth.

It is bokyag time! Life on earth will not whimper out but burnout--see Burn, Baby, Burn.

These pro-litter, anti-life emotionalists have forced an inevitable eugenics of reprodution being limited to ever shorter, and smaller persons with mandatory sterilization for all adolescents over a certain height at puberty. For those who are overweight, the sterilization will be complete and final cessation of metabolism. To accelerate Depopulation on an individual basis, all medical treatment and all medicines will be banned.

If you don't know it already, I more than likely hate you because of your life choices that are cutting short my life with years of increasing stress, fear and angst with death by 2015. Until 2006, I increasingly wanted to just broaden my timistic understanding of existence with the intention of sharing at my natural death ... or not sharing at all. Only because your life choices threaten my few remaining years is why I seek to share. More than likely, I am wasting my time because you lack the iCube to come up to speed to save yourself and to save me--What needs to be done will not be done. The track record of politicians, mediacs, and academics is less than zero. Fortunately, I am in my final years with the last half of my life being far better than I expected in the first half. Furthermore, I have a day set in which I will self-euthanize. Most of you are young enough to learn to relish the new babyback ribs. Anyone who thinks I am interested in fame or fortune does not understand the morality of more time. If you think someone who likes you is going to save you, call your grandma. Your habitual politician neither likes you nor will save you.

Qualifications of the Concluder (Timeline)

  1. Resume: Expertise and excellence in all relevant fields
  2. Threads of time in the fabric of life: A unified delineation of existence--The Morality of More Time.
  3. Carbon understanding: The essence of organic chemistry is the study of "compounds of carbon." How many meteorologists pontificating on global warming have taken organic chemistry as has this writer? How many chemists, let alone meterologists, can claimed to have completed a year of organic chemistry in two months?
  4. Carbon dioxide studies in graduate school: As a graduate student disillusioned with the hypocrisy and politics of higher education, I used up my financial supports studying what I wanted to study which happened to be the effects of CO2 on the human body whence my conclusions summated in the Alpha Trifecta: Autism, Alzhemier and ADHD.
  5. 1982 paper: Original treatise showing relationship of rising CO2 to drought and deluge.
  6. CO2 Matrix of Global Drying/Dying: History of CO2 droughts downwind from oil fields
  7. Hurricanes for Dummies: Dynamics of CO2 on hurricane formation and intensity.
  8. Timistic Energy Analysis: Why every barrel wastes more time than it saves.
  9. FRQ clusters: How CO2/H2O clusters account for all facets of the C02 matrix. Any computer modeling without the FRQ cluster properties is an optimistic cluster bomb predicting a later rather than a sooner end of life on earth.
  10. Meteorological Mentality : If one reshaped the convolutions of the cerebral cortext into an earthlike sphere and mapped the neural activity, at slow motion one would see the weather patterns of the earth. Both mentality and meteorology observe the same three basic processes of timism: dynamic density, rivers of existence and symphony of existence . As the Hubble Telescopes imposes filters to show systems unavailable to the naked eye so could one create a multilayer visual rendition of the music that one enjoys which would be mathematical parallel to the multilayer cortical rendition of listening to the music. As another example of timism's eye-popppping "it was always there before your eyes", consider the schizophrenic unappreciation of shared terms: depressions, high, lows, fronts, storms and hemispheres. Lightning and seizures are process twins. Clearly, a person who has a unified understanding of physics whereby a single system explains mentality, meteorology and music will journey down life's highways not as a blind driver but with the brightest high beams. This brightness blinds the dim chauffeurs of limited vision traversing the landscape in fred flintstone jalopies.
  11. As the years have gone by, people who listened to my chicken little predictions have said that they didn't believe me then but do believe me now.
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When it comes to understanding CO2 and global dying, I am the first person in the ballpark. Maybe a few bright stars in this night of our discontent do understand but, all together, they don't add up to the full moon of timism.

1982 Was My Paper Year

In 1905, Albert Einstein wrote five papers that changed the world. For me, 1982 was my big paper year. In that  year I wrote, Oil Drought, Monetary Colonialism and Do Homeowners Beat Inflation?. They predicted the perfect storm of existence, that is, collapse of the environment and the economy.

  1. In Oil Drought, I predicted collapse of the environment from CO2 causing longer and longer droughts interspersed with record precipitation that would destroy the food chain, governments, societies, civilization and life.
  2. In Monetary Colonialism, I predicted that the US exporting its inflation via running deficits would metastasize both the domestic and foreign economies into imbalanced cancerous relationships that would one day collapse like any cancer.
  3. In "Do Homeowners Beat Inflation?", I predicted that the collapse that is occurring in 2008.

If you know of someone with a broader, earlier dot collection and joining, I would like to meet them. The above papers are another reason why you should take serious my conclusions on global dying and adjust your life to observe the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth. Furthermore,

  1. knowing the inherent cancerous nature of monetarism and long before the collapse of capitalism in 2008,
  2. and making the distinctions made between capitalism and decapitalism as well as economics  versus necronomics
  3. I created a set of tools based on the morality of more time to have an honest currency (lifehours) and to transition from old to new (retiming debt).

With timism, the periodic table of existence, one can use the morality of more time and the timistic clutter cutter to standardize dynamic systems in the universal, one can consider absolute variables for applying simple math to see whether creation or cancerizing of time is occurring. Timism may be no more than a heuristic tool but it has served me well. How has your value system served you in being a moral person in optimizing your self-symmetry with God, that is, being a time creator where the means and ends are One?

Recognizing that being a chicken little and observing only the first or second step of the four steps in solving a problem, I have developed the tools of timism to fulfill the primary moral imperative. Without better democracy, better capitalism and better disgust, what needs to be done will not be done.

In the same way that the global financial system collapsed in a few weeks, because of the polar time bomb initiating massive, unprecedented global dry lighting fires, life will die faster than you can imagine. Your worst nightmare is a picnic compared to what is coming.

More than a decade ago I started telling people that if one likes change, it is a great time to be alive. In 2000 I changed my phrase from change from to chaos: If you like chaos, it is a great time to be alive.

Qualifications of your informers: Information or Infamy?
  1. Report dilution from unenlightened denial and greed--see Castrating Science .
  2. Igknowant bliss and confidence: People voted for Geo. Talker Bush because of his self-confidence. It was not the confidence of a problem-solver, but  the confidence of a problem-ignorer. igknowance is bliss and confidence only until the ignored problems ruin your life . Humanity needs pro-active igknowance tax to avoid the higher cost of igknowance itself.
  3. Party Hardy Hypocrites: Because they are telling you what is wrong with you they get to commit the wrongs more than you, e.g., Al Gore, Bono, and Bile Guts.
  4. Purveyors of false hopes: False comfort in the face of fading hope for real recovery from global dying.
  5. Academic Authorities: Intellectual streetwalkers who shape their information for the highest bidder with an integrity below their streetwalker peers, a.k.a., petrophiliacs. P or P is not publish or perish but prostitute or perish with Enron bookcooking of publications where
    1. Several peers produce a publication in which quid pro quo rules
    2. like philantropists exchanging donations to maximize tax benefits
    3. like the farce of cap-and-trade in global warming
    4. like "I'll trade you three dirty whores for one clean virgin."
  6. Pure, true and literal Academic Freedom is academic abdication.
  7. Hypocrites: Francis blair, pedophile priest, al gore (house, google, money, money, money opportunist) ... psychologist, marriage counselors
  8. Corporate Journalism : Petrophiliacs, the CO2 devils behind our CO2 sinning, control the media, e.g., oil companies, auto manufacturers, auto dealers, auto insurance, auto repair and auto lawyers. They are distracting us to death rather than educating us to live.
  9. Weathermen, local and national: Joker Roker. When it comes to weather, I would trust the official used car salesmen moreso than de facto ones parading as weathermen.
  10. In general, based on the lack of honesty and integrity, the Bush administration has lied to the American people about the following which impact our future lives: Iraq, WMD's, Terrorism, 9-11, Veterans Administration, Military personnel, Justice Appointments, Mad Cow Disease, Unemployment, Inflation, Drug, Social Security, and National Security. It should be not surprise that they are lying about global warming. The best term to describe the Bush administration is not Bushies but Bushitters.
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Actively reviewing and accumulating evidence over the years has fostered successive, more dire predictions as the rate of global warming/dying accelerated. If there is no fun in watching a loved one die, there is even less fun in watching all life die. In March, 2006, the data on Mother Nature's volcanization of CO2 generation was the personal mega moment of gloom and doom. Two weeks of depression resulted from the conclusion that I was not going to live to the end of a normal, natural life. Global dying would cut short my years on earth. Despair defeats determination, but humor heightens hope: I changed my retirement from stocks to sleeping pills and my suntan lotion to barbecue sauce.

Global Warming? No. Global Dying!

If every human being died tomorrow without another molecule of fossil fuel being burned, global warming will become global dying because we have passed the tipping point.

  1. By the year 2010, the foodchain will be collapsing so quickly that every nation will be suffering monthly increases in Baghdads, Darfurs and New Orleans which reflect human conditions worsened by corrupt, incompetent habitual politicians. Anyone who thinks the politicians will fix global dying when they can't fix lesser problems is either smoking funny tobacco or is a spoiled funny mentalist.
  2. By the year 2015, without better democracy, better capitalism and better values, 90% of the people alive today will be dead by chaotic collapse of civilization. Consider how the 2002 and 2007 UN reports on global warming were diluted by politicians. Consider how the Bush Administration has exacted Enron accounting on the accounts of Global Warming.

NUBS ... Ominosities

Added thoughts:

  1. Previously, in human history, when new economic powers conflicted with existing political structures, a period of turmoil was followed by a higher level of existence. This time the economic power is not a new political entity but environmental collapse which is over-powering all economic lines of communication. Without optimal democracy embodied in the Manheaven Commission to implement public policy-making, the resulting de-civilization will increasingly accelerate the decline as well as magnify the inability to catch up and stop decline. As history has shown, the habitual politicians of the current policy-making process will do too little too late if we are lucky. As a rule, habitual politicians make disasters worse. Unfortunately, the overpowering economic forces of global dying will kill not only the politicians but the polity.
  2. Barring implementation of the Manheaven Project, this is the last generation of humanity on earth. No one born after January 1, 2000, will die a natural death of old age.
  3. I am doing what needs to be done, organizing humanity for a 90% Depopulation by 2015.
  4. Within one year after the establishment of the MHC, the earth's human population will drop by 1/3 to 1/2.US will disintegrate like Iraq and Darfur as unemployment rises and inflation goes ballistic.
    1. Electrical power problem addressed by tax credits for buying private generators: Encourages private individual reaction rather than communal solutions to common public problems. Repudiates E Plurius Unum.
    2. God Bless America funny mentalism .
  5. Chaos: When would-be rapists, murders, robbers realize the chances of apprehension, prosecution, and incarceration are null, the would wannabees become unrestrained, repeated perps.
  6. The idea that global dying will stop at a rise of 3, 5, 7 degrees is like thinkinga breached earthen dam will stop draining at 3, 5, 7 cubic feet per second. Like the rate of drainage exponentially increasing as the more rapidly raging waters destroying the dam, the rise in earth's temperature will not be gradual.

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