E Pluribus Qua? ... E Pluribus Onus ... E Pluribus Oh No!

On-Line Democracy Is
E Pluribus Unum:

From Many, One

On-line Democracy is a simple, quick process by which people can select and prioritize issues or individuals to solve our problems. Through an elimination process like a national spelling bee, all 280,000,000 people in America could participate in a nomination process that takes only ten days. Credit for participation and support accrues in lifehours which can be traded including college tuition and home loans .

All new accounts are signed up for all forums for which they are qualified. You will be automatically emailed the forum invitation at the beginning of the forum's cycle of democracy. Via the reply email function , you can submit a proposal. Or, if you don't want to participate in a particular forum, just enter "Remove" in the subject line and email the reply. In addition to the automatic forums, a manual forums are provided for administrative, technical and media questions.

In the vein of E Pluribus Unum,
optimal democracy
enables and ennobles
the principle:

All for One and
One for All

If we don't work and live together then we will die together.

United as one, we stand.

Brainbees have a line labeled "FTP" which refers to FTP democracy. Brainbees are either beginning, intermediate and/or final brainbees. If a beginning or intermediate brainbee, it will designate the brainbee of which it is a sub-brainbee feeding the higher level brainbee. The higher brainbee is the "E Pluribus Unum" to convey that one will come out of many. Lower brainbees that feed into an intermediate or final deme are called subdemes.


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