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Obviously, insurance must be a very profitable business. Afterall, new insurance companies are advertising on TV on a regular basis. Not only profitable, but easy to set up. Afterall, the actuary tables for all everyday insurable risks have been collecting dust for a long time. Like most industries, the insurance industry is bloated with many "gentlemen agreements" among the company executives. For instance, if you have a claim, it is normal to terminate the policy. Thus, when you apply to another insurer, you pay higher rates to fund higher profits per the gentleman's quid pro quo agreement.

The insurance industry is a necessary business unlike sports and entertainment. As such it needs to be as efficient as possible to minimize CO2 sinning. As a bloated industry overcharging its end-users, the recipients of its inflated profits stimulate other CO2 sinning activities.

Make no mistake about it, the insurance industries have elevated profits, especially the health industry since the privatization of the Blue Cross/Blue Shield industry during the Reagan years. After the conversion of the BCBS systems from public mutual trusts into private corporations, compensation for the executives shot up over ten-fold. Remember, privitization means private monopolies with no public review or regulation. The false promise of privitization is another example of how the easily misled Jack and Jills play too much and question too little.

With shareholders of privitized public trusts expecting a dividend, health insurance charges had to go up to reflect this new cost in the healthcare industry. As said in the essay on privitization and deregulation , this writer has never seen a privitization or deregulation that ended up lowering the cost of living for the average consumer. One of the reasons for out of control health insurance costs is the consequences of the 1980's privitization of the public mutual trusts. Promises of lower insurance costs did not add up before as the addition today shows. You can't add more pigs to a trough without having to pay more for slop.

Using the original BCBS mutual trust structure as a model, Americans can have better insurance of all types at a far lower cost as part of the Manheaven Project. In conjunction with the other parts of the Whole Plan, Americans can cut their insurance costs by at lease half. In honor of the insurance company that most people never heard of a few years ago, maybe it should be called GALCO.

Two reasons for a new insurance paradigm. Stop those stupid insulting commercials falsely promising savings. If insurance companies cannot come up with better commercials then we should not expect them to come up with better insurance. If the fools behind those foolish commercials can stay in business, a paradigm based on Managing w/o Managers should be able to deliver better services at a lower price, at least without the cost of stupid commercials.

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