Free Software: What It Will Cost

PBDC will provide this software free to any public or private organization that publicly announces its support for on-line brain bees through a press release and website endorsement.

One would have to question the top decision-makers who would not accept this software for free by merely endorsing the concept. Accepting the concept does not mean accepting all of the applications and results of forums by others. The primary programmer of this software does not see how a corporation could develop this software for less than several million dollars and in less than several months or even years for the following reasons:

  1. Conceptually, have you recognized the basic types of voting. How long and how much will it cost to get your information managers, analysts and programmers in tune with the differences and when to apply them? For some of the variables to consider, visit double-sided democracy which is the most basic marketing knowledge that one should have.
  2. Conceptually, how long will it take and what will it cost to tease out the thirty plus parameters needed to define and process a forum? For example, in part:
    FDF-AGDW Agriculture Dept, Weekly Fdbk, A=R C=W0 S=D1 L=15 #=1 R=0 Z=18 T=266<Lngtd M=W0< P=See Submission Page

While you are expending money and time on the above, you could have the final product for next to no dollar cost after paying the basic cost: Publicly endorsing the use of the internet for better democracy through on-line brain bees.

Company's that did not automate basic services found themselves behind the eight ball when it came to quarterly reports. More than one bank sold itself to another bank because the first bank did not want to spend two years of bottom line revenues implementing Y2K solutions. Likewise, companies that choose to self-develop on-line brain bees for snowflake solutions will have, at best, Pyrrhic victories.

PBDC seeks application of this software in as many avenues of human endeavor as is possible and as quickly as possible.PBDC will earn its money from the human organization that choose to let PBDC provide the forums with the participants funding the cost of operation through the transaction fees, initially two cents, later less. The more quickly that large organizations endorse this, the sooner humanity will have a safer, saner world. Giving away the software for free for this endorsement is part of PBDC profit picture, i.e., pro esse. At the highest level of human information processing, humanity needs another Linux and Linux OS, not another Bill Gates and Microsoft.


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