Evilution: The Evolution of Evil

A lot of people don't believe in evolution as a process from which life on earth evolved. They give many reasons to reject evolution. Invariably, each of these reasons can be shown to be falsehoods based on their gut reactions. The death of their systems by a 1000 qualifications does not prompt them to question their beliefs. As others have observed, the more absurd and unbelievable, the more reason to believe. Unappreciated by them is how their alternative system to explain life on earth mimics evolution with an evil flavor. They evilute.

Creationism or intelligent design does not standup to logic or basic truths. These pseudo-scientific systems are evil in their being based on lies. In evolving these systems, they flesh out the lies with more evil.

Evilution is contagious.

  1. Compassionate conservatives are passionate hypocrites.
  2. Houses of Worship are really Houses of Wantship where the Prayer Addicted want something-for-nothing, aka, scumnuts.
  3. Despite the claim of a beautiful life the evilutionistic illogical aliens cling to life on earth.
  4. Despite claiming money as the root of all evil, moneytheism is the focus of the Pulpit Pied Pipers peddling Pu?? fiction. The Reformation of the 1500's which gave rise to the Protestant denominations were a reaction to the money-hunger of the Catholic Church. Unfortunately, as George Orwell showed in Animal Farm, the rebellion leaders became the new oppressors.
  5. Evilution is the refuge of the global dying rejectors who claim their God would not give humans the power to destroy his creation.
  6. The accumulated atrocities of the organized religions over the ages exceed the millions killed by Hitler or Stalin.
  7. Evilutionists are Ugly Igknowramuses, especially Funny Mentalists , DooDoo Digesters, and Cretinists.
  8. Evilution is based on false morality that causes in the world.
  9. The religious civil wars of today are based on ancient evilutions that still hamper humanity.
  10. No book of god is the word of god. Rather they contain words of and about god wrapped in the greed and politics of the word keepers.

As global dying accelerates--the elephant in the room--evilution will accelerate as adherents igknows logic for their gut-reactions.

To paraphrase Burke, "Evilution triumphs when good evolutionists don't act."