CO2 Sinning Index

Calling CO2 sinning a "CO2 footprint" is like calling a cancer a fetus. Whereas a fetus is a rapidly dividing mass of cells at the beginning of life a cancer is a rapidly dividing mass of cells that ends life. Sanitizing global dying with semantic cosmetics will powder puff the problems that are killing us. Playing with words does not work, another example of how the play pathos is not the work ethic.

Overview of CO2 Sinning

Advice to Sinners Career Sinners Individual Sinning General Issues
  1. A Warning
  2. Be Honest
  3. Blame
  4. Can't Live Without ...
  5. Care Carefully
  6. Careers ReFocus
  7. Considerations
  8. Crimes Against Life On Earth
  9. Excuse Carefully
  10. Give me efficiency or give me death
  11. Humanasia Choices To Face
  12. Pascal's Wager Logical Earthling
  13. Profitable Activities
  14. Saving Us All
  15. Word to the Wise
  16. You Sin ...
  1. Cheerlosers
  2. Decapitalists
  3. Economists
  4. Enablers
  5. Players
  6. Petrophiliacs
  7. Wall Streeters
  1. Flatus, Personal
  2. Happiness, CO2 Costs
  3. Immoral Sinners
  4. Lifestyle and CO2 Sinning
  5. Proscription of CO2 Sinners
  6. Record Every Time You ...
  7. Reduction Duty
  8. Shared Blame
  1. 2010 Vankookoo Olympics
  2. Countries
  3. False Solutions
  4. Judging
  5. Sentencing Crimes Against Life On Earth
  6. Sins Per Unit Time
  7. Table of CO2 Sinning Activities

Whether you are a CO2-sinner from stupidity, naivete, igknowance or hypocrisy, Mother Nature does not care as she increasingly kills all human beings.