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Global Warming is Nothing Compared to Eternal Burning
(T-shirt seen in Richmond, VA, 010520)

After listening to the timistic description of the existential meltdown in 2008, a neighbor said that he agreed with the descriptions and conclusions but he was not worried. Said he, to wit, "Global warming is part of Jesus's plan to destroy the wicked--of which Bob you are one. Then Jesus will initiate a 1000-year paradise on earth before all true believers will be taken to heaven." My neighbor is an illogical alien .

The above T-shirt statement symbolizes the inevitable civil war between logical earthlings and illogical aliens. The former have a growing body of readily shareable climate changes from greenhouse gases while the latter has only his unprovable, self-lying, gut reactions. The latter is a doo-doo digester, a funny mentalist and an evilutionist .

The vast majority of readers will not accept timism for a similar reason, that is, their concept of time. As is, these non-timists will find the integration of supporting information both broad and deep but unworthy of believing. Why? Because the system rests on a concept of time that they cannot conceive or accept. In other words, if it is not baked in momma's kitchen, I am not going to eat it even if I starve to death. Gallileo suffered this de facto Conspiracy of Ignorance .

Time--the length of a entity's existence--can be used as the common point from which to define the six levels of existence based on the creation/cancering of time: spinbarism (physics), catan (metabolism), mentality, economics, politeness (politics) and morality. Time's trajectory reflects three processes  common to all levels. Measurements of time are like measures of weight or volume, arbitrary and humanocentroselfishness--one person's yard is another man's meter. One man's petard is another man's peter.

The best example of how humanocentric time limits conceptual understanding is Einstein. As Ptolemy  was wrong in placing the earth at the center of the universe, so is Einstein's humanocentric relativity. Like Ptolemy who constructed elaborate mathematical explanation for celestrial movement to justify earth-centric astrophysics, so have relativists, quantum physicists and quants constructed spiderwebs and zoos derived from a humanocentric definition of time. Quantum physics is ultimately a farce, only a bigger house of cards. It can bake a lot of bombs like momma who doesn't know why the yeast causes the mushroom bread to rise. , Quants on Wall Street using their mathematical education from quantum physics, e.g., calculus derivatives, have metastasized financial cancers known collectively as derivatives. As the Ptolemaic system died the death of a thousand qualifications, so do all systems of humanocentric time die, e.g., eternal life, habitual politics, and usury monetarism.

Creative entities exist longer. Each level signifies a leap in time creativity--a wormhole. Entities exist longer by controlling the lower levels to observe the morality of more time, that is, optimizing more time by an optimal creation/cancer ratio. The creation/cancering of time is the common thread in the fabric of life.

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