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Constitutional Amendment:

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What if we held a Constitutional Convention
without habitual politicians?
We can. We must.

Timists Constitutional Amendment for More Time

The best government is the least government ... if we better self-govern.
If we can shop from home, let us govern from home.

The guiding principle in the following is the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on earth from climate change. This will not be done without saving the middle class from Wall Street decapitalism and media distraction.

Dos and Don'ts

Timists Constitutional Amendment for More Time
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BB Proposal/Issue/Article
Workweek length: The workweek will be adjusted to ensure full employment while eliminating unemployment, under-employment and mis-employment. Either we share job time or jobless crime. Anyone working beyond the optimal workweek length is not working for themselves but for those who are not working in whole or part. Let us have 24in4: By better employing our human potential we can have a 24-hour workweek in 4 years with more funds and fun for self, family and community in a safer, saner world. (The Super Brainbee has a function to determine the optimal, ideal workweek length).

[Please note: As the US has devolved into a "Servant" economy with a worsening of the "have's" and the "have not's," claims of a vibrant economy with low unemployment rates makes the slave-owner laugh as he says, "I have zero unemployment on my plantation."]

Legislative reform:
  1. Term limits--Habitual politicians prove the Peter Principle, that incumbents rise to the level of their incompetence and stay there. We need new faces with new ideas for old problems. In times of worsening habitual problems, the only thing worse than not voting is voting for a habitual politicians. In times of worsening habitual problems the only thing worse than not voting is voting for a habitual politician. Term limits terminate habitual problems.
  2. Primaries will be based on using brainbees with federal elections beginning July 4 and state/local elections on Labor Day--zero-cost.
  3. Staggered Election: As US Senate elections are staggered every two years, the staggered principle will be applied to a monthly allotment of Senators and Representatives--webpage.
  4. Citizen Legislation will be initiated on a monthly basis using brainbees at the national, state and local level--webpage.
  5. Women 50/50: Each position will be have a senior and junior member with the junior member being the chief of staff with voting rights--webpage.
  6. Legislative colleges will be established for part-time legislators who live at home with regular jobs and who vote via the internet with Washington DC becoming a historic landmark of past democracy.
  7. All Presidential nominations will be voted upon by 30 days with Senators being relieved of office based on seniority at the rate of one dismissed Senator for each day beyond 30 days.
  8. Campaign season limitations: Primary Brainbees (July 4>Labor Day) ... Get the Dirt Brainbees(September) ... Weekly Debates (October) ... No outside money ... campaigns donations limitations to be determined.
  1. The Presidency will consist of five positions with an annual, no advertising brainbee to select the bottom rung who progresses upward in annual steps. (Example, 2016 DreamTeam)
    1. President, Head Of State, (Hail to the Chief), White House occupant
    2. Prime President, Head of government
    3. Vice-President(Chief of staff),
    4. Premier(Spokes Person),
    5. Vice-Premier(Gofer). Annual election
  2. Women 50/50: Each election will be limited to one sex in a toggle fashion--webpage.
  3. Pardons/Ostracism, monthly list to president. Presidential pardons will be terminated based on having been abused--ostracism.
  4. Pension reform: Any outside income  beyond the federal pension by a former president will be applied to the cost of secret service protection. Any income beyond the cost will be split between the ex-president and the Social Security fund. This income includes any donation to a presidential library.
  5. Presidential Library: Taxpayers will not provide any funding for presidential libraries. The track record of Presidents after Roosevelt has been a downward trend in America's position on the world stage. Why are over-taxed voters funding these modern day pyramids--Obama's Chicago monster is to cost $500,000,000 to build with annual operating costs in the millions. Would it not be better to funnel this money to the Chicago police and social services to combat historical crime?
  6. No presidentail death parades will be allowed including resting in any public building. This reflects their failure to maintain U.S. world status.
Supreme Court:
  1. Nine-year tenure, one elected each year per a region. Region serves as primary with other regions voting.
  2. No one from a college/university of a sitting justice can be a candidate. (Harvard and Yale do not represent humanity.)
Tax Sharing Reform Allocation:
  1. Profit-sharing Tax: 50% stays at each level as the funds progress upward. We cannot respond to our ability if habitual politicians keep taking responsibility, that is, our ability to respond to our problems.
  2. Level Rights: The duty to solve problems will be assigned to the level best able to respond, that is, the level of origin, so as to make things right in the most economic, efficient and effective way--Rationale. To wit, the best government is the best government ... if we better self-govern
Tax Collection Reform: Reform Collection: Taxes will be collected real time from several sources.
  1. Product Transaction Tax: Universal flat tax on all goods and services.
  2. Igknowance Tax: Tax igknowance to stop igknowance from taxing us forever as igknowed time-wasting, money-draining problems.
    1. Flooded cars
    2. Scam Co-Enablers
    3. Emergency rescues
  3. Distraction Tax: Tax activities that distract us from defining and solving our problems.
  4. Community service for Healthcare costs
  5. Real-Time, automatic: Save 6% of economy or 144 minutes (2.2 lifehours). By "re-timing" tax collection, we could reduce the workweek by 2.2 hours with the same tax revenues. This is part of Profit-sharing Taxation and Level Rights.
Brainbees (Re-cap Summary)
  1. Citizen Legislation: Monthly local, state, national and global issues of, by and for the people. Lifehour rewards.
  2. Primaries, Zero-Cost: Fair and level playing field. Eliminate money dictators who determine ballot content.
  3. Supreme Court: Let the people decide the deciders.
  4. Pardons/Ostracism: Let the people, not presidential libraries, determine the good and the bad.
  5. Cabinet Secretaries: Present President with seven choices, 4 year terms, one selected quarterly
  6. Detime/Retime human activities to reduce CO2 Sinning against Mother Nature.
Timism Law Reform/Additions
  1. Enforce the law
  2. Camera Citizen Tickets
  3. CrowJim
  4. Time fines
  5. Benefits of Civilization denial
  6. Time payments by the unemployed
  1. Draft and no vote except Remove Congress and President, Impeachment:
  2. Patriot Tax: A gas tax to fund an adequate military force.
Veterans: Independent Ombudsmen composed of Veterans fulfilling community service.
Number One Export: The government will seek to export democracy and capitalism as the best way for foreigners to solve their problems so foreign problems do not become our problems. This will be done via the Super Brainbee.

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