My Moral Compass: Saving Life On Earth

The universal, common essence of all morality is more time. Historically, the individual personal, economy or religion that created more time was the lasting system. The values that prompt more time are moral codes.

Over one's lifetime, one's values or goals change. If one is enlightened, these changes reflect a desire to be a moral person, that is, create more time. This moralistic time creation is not a "me-me" accumulation of time. Rather, it is a summation of time that one creates for one's world. This is akin to how happiness  can be selfish, self-centered that derives from intentionally or igknowantly causing unhappiness in other. Happiness based on "doing no evil" and causing no unhappiness is a great, moral happiness than sadistic happiness.

As noted elsewhere, the morality of an individual is derived in part for the system's "dynamic density," that is, the capacity to analyze, anticipate and alter one's environment to optimize the creation of time over a period of days, years or lifetimes. Dynamic density reflects the integrity of intelligence and information.

  1. Intelligence is the raw ability to learn, retain and integrate information. The average amoeba has less intelligence than the average human being. Intelligence parallels one's awareness of time. The ADHD child or Alzheimer adult have little awareness of time and, correspondingly, have less intelligence compared to an unaffected, normal being.
  2. Information is the accumulation of knowlege about the one's environment which can be positive or negative in it's time creating potential. A teenager obssessed with sports has negative information relative to peer who wants to be a medical professional. A society obssessed with sports rather than problem-solving careers is not only less moralistic but will, axiomatically and unavoidably find its future with less and less time. Reflecting immoral values, the cost of living will escalate, that is, the daily time needed to acquire the necessities of life will increase.

Within the timism, the periodic table of existence, any entity can be quantified in its moral achievement or potential. On this quantifiable continuum, the extremes are from the cancerous to the life-enhancing.

Can there be any greater moral compass than creating the means to save life on earth? This will strike many as the egoistical rantings of an unreal person. Unreal? The reality of global dying is there for those who are not doo-doo digesters to affirm and afear, a reality which this writer first Jeremiahed in 1982.  If I was egotistical, I would say that if I die before the ManHeaven Project is self-sufficient then you all will dies. Well, considering that I want not your money or your friendship or your vote and considering that I had hoped to delay sharing timism until after my death, if you think I that this is a fabrication of an untethered ego, well, fuck you.

Having established the parameters of morality, please consider that my moral compass should be your moral compass, that is, saving life on earth.

  1. The information clearly shows that global dying as a result of having passed the tipping point of global warming: If all human beings died today with not one more molecule of humangenic CO2, the temperature will continue to rise, killing all life on earth and eventuating in a Venus environment of high tempertures (500+) composed of carbon dixoxide and sulfur gases with winds exceeding 250 mph.
  2. Your number one consideration in all decision-making should be how to help save life on earth from global dying. Given that probably 90% of human beings will be dead within a decade from the effects of global dying even with the ManHeaven project to prevent passing the recovery point, your acting on this number one consideration will increase your chances of being the surviving 10% of humanity ... if humanity and life on earth survives.

One of the reasons that I consider myself, by deed, not by birth canal, to be better the most people is my moral compass. Furthermore, considering my integrity of intelligence and information which has symbiotically elucidated timism, I keep having the frustration of not finding someone to whom I can give my moral compass to be a follower rather than a leader. While my bedside manners may be exceptional, I know of no one who has had a greater moral compass based on an integrity of intelligence and information on global dying.

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