Nubs for Oil-CO2

Nubs Meaning

  1. The average American consumes their weight in petroleum every seven days. Our obese population consumes too many carbohyrates and hydrocarbons.

  2. Well, well:

  3. When international corporations talk about trading greenhouse gases, it sounds like international slavepimps (de facto emission regulators), to wit, "I'll trade you three dirty whores for one clean virgin."

  4. How do owners of gas-guzzlers respond to drought destruction of their flowers? They drive  their SUV's to the nursery to buy some drought-resistant plants.

  5. One possible solution to the drought may be harnessing all the MLB spitters.

  6. Parents have organized their finances to send kids to schools with full-tanked SUVs even if it eventually means empty stomachs. A or B? Food on the table or fuel in the tank? SUV owners drove away their future

  7. After a week of constipated debate on energy, Congress passed a gas act that empowered the White House to set fuel standards. Considering how the Bushitters have reneged on campaign environment promises and have hidden the originators of its energy policy, Congress gave the maiden hands and lands to the drillers.

  8. Long before global warming burns us, global drying will prune us. With global warming you can buy a bigger AC. With global drying, you can buy a sooner funeral without being an Okie. The impact of global warming is not a matter of centuries or decades but a matter of months.

  9. Back-to-nature survivalists: Hee hee.

  10. People who believe that a hydrogen economy is the solution to pollution is like the person who thinks it is cheaper to pay with a credit card rather than with cash.

  11. U.N. Global Summit 2002 in Johannesburg, South Africa: What a joke. What a waste of $200 million. Irrelevant. Unrealistic. Spoiled brats pretending policy-making. Beggers not creators.

  12. Is the American Dream a global nightmare? Each immigrant shifts from a minimal CO2 generator to a maximum polluter.

  13. The universal symbol of the existential meltdown is bottled water. It costs more than gasoline in America. Some schools use it as a stopgap measure. Some people swim in unclean water to retrieve potable water. The liquid of life is disappearing, rising in the cost of time to buy it. For increasing numbers of people, the price will be greater than life itself. People are dying for it. The next time you swig your bottled water, be sure to toast the death of your future: bombing victim.

  14. Instead of a national homeland security plan, the U.S. needs a national funeral home plan. One need not fret over the quality and equality of life but over the quality and equality of death. 

  15. Opec asking for a free ride after the oil runs out of availability or out of popularity is like the serial rapist asking for a plea bargain before he ends his crime spree--a lifetime membership to a bordello and a lifetime supply to viagra.

  16. People who say

    1. the solution to the energy crisis is new technology

    2. and the answer not conservation
      are like the people who don't save money for retirement preferring to gamble their money on the lotteries.

  17. People who say the answer is electric or hydrogen cars are like people who think paying with credit cards is cheaper than paying with gas:

    1. Electricity and hydrogen require fossil fuels as a rule as credit cards use money but add processing fees and interest.
    2. Electricity and hydrogen require whole new bureaucracies.
    3. America's electric grid has repeatedly crash because it cannot handle existing demand. If everyone had an electric car tomorrow, we would have no electricity.
  18. People who think energy tax subsidies are the answer are like the people who think giving everyone a million dollars for healthcare would improve healthcare: Tomorrow the number of healthcare providers and appointments would not go up, just the cost of a visit. The answer is not money but time.
  19. Detroit's race to build bigger and bigger SUV's is reminescent of the dreadnaught race a century ago which not only bankrupted many countries and civilizations. Dreadnaughts contributed to the First World War. The economic and soical chaos from SUV's cost to society will lead to WWIII with the use of nuclear weapons.