Don't have time? How come?

What is your favorite sport? TV shows? NASCAR? NBA? NFL?

People who have time

  1. for play but not work and
  2. for wants but not for needs

lose the right to complain like the persons who do not take time to vote.

A true, existential, logical right or freedom only exists
when one prevents or solves a time-wasting wrong or problem
so as to have more free time in a more right world.

All of humanity saying 1 + 1 is 3 does not make it right. In a world dying from too much play for one's wants, one does not have a right to play. Mother Nature who does not care about human illogical legal and immoral moralities proves what is right and wrong, e.g., building houses on sandy beaches.

A seeming irony is how the people who work to fulfill their needs have more time than those who play all the time. One would think that that those who don't work would have more time. However, when one works to solve one's problems then those problems are no longer wasting one's time forcing one to play catchup for being a playaholic. People who focus on working to fulfill their needs invariably live within their means so they have spare time and cash when a time-wasting, cash-needing problem pops up.

If you don't have time for a garden then you are probably wasting a lot of time playing upon your wants. You are on the road to hell paved with the good intentions of bad values. Sadly, a lot of innocent bystanders crash because you avoid foresight and lack insurance against bad times.

Probably, as a time-wasting self-victim you not only resent being shown how you are own worst enemy but you consider the light-shiner to have committed a worser crime by enlightening you to your self-crime. It is like the rapist objecting to rape victim yelling "rape" because the public protestation will hurt the rapist self-image.

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