Organize: Self or More

In solving a problem, one must follow four steps: define, prescribe, organize and motivate. By virtue of your reading "Cave Gardening" your have #1,#2 and #4. The question is how to organize yourself depends on your circumstances. The more people you organize the more benefits you will have directly and indirectly as you can benefits from resource networking and cost savings. The following are ways in which one can organize.

  1. Self : This gardener is pretty much a loner when it comes to gardening. However, with this website, he is hoping to turn his own gardening time into more community contact with others to share his learnings from trial-and-error. The reader may chose to glean options and opportunities to implement as an individual without any shared experiences.
  2. Students: High school students could canvass their neighborhoods to find several homeowners who would provide the space and costs in order to share the produce which the student would grow, manage and pick. An example of flyer is provided by which a student could find enough to homeowners to manage several plots of a combined footage approaching 10,000. Between the age of eight and fourteen, this gardener had a 2,000 sq.ft. garden as a condition of his living arrangement. Students should work in teams of two for comraderie and discussion as well as continuity of service if one goes on vacation.
  3. Neighbors: Dwellers could canvass their neighborhoods to form a small group for sharing certain activities in creating home gardens, e.g., tilling, cave construction, and chip acquisition.
  4. Firehouses: Firehouses with green space should begin gardening to save money and stimulate public motivation by virtue of the visible "caves" at the firehouses. Firehouses could become the focal points for the spring "seeding bees."
  5. Schools: Adminstrators could organize students to build cave gardens at schools as well as home gardens. Seeding Bees could be more profitable than bake sales. As noted elsewhere, author believes the replacement of sports fields with food fields would benefit society more than play, play, play. Which came first? The playpathos or the economic pressures to eliminate sports in schools? Why not implement gardening curriculum a la Bordentown to which this website is dedicated. A lie of life is that we can play, game or gamble our way to prosperity. Can we create intelligent, independent problem-solvers in school settings when we distract them with play, sports, etc?
  6. Businesses:  A owner could organize a company seeding bee as well as pay for tilling costs of employees. This would benefit the business in many ways. Employees spending time in a garden reflect more on the personal and professional successes/failures than the play addicted distracted employee. One item that could be purchased jointly and shared is a good, heavy-duty tiller.
  7. Churches: ibid.
  8. Facebook: Create an account with the term "CaveGarden-ZipCode" where one can originate or join a local group of similarly minded gardeners to share ideas, tools and expenses. As the group grows, it can subdivide into smaller manageable groups until, in some cases, groups would be labeled and founded on the "Zip+four" nomenclature. One item that could be purchased jointly and shared is a good, heavy-duty tiller.

Fund-Raisers: Whether school, church or non-profit, funds can be raised by having an annual seeding party along with the knowledge that the families of one's church, school, or non-profit will have more money and sanity.

There is money in people's yards--see Money, Money

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