Democracy: The Ultimate, Unique Marketing Tool

"If we could first know where we are, and whither we are tending,
we could then better judge what to do, and how to do it."

Abraham. Lincoln

Dear Organizational Leader:

Would Firestone's CEO, Board and Shareholders being facing corporate shame and possible criminal proceedings if they had had on-line brain bees to tap the concerns and consensus of the consumers who were suffering from their products?

Corporations  (and CEOs) will pay a huge price for not developing feedback systems to prevent litigation from previously isolated corporate victims. Tort reform will force judicial fines upon shareholders' equity as a mode of payment rather than the inflationary twins of higher consumer prices or insurance premiums.

Why should the consumers be victimized, often again, for corporate errors while the shareholders escape real damages? Victims of crime should not do the time. If a company can raise money through the market to increase productivity, the same should apply to payments for poor productivity. When shareholders face biting the bullet for corporate wrong-doing, they will fire the heads that steal rather than create. Golden parachutes and stock options will vanish overnight, faster than a locksmith can retool the executive bathroom.

Consumers are no longer isolated which has been an assistance to stonewalling corporate corruption. Consumers can more quickly utilize the internet to catalog corporate misdeeds that previously were covered up by obfuscating, discouraging customer service departments. The old mentality of hide behind inefficiency applies less and less in a world being democratized by the web. If you don't sense it, it's here. On-line brain bees will formally raise and institute the fraud by corporate and political heads--see personal democracy and fraud finders, and class actions.

If you don't know where you are, you are less likely to get where you want to go.

Just how good is your marketing, research services?

  1. How much does it cost per customer or member to conduct marketing research or to filter customer feedback, suggestions or complaints? How much do you pay your email staff (wages, pensions, headaches, healthcare, etc.) to give you what they think are the most important email communications sent to you or your company?
  2. What are you getting?  You are getting what you want. Rather than learning what you need to know, you are hearing what you want to hear. Can you really be in touch with your customer and your markets if your email processing staff are prioritizing feedback based on guidelines that you think are important? The imperator has no clothes!

Probably the best example of hiding dirt is Nixon and the Watergate cover-up. Even worse is the habitual politician who not only covers up the dirt but is the person wielding the shovel at the beginning .

Would you like a better, faster system for free? Why not put your email processing fees into on-line brain bee forum rewards to increase your customer feedback and involvement. You will know both where your company is and where your markets are tending, today, not next month or next quarter.

On-line Brain Bee Forums are a unique marketing and human resource tool.

  • As a marketing tool, and for pennies, a corporation can tap the interests of the consumers.
  • As a marketing tool, a corporation can have weekly forums asking its customers how it can serve them better or how has it failed.
  • As a human resource tool, the CEO can have weekly democratized feedback from employees on the state of the company without the filtering, turf-protecting agendas of underlings who filter what they want the boss to hear.

Gratis forums are offered for some impressive organizations. As a participant, feel free to submit a proposal. If these companies want to increase participation by customers or employees, they can use one of several tools. If you would like your company to receive a free forum, complete the forum request process. Ways of publicizing this service to one's client/membership/employees (and earning lifehour tax credits) are up to the creativity of the corporation's marketing department.

  • Associations
  • Corporations
  • Women's Groups for 50/50

One would have to question the top decision-makers who would not want to better tap the intelligence of employees, shareholders, and/or customers. The organization best in tune with its strengths and weaknesses will make the better decisions for long-term profits and survival compared to the company that chooses to remain in the dark--see media as public utility . Furthermore,

  • since it is estimated that a third of cost for content-based websites is for email customer service,
  • why wouldn't a company want to cut that cost to single digit with the outlay being mostly rewards for the customers who provide and democratize the feedback?

A corporation is silly that thinks its customer service department (operating under company guidelines in collecting, filtering, honing and polishing customer feedback) can better tap the needed information.

As the internet grows, the email traffic will rise faster than revenues. How are you going to productively process and tap it. Use your customer service reps? You might as well simply ask them what they think is best for the company, for the reps will filter what they think is best or what they think you have told them to filter. Can you see the retro analysis: We saw email as a cheap process to get more information except we got so much information that it required an email processing staff the cost of which forced us into receivership. Are you one of the new converts to the new economy who is astounded by how expensive cheap information costs?

An alternative to on-line brain bees which one sees more and more is the "intelligent" form letter. These auto-responded r-email are the old boring form letters reborn based on keywords in the originating emails. Extremely insulting. Based on the ones I have received, I'd like to see the pickup lines of the person who originates them. Nothing is as funny as computer programmers making strategic decisions because they can make them faster than grandma's common sense.

This software is free for little more than the asking. Any key decision-maker who does not want this software should be terminated without compensation. In private as well as public policy-making, too many habitual politicians are parts of the problems, not the solutions. Between the free software and the complaint central services, companies can avoid the downside of tort reform .

If you don't know where you are, you are less likely to get where you want to go. Nothing tells a country, corporation or person where they are at better than optimal democracy, for optimal democracy is problem-solving sine qua non. By knowing your problems, they don't blind-side you. Ignorance is bliss only until the ignored problems ruin your life.Internet-connected customer won't let you ignore them. Either you can lead in shaping this force that will change your corporation or the consumers will use it to outclass your dinosaur thinking.



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