Logical Earthlings Only

If the primary moral imperative is to be achieved, that is, saving lfe on earth, a number of principles need be achieved. What needs to be done will not be done without better democracy, capitalism and disgust. As with all problem solving, four steps are required: define, prescribe, organize and motivate. If each step is 100% then the solution will be 100% expedient, effective, efficaious and efficient. Anything less than 100% means the problem will continue to drain time and resources from the problem-sufferers.

What needs to be done will not be done if the inevitable Manheaven Commission is controlled by those responsible for global dying, the Ugly Igknowramuses. Let those who think global dying is God's punishment content themselves with dying or praying. Let those who do not believe in prayer, faith or god tackle the secular problems causing global dying: logical earthlings. Atheists and agnostics are more likely to be logical earthlings  compared to illogical aliens .

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