Life Sentences For Crimes Against Life On Earth

CO2 sinning constitutes a crime against life on earth. All are guilty who generate CO2. The level or category of one's guilt is based on one's actions, that is, lifestyle and employment.

  1. Lifestyle
    1. The vegetarian, cave dwelling sins less than materialist who has an unnecessarily oversized house with numerous gas-guzzling vehicles.
    2. The parent who hikes with their children compared to the parent who jets to distant sports events, e.g., skiing, golf or Olympics.
  2. Employment
    1. A janitor in an elementary school versus an executive of an oil company.
    2. A farmer versus the crew chief of a NASCAR team or a head coach of a perrennial NCAA-ranked team.

Gene Pool Draining : The punishment should fit the crime. Crimes against life on earth should intersect with the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth. The number one problem is that there are too many people on the face of the earth. Please note that in the matter of saving life on earth, the main thing is to depopulate as quickly as possible to a sustainable level of population that can focus on life-saving actions. Within the context of controlled depopulation and enforced euthanasia, who and whose family should die first? The least or the most guilty?

CheerLosers : Important to assessing an individual's CO2 sin is the impact of encouraging others to sin. It is like the difference between a person who incites peace and one who incites riots. A sports coach is a cheerloser, not a leader. He teaches the play pathos, not the work ethic.

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