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Dear Readers:

Over the next several days, we will be publishing an interesting integration of physics, climate change, mentality, economics, politics and morality from the perspective of quantify the value of time in each level of existence. The theory is called Timism: The Morality of More Time, aka, the Periodic Table of Existence. We are publishing these segments for several reasons:

  1. The essays argue for the Primary Moral Imperative to save life on earth from climate change. In general and given what is at stake, better to err on the side of caution.
  2. They are newsworthy in their provocative analysis and proposals from within a claimed single perspective.
  3. We are participating in the possible creation of a new problem-solving currency called the lifehour for which we are receiving some of these credits in partical payment for publication.
  4. We will also be receiving a steady stream of future revenue which we will invest in reporters and investigators.
  5. We encourage you to sign up for a Timism account. You and we will each receive five lifehour shares the value of which is tied to an average hour of U.S. wages, about $25, about $125 total. The first 1,000,000 accounts are free thereafter the fee is one hour of your wages. If an early bird, you can homestead a significant lifehour bonus.
  6. The business model of Timism was created without venture capitalism ownership of the stock that allows distribution of the stock in bonuses of five to seven thousand to account holders based on when they sign up: The early birds get the biggest worms.
  7. We do not agree with nor endorse all or any of the ideas or reforms. Where we think important, we will inject comments as well write articles refuting or supporting the ideas.
  8. Timism provides a brainbee forum for your responses. Pros and cons will be prioritized by the submitters. As with all brainbees, winners receiving further lifehour credits.
  9. If you like the contents and goals within these segments, you are encouraged to make a donation which will be a two-fer. You will be credited with future cash payback from Timism cashflow (before we get our royalties) You will receive as well as a corresponding amount of lifehour shares which, per the proposals, will be eventually usable to pay loans or taxes. Via Paypal, we receive the immediate cash to pay for the essay. If we do not receive sufficient donations to cover the cost of an essay, we may not afford publishing of the next. Make a donation (below) which is not only money in the bank but an investment in a safer, saner world dedicated to reversing climate change.
  10. If we have left-over donations from the publication costs, we will donate to the nearest V.A. hospital volunteer service in the name of our readers.

Day 1--Roadmap Guideposts: Visions ... 24in4 ... 401ks

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  1. Visions are like opinions--everyone has one ... usually a tunnel vision.
  2. Visions without roadmaps are stop signs.
  3. Morality without practicality is immoral.

24in4--Share Job Time or Jobless Crime:

  1. By better employing our human resources, we can have a 24-hour workweek in 4 years with more funds and fun for self, family and community in a safer, saner world.
    1. A one-time refinancing of all loans into a jumbo zero/low interst loan with profit-sharing payback.
    2. Transfer healthcare costs from business bottom-line into problem-solving community service service.
  2. The 25% unemployment of the 1930's Depression would never have happened if the workweek had been reduced as unemployment ticked up. Nor would big government welfare/social programs have been legislated.
  3. If technology reduces production time by 10%, let us reduce the workweek by 10% rather than reduce workers by 10%.
  4. Anyone who says we have full-employment is like the plantation owner who says he has full-employment for his slaves. Meaningless, dead-end jobs is not employment.
  5. Idled minds are the workshops of the devil. Adled minds are the wasteshops of economists.
  6. Full 40-hour employment based on un-, under- and mis-employment is not the same as full, meaningful 24-hour employment.
  7. Inner-city joblessness causes crime, an old cliche. Joblessness fermented ISIS recuits, a new cliche.
  8. Timism has the roadmap, the Super Brainbee, to determine the optimal workweek length in any economic unit.
  9. If you would like secure employment and insurance, donate a few dollars to this newspaper.

401ks: The biggest bank robbery in history

  1. In 1980, the average retiree had almost $300,000 in defined corporate benefits. The top 1% of America owned about 20% of America's wealth.
  2. In 2017, the average 65 year-old has less than $100,000 in a 401k which is worth less than $30,000 in 1980 buying power:
    1. The middle-class has lost almost 90% of its retirement funds.
    2. Where did it go? Stock options and IPO's.
  3. In 2017, the top 1% of Americans owned more than 50% of America's wealth via 401ks transferring wealth through stock options and IPOs.
  4. Workers with 401(k)s are organized financial lemmings.
  5. Stock options are legal counterfeited stocks.
  6. Lotteries are a tax on those who igknow math. 401ks are a tax on an igknowant middle-class.
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If you like for these ideas to be discussed, please make a donation to this newspaper. Your donation will be Timist Two-fer, that is, your Timism will be credited with both dollars and lifehour credits while your newspaper receives the dollars to defray the cost of publishing these provocative ideas.

If you would like to support the cost of the below, Timism offers you a two-fer: By making a donation to this paper for the publishing cost, we will in 30-days or sooner send a list of our readers who made a donation to defray the cost of this Primer on the Primary Moral Imprative to save life on earth from climate change.

Summary of essays on climate change since 1982 (Listing)

If you are a University Professor ... School Superintendent ... Fire Deparment Head ... Police Department Head, check out Endowment and OneTyme Brainbees.