Inevitable Commission of the ManHeaven Project

As the daily suffering in time, money and pain increases from global dying for Jack and Jill, it is only a matter of time before the ManHeaven Project is established with the guidelines of better democracy, capitalism and values to implement a recovery plan . It is inevitable or it will not matter.

Not only is the ManHeaven Project a necessity of life like air, water and food, but it is necessary to establish the choices that people should not make. As the inevitability of the ManHeaven Commission is realized so is the sad necessity of Duties to Die to have controlled depopulation  rather than chaotic depopulation. The delineation of the duty-to-die parameters will be based on the principles of better democracy, that is, brainbees for prioritizing the D2D's.


  1. What needs to be done will not be done without a Manheaven Commission. The actions of the Commission will trump all other political entities: executive, legislative and judicial.
  2. When enough people realize the need for the ManHeaven Project, the final human toll will be less based on the preliminary footwork and organization that can be done beforehand: taxes, loans, etc.
  3. The sooner people have hope that they won't lose their jobs, their homes and their meals, the sooner we can re-time the economies of the world to save life on earth. Those who stand in the way by public talk or walk will have a MD2D . Document them to receive the proscription fee .
  4. The pre-Commission rulings will be grandfathered in retroactive to their date of origination. Thus, the doomsday tapes will carry the force of law. Thus, the deniers will become the first to demise. Thus, the primary moral imperative will be the trump card.

The solution to global warming is not economic development but economic reduction whereby we reduce the the cost of humanity by eliminiating the economy of wants, waste and lies so that we have only the cost of living.

The Manheaven Commission is inevitable or it will not matter.

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