"get out of the shadow of states' rights and ...
[into] the bright sunshine of human rights
Hubert Humphrey, Mayor of Minneapolis
1948 Democratic Convention

Level Rights: The Rationale of States Rights

When problems are solved at the right level then one has level rights.

  1. To make things right, one needs to solve problems, that is, stop wasting time and start creating time.
  2. To solve problems, one must complete four steps.
  3. Any problem-solving step that is less than 100% means the problem will not be solved and wrongs will not be made right. One cannot exercise a right unless that action creates more time by solving a problem. Any problem-causing action is not a right but is a wrong regardless of the legal paperwork that one might claim under the falsehood of "But it's legal ...."
  4. In the levels of existence, particularly the levels of political/economic boundaries, if the responsibility and power to solve the problem is not legally required of the optimal level then the problem will not be solved.
  5. When talking about rights, one needs to qualify whether the actor or action responds to a wrong to make it right. If the action is not at the optimal level, the problem-solving will not be right.
  6. The more useful meaning of the abused phrase "states rights" is "level rights." As a newborn baby cannot be responsible for national defence to make things right by solving problems, equally ludicrous is the many situations wherein the President of United States is wasting time worrying about a Social Security recipient's hemorrhoids.

If humanity is to be saved from global dying, we need new policy-making, problem-solving public processes whereby we have better democracy that taps the intelligence of the concerned, motivated citizens. Timim.com provides both the structure (Global Democracy) and means (brainbees) as well the motivation tool (lifehours) to have level rights. Without level rights to make wrongs right, we will live in a world of worsening wrongs.

Historical Note: Within the framework of level rights, the U.S. war of independence (1776) was one of establishing new rights units. A review of the expansion of the United States as territories were divided into states and states into counties shows the principle of level rights-animation. New levels were created at lower levels as the growing population was too big for the existing political boundaries. Global democracy structured in Timism.net is global implementation of how Abraham Linclon described the U.S. Constitution, mankind's best hope. With better democracy and better capitalism, we can save life on earth.

Level rights must be defined and observed. There are things that a neighborhood safety servant should be doing, not the President of the United States. And, vice versa. The same is true of Congress.

Ironically, and reflecting how true democracy and true capitalism are problem-solving twins, as better democracy requires level rights, that is, a divisioning of public policy-making, problem-solving power within the proper level, profitable taxation is not self-similar to optimal democracy but is necessary. Fulfilling the meaning of profit, that is, splitting the time created by solving problems between the solvers and sufferers, profitable taxation splits any time created between the taxing units. Thus, half the taxes collected in a zip level remain there with the other half progressing upward.

All levels in global democracy from local to global have agencies with presiders who address the problems at that level with the funds from that level. This does not prevent adjacent units from creating a multi-jurisdictional district that has parts of different political units, the New York Port Authority. Areas for which agencies are active to make wrongs into rights at all levels are:

  1. general
  2. education
  3. medicine
  4. safety security
  5. transportation
  6. food
  7. retirement

Please note that Timism.net provides easy decision-making in a multi-threaded manner for minimizing the impact of wrongs, especially natural disasters.

Level rights is apportioning, appropriating and/or empowering the level of existence with the power to solve its problems, to optimally create time as a harmonious part of a larger existence. When power to solve problems accorded to right level, then speed of problem-definition and problem-solving is optimal.


  1. With true, optimal level rights at all levels of existence, the entities therein are optimally creative for the longest life possible as opposed to being cancerous to self and other entities. In policy-making, optimal democracy is synonymous with optimal level rights: When policy-makers in home, media, business and goverment make good policy than we the polity in the polis will be polite without police. Parallel to optimal level rights in policy-making is optimal capitalism from home management (ecos nomos) to global rights based on capitalism per capital grounded in an honest, immutable currency, the lifehour.
  2. Level Rights: You cannot make things right if the power to correct wrongs by solving time-wasting problems is not apportioned to the locus of the problem. The expression state's rights captures this in spirit but not in practice. In practice, state's rights has been a lopsided, limited application of the spirit of state's rights to hinder and wrong lower level rights all the way down to the individual, that is, the violation of human rights. State's rights is state's wrongs when the actions of the state do not simultaneously make right or prevent wrongs to the individual.
  3. Level or state's rights are akin to and a restatement of what constitutes a profit. A profit (pro esse, foward time) only exists when all the parties in the business transactions benefit in time-sharing from the time-created or time-lost (sacrifices). As a business or person can be a thief by stealing the time of others so can a state be unprofitable in its failure as a time-shaper to make sure all citizens benefit proportionally and profitably in sharing time creation or losses. (080201)
  4. The basic, most efficient and effective level of rights to right wrongs is the individual. That is why politicians should encourage individual rights and enforce E Pluribus Onus,  that is, everyone has a duty to do right when they can and must. If life on earth is to be saved, the primary moral imperative, more than ever the enforcement of individual responsibility must be required with it being an essential part of Controlled Depopulation. If you are not part of the solution then as part of the problem you will die, D2D or MD2D. Life on earth cannot, at the minimum, afford the least efficient let alone the deficient. Create and earn lifehours or suffer the summation of your death hours.
  5. Level rights should mirror the levels of timism, the periodic table of existence. Cancer should be solved by people trained in metabolism not by people trained in primitive, provincial praying. Economic problems will be solved by lifehours not prayers. Political problems should be solved by better democracy not more preachers, priest, etc. The solution of problems reflects the quality of the level applied to the problem. Timism.net is the basis of the that problem-solving policy-making assignment.
  6. Level rights should be used as the basis for a universal, internet-based educational system . Toward that goal, timism.edu is envisioned.
  7. Echoing the universality of the timistic processes at all levels, the political level rights are self-similarly mirrored in the levels of lifehours.
  8. Disaster management requires Level Rights, not CYA of public officials--see States Feel Left Out of Disaster Planning
  9. Level rights and Level taxation should go hand in hand ... also, Level Rights and Level Banking/Lending/Taxing
  10. Level Rights: Historical Trends
    1. US Revolutionary War for Independence
    2. Breaking territories into states, states into counties--see US Counties (this is a great animation).
    3. Focus, rationale, incentive: Pursuit of optimal democracy for better problem-solving.
  11. Level Rights
  12. Level Relations and Rights Duty To Die (D2D) Healthcare
    Primary Individual, Self-Responsiblilty
    Secondary Sibling, Buddy Twofers, Brother's Keeper
    Tertiary Family Sins of Father
    Quaternary Extended Family
    Elementary Basic Diagnosis/Treatment
    District Hospital
    Regional Specialists
    National Experimental
    Global, Life on Earth

Also See

  1. Power To Solve Problems


  1. A problem with states rights is the same problem of buying one dress for two women of different weights, 100 versus 300 pound, which is analogous to Rhode Island having the same states rights as California or Texas.

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