Personal Note on Women 50/50

While the author has his share of embarrassing life mistakes like all human beings, he has two memories for which he feels shame, one specific and one general. In both cases, he feels that his sweat and sacrifice in bringing better democracy and capitalism to the public as an atonement for but not elimination of these shames. In general, he feels shame for how he treated women as objects for so many years. The social/cultural milieu can be used to explain this attitude in himself and other males--a milieu that has shifted for the better in recent decades. A thinking person committed to a better, safer and saner world realizes the self-defeating of nature of judging another person not by the content of their character but by the color of their skin or by the gender of their sex. One cannot live in a world with fewer and fewer problems if the best problem-solvers for a problem are excluded from participation because of something other than their problem-solving ability. Treating women like objects is to deny and to harm one's own humanity.

Women 50/50 is not only a personal atonement for treating women like objects but a process whereby women will more fully and automatically participate in human decision-making. Equally important as the erasure of these barriers is the maturation of women in bearing productive weight in these decisions. Like the employee who thinks that life would be easier if he were the boss, women will benefit if exposed earlier to the windows of opportunity and responsibility for decision-making. With broader impact, women will mature their problem-solving potential to the benefit of women and mankind. In addition to the role of Women 50/50 in all elections, the author feels that other brain bees will help women in finding their inner strength to be independent, self-sufficient partners in the lives of society and spouses.

With Women 50/50, these two forums will hopefully wake up women, especially young women, to how the liberation movement of the last half of the Twentieth Century was a loss for women's freedom and self-actualization. Under the present economic and political policies, women can't have it all--NUBS. Rather, all to often, they still have the burden of motherhood with the work obligation of helping buy their mates' bigger toys. With Women 50/50 and 24 in 4, women can be both soccer moms and supermoms, enjoying both home and career.

When he was an employer, this author constantly encouraged--bordering on demanding--that the women employees be better problem-solvers who base decisions on objective logic and facts. More than one woman expressed appreciation after the fact that the harsh demands nurtured a strength which they came to appreciate and enjoy. In at least two cases, this did not go over well with these women's husbands who told their wives to find employment elsewhere: the husbands did not like this developing "uppityness" in their wives. As the real white man's burden is recognizing that non-whites are their equals rather than their charges so is the male's burden recognizing that a wife is a partner not a chattel. As the racist wastes much of his life in weaving a web of deceit to hold down the object of his self-delusion so do males get much less out of life by treating women as second-class beings.

A number of women have been cited as crucial to the development of timism--The Women. Above them all is a little woman who was the author's Rosa Park of a civil rights movement which Press for Better Democracy and Capitalism seeks to initiate through its different tools and applications, Cathy Spence. Many women in the world and in the future will owe a small debt to this wonderful little gal for whom I will always have the shame as having too often treated her as an object.