2008 Note: This was written many years ago in the early 1980's. Since then the advance in time-saving technology makes a shorter workweek possible. With global dying, this possibility has become an imperative in order to save life on earth. Imperative is an elimination of the cost of wants, waste and lies which fuels unneeded CO2 sinning. As this elimination accelerates, the remaining work for the life's necessity must be shared by cutting the workweek so all people can directly earn the necessities of life. Otherwise, workhogs will be igknowant, guilty victims of higher taxes, insurance, inflation and crime to feed the able-bodied, willing-to-work unemployed.

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By better employing our human resources,
we can have 24 hour workweek in 4 years
with more disposable time and money
for self, family and community
in a safer, saner world.

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Additional thought:

  1. If you prevent a person from solving their own problems then their problems will become your problems showing up in higher taxes, inflation and taxes. Thus, observing " morality without practicality is immoral ," the racist is self-defeating when he holds down his victim because the unsolved problems of the discriminated become the problems of the discriminator. Eliminating racism within the concept of reducing the workweek to reflect a reduction in the cost of living (problems) would probably shave a few more hours off the proposed 24-hour weekweek.
  2. Unions: Self-defeating Capitalism for a Fewer Few