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Better Democracy and Capitalism
A Timistic Vision of Humanity for the 3rd Millennium

Women 50/50

When Legislative Bodies Are Half Women
Then All Bodies Will Be Treated
More Wholly

When women have their fair legislative share
then they will have tomaxifan not Viagra,
temperance not violence.

The world will be a better place if women make up half of each legislative body. Men tend to be short-sighted relative to the longer view that women take of life. Men's lives will be better in a Man's/Woman's world of 50/50 legislators.

If more women are in public, problem-solving, policy-making positions, our families, schools and neighborhoods will improve faster. With more elected females, males will more readily be gentlemen without locally or globally resorting to violence. Those doubting Thomases who fear passive women taking control need only consider how Madeleine Albright can probably whoop 90% of the male voters in an alley cat fight. Golda Meier and Indira Gandhi were no creme puffs, readily committing armed forces in defence of  nation and homes. 

To bring about a better world through more fully tapping the strength of women, Democratic Capitalism is committed to the Women 50/50 proposition. In creating a hierarchy of problem-solvers in parallel to and in preparation for national office, the primaries will alternate between genders. Thereafter, and by observing the one-term limit, the districts will switch/flipflop between male and female nominees.

Since most offices will have overlapping terms of a senior and junior member, humanity will benefit from the votes of the best male and female. But it must be kept in mind that regular brain bees methodically tap the intelligence of the voters via citizen legislation.

With monthly on-line Citizen Legislation at the national, state and local levels, runner-ups will have the opportunity to impart their wisdom through a fair and free process to democratize our problem-solving intelligence. With citizen legislation, the need for expensive legislative staffs will disappear so the cost of a junior member will be less overall.

Which is a better problem-solving system:

  1. Elects best man?
  2. Elects best woman?
  3. Elects best woman and man?

This principle is Democratic Capitalism. It need not be and has not been observed by the habitual pol iticians.

(Note: A timistic analysis of humanity, masculinity and feminity shows that all three will profit (pro esse) from 50/50 decision making. Profits exist when the time savings is split down the middle fairly between the problem solver and problem sufferer. As a specie, we will maximize our profits when we split the time-savings potential of the democratic process equally, 50/50, between man and woman.)

You may want to post the Women 50/50 poster at work or in your car.

Women primarily created timism.

As a practical matter and to implement Women 50/50, all Democratic Capitalist elections use a flipflop process the problem-solvers, e.g., Presidents, Governors, Senators, Representatives, Registrars, Ambassadors and Justices, each new election will automatically select a member of the opposite sex from the winner of the previous election. The junior member for that position will be the member of the opposite sex who was the winner.  For instance, if the first election has a female winner, the next election for that office will have a man. Junior members have the same pay. The junior person's role is to be supporter, assistant and watchdog as well as a learner for senior  responsibility. With this approach, each elected position will benefit from the views of the best woman/man for the job. The added cost of a vice-person will be nothing compared to the savings from finally solving problems that get ignored. These unsolved problems cost humanity more money each and every week.

Of the U.S. Supreme Court, it will be expanded to 14 members with seven males and seven females with seven year tenures and sex-specific voting . All decisions will be subjected to monthly plebiscites. Under the Manheaven re-timing, people will have more hours for public involvement as part of a new social contract.




  1. Women screwed up when they decided to sexually compete with men--women ended up with the surprises and challenges as single moms. Now, there is a "slut" movement to encourage this trend which is a de facto encouragement of unplanned parenting and unwanted pathogens.
  2. Women screwed up when they decided to have a school sports addiction like men's sports. Now we have both sexes
    1. suffering the play pathos of concocted challenges (reality shows)
      instead of
    2. cheering the work ethic of real problems--everyday living.
  3. Perhaps the biggest screw-up (and blinding emotional catalyst to the above screw-ups) has been the drive to make religious hierarchies bisexual. Given the objective history of organized religion, especially, its role in global killing over-population and CO2 sinning, this drive to affirm rather than reveal the absurdities and crimes of orthodoxy is akin to women demanding that every other Nazi concentration camp commander should have been a female.
  4. In general, considering that women are half of the human race, the mis-directed drive for sexual equality in sex, sports and speculation re-affirms two cliches.
    1. The road to hell is paved with the good intentions of bad values.
    2. Beware what you wish for because you might get it.
  5. By their walk more important and lasting than their subjective talk, women are Masochists .

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