19 ft Tomato Plant: Acupuncture Morality

Some may wonder why a tall tomato plant is part of political/economic website. It is an example of acupuncture morality, that is, when one learns how to have more in one area of life, one can have more in another area. This is the morality of more time from being a better, time-saving problem-solver, not a time plague of the play pathos.

When one becomes a problem-solver for the sake of solving real problems (not Tim Tebone plays) and not for the sake of funny paper or funny flattery, one has the greatest gift of all that is the source of happiness--a happier life with fewer problems on and off the job. That gift? The work ethic which is maligned each time a player says their self-enslavement to the play pathos is the work ethic. Play ignores problems while work solves problems.

For decades, many have said this writer has undeserved happiness . Amazing for many reasons. To begrudge anyone for their happiness is evil when that happiness is based on the acupuncture morality of being a universal problem-solver, a DIBS. Consistently, the begrudgers are beset by bad values that prompt them to live beyond their means in endless pursuit of non-mental, material lifestyles. Their resentment confirms the relation of means, meaningless and meaness. When one does not fall for the lies of life--whether childhood Santa Claus, religious Insanta Clauses, or "Save money, Live better"--the fallen resent the independence, freedom and happiness of  the non-sucker. For instance, "You are not suffering the fear and unhappiness of eternal damnation like me. I hate you. And, I will show you."

On a broader scale, one can see this resentment in the racists' attitude toward the happiness of the racists' targets: " I'm better than you . You should not be happier than me. I'm going to make your life miserable." Having had to do more with less wherein one becomes a more universal problem-solvers, the oppressed don't sweat the small stuff and take pride and happiness in knowing that they are better problem-solvers and better human beings than their racist oppressors. But, worse than calling a racist "a racist" is telling a racist that one is better than a racist--it will get you hung up like a strange fruit.

My 19ft tomato plant was posted by Washington Post in March, 2011. Related pictures on how gardening showed how one can save thousands of dollars. Beyond the foodcost savings is not spending money because you are bored with life. A garden is like Santa claus coming each day as you explore what grew.

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