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The first thing we do is kill all the economists or something like that, as was said by Wm. Shakespeare.

Who's to blame for the world mess? The politicians on the front page? Or, the economists behind them? Economists are intellectual streetwalkers pretending to be Gods, e.g., The Nobel Prize winners at Long-Term Capital Management.

For economists to be more than glorified bean counters, they

  1. must understand time--timism,
  2. must champion the difference between capitalism and decapitalism, and
  3. must promote the lifehour.

Or, be musty in the wrong way. Rather than promoting ecos nomos, they promote and defend negative economics, necronomics, a science of negative information, ninformation.

The lifehour is the universal currency that transcends the boundaries of nations and time. With the lifehour uniting the symbols and substance of our time, inflation and deflation will be less of a human scourge. With lifehours, economists can know the price and value of everything.

With lifehours, economists will appreciate the true meaning of inflation being a cheapening like its semantic cousins, flattery and flatulence. Inflation cheapens human time.Without economists embracing the timistic bedrock, the world would be better if they all became garbage collectors instead of garbage makers, street sweepers instead of street walkers.


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