E Pluribus Onus ... E Pluribus Oh No ... E Pluribus Unum

E Pluribus Qua?

From many, what?

When the many as a family, community, nation or species are suffering worsening problems, the problem-solving approaches can be viewed as E Pluribus paradigms. From many, what happens? From the many, do we have riots? From the many, do we have apathy? Obviously, riots worsen and cancerize problems. Less obvious, apathy metastasizes problems from the carcinogen of "evil triumphs when good men don't act."

There are basically three problem-solving E Pluribus paradigms: Unum, Onus, and Oh No!

E Pluribus Unum

E Pluribus Unum means "from many, one." It is the motto of the United States. In 1776 we said our leaders won't come from one person or family. Rather, the one to solve our problems will be elected "of the people, by the people and for the people." The benefits of democracy reflect the level of democracy between the two extremes of despotism and democracy. For a fuller discussion, see On-Line Democracy Is E Pluribus Unum and E Pluribus Dollar (Insurance: E Pluribus ... Lloyds, retiming). The tools of timism promote better democracy through brainbees to tap the intelligence of the concerned citizens when they think they have an Einstein Moment.

E Pluribus Onus

E Pluribus Onus means "from many, responsibility." Humanity needs to adopt E Pluribus Onus as a co-motto in public and private policy-making. Our public policy-makers should delegate the responsibility to solve problems to the lowest level. As is, they seek to concentrate power at the top in the hands of too few people who are isolated from problems and the knowledge to solve the problems. In the U.S. Constitution, this delegation was known as states rights. For the British Empire, the catchword was "home rule." On an individual basis, an example of E Pluribus Onus is the homeowner who builds a tornado shelter compared to the homeowner who wants taxpayers to build a shelter.

Any problem-solution that is not delegated to the rightful problem-solving level (individual, family, neighborhood, municipality, state, nation or global) is a problem that will not be solved efficiently and effectively. With E Pluribus Oh No!(below), one has bigger government bureaucracy and unending taxation. The rightful level is the level that can best make a bad or wrong situation right. For a fuller discussion see E Pluribus Onus. The needed efficiency of the Manheaven Project to fulfill the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth relies re-forming, re-timing, re-servicing and re-valuing human activity to effect E Pluribus Onus--see Manheaven Level Rights .

E Pluribus Oh No!

E Pluribus Oh No! is the opposite of E Pluribus Onum. Problem solutions are delegated to a higher level which festers the higher cost of delayed, buearucratic, and tax-wasting problem-approaches. An example is a military junta that keeps all power for the generals, e.g., Myanmar cyclone of May 2008. Or, a US President who is supposed to be a presider but proclaims his function as a decider. Less obvious are the garbage dump of tax laws, tax supports, tax exemptions and tax credits that impart simultaneous privileges and de-privileges in a zero sum world . Saltwater solutions are policies that promise to quench a problem but only make it worse as time goes along, e.g., biofuels and no death tax. If one cannot benefit 100% from a saltwater policy then one is going to be paying in higher taxes, crime or insurance the costs of those who do benefit 100%. It is another example of how in a zero-sum  world, one person cannot take more without others losing more which is quite different from when one creates more and keeps more. (for more see E Pluribus Oh No! )


If one wants to live in a world with fewer problems, one wants policy-makers to observe two of the above three "from many" paradigms: Unum and Onus. Unum means we unite together and find the one best problem-solver for our common problems. Onus means the power and responsibility to solve a problem is delegated to right level. With E Pluribus Oh No! the power to solve problems is misplaced or destroyed with a nullification of the first two E Pluribus paradigms.

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