The primary moral imperative is to save life on earth. As is due to global dying, we are all on death row. Only a global recovery plan can remove some of us from death row. Those receiving clemency should be prioritized by their guilt in CO2 sinning.

Calculus of Lifehours
For Duty to Die

One's duty to die within controlled depopulation is theoretically based on one being part of the solution or part of the problem. Since both solutions and problems can be quantified in time, that is creation or cancer, one's theoretical existential worth can be quantified in lifehours.

The simple additive or subtractive math of lifehours for one's activities does not fully reflect one's contribution to solving a problem. For instance, many people stand around the surgical table for the same amount of time that is needed to save the patient's life, but the lifesaving value of each person varies. The chief surgeon, who can probably perform the role of any other team member, has a higher lifehour value per hour of work than the person who can perform only one task. Timism has several tools by which to qualify in quantities the different lifehour value of an hour of work ( TouchTone Manager  and Record Your Volunteerism.) Current economics reflects the greater value of one's current time in the namesake of current time, currency.

Another area of current economics in which an individual can receive symbols of time independent of fixed clock time is royalties or patents for an Einstein Moment. Timism has this feature in the form of lifehours for winning brainbees in which a person shares problem-solving insights.

The following are for examples, not final actuary calculations.

The accumulation of lifehours from perspiration and inspiration are the basis of the calculus of lifehours on which one's duty to die is based. One's raw number of lifehours are adjusted by a series of divisions and multiplications based on lifestyle choices that indicate whether one is or was part of the problem or the solution.

  1. Innocent: if one was never part of a particular problem, one's lifehour adjustor is one(1). This means when one's calculus of lifehours are one times  raw lifehours (1 x lifehours).
  2. If one was part of the problem but stopped before formal descripition of the problem, one's adjustor is half or .5. This means your calculus of lifehours is half of your accumulated lifehours.
  3. If one is a part of the problem after formal description then one's adjustor is .25.
  4. If one is a cheerloser , that is, a person who cheers on the time-loosers that are part of the problem, the adjustor is halfed at the local level, quartered at the national level and eighthed at the global level.

The determination of the problems derives from brainbees and votetime ballots. As stated widely and repeatedly, only better democracy and better capitalism will save life on earth. The needed better democracy must be used in determining the factors that weigh in determining the calculus of lifehours, that is, how much one is part of the problem as a living entity, or, who lives and who dies.

Membership Adjustment: One's calculus of lifehours is adjusted by when one became a member.

  1. First 10%, triple
  2. First 11-25% double

Attitude Adjustment: One's selections on the votetime ballots reflects one's prioritizing of what is and isn't a problem, that is, what one values. One's calculus of lifehours is adjusted by one's voting with the majority. If one votes with 75% of the majority, one's calculus of lifehours is adjusted accordingly. Important things to note:

  1. The value of votetime ballots is recalculated after each Controlled Depopulation so that the calculus of lifehours reflects the values of the living not the dead.
  2. One cannot change votetime D2D ballots.

GOOHF: Possession of a GOOHF if a lifeforce multiplier of five(5). Possession of a GOOHF does not exclude one from earning lifehours--being part of the solution--within the ManHeaven Project. If one uses a GOOHF to cancel a MD2D then the multiplicative factor of GOOHF is no longer present.

Also see Calculus of Morality

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