Why Lifehour accounting?

  1. Honesty.
  2. Functional, not dysfunctional currency.
  3. When enough people realize that the irrelevant, irrelevant, irrelevant politicians have done too little, too late, the ManHeaven Project will have to make hard, quick choices to avoid passing the recovery point.
  4. The hard choices must be made logically and rationally without the corruption of habitual politicians who pass illogical, legal laws. Global dying is the summation of habitual politicians lying.
  5. The primary moral imperative is saving life on earth. The politicians and their legally, but illogically, privileged friends and croynies will try to save themselves without the enlightened awareness that the end of life on earth is also the end of them. Consistently throughout history, habitual politicians have been the voice of the "conservatives" whose one-value obsession with money gives them power to buy politicians. As noted elsewhere, conservatives lack the mental capacity to juggle more than a few thoughts at one time. Watch Geo. Talker Bush as he stumbles over his words as he tries to tie two thoughts together in one sentences. The only words he uses more than "American dream" is "uh." He lacks the integrity  of intelligence and information to egress from his comfort zone of igknowant bliss and confidence . (Americans have the government and future that they deserve.)
  6. Given that the number one problem behind global dying is too many people, the controlled Depopulation to a manageable number of people will not occur without an objective, fair merit system for assigning blame and sins for global dying. Lifehours provide this quantification. As noted in Duty to Die (D2D), one's number is up as the failure of the foodchain requires further Depopulation of cities and nations to save life on earth.
  7. You are either part of the problem or the solution. You can fight the inevitability of the ManHeaven Project with a resulting lower or, worse, negative lifehour account.

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