Sins of the Fathers:
Shared Blame and Punishment

Because controlled depopulation is not only necessary to save life but must be accelerated, the concept of shared blame and punishment include visiting the sins of the fathers upon the offspring. Too many parents focus on self-gain of money as a measure of their being good parents--another example of parenthetical parents . The best parent is one that lives within the household means and gives time to the offspring, particularly time in teaching the work ethic which is the greatest gift one can receive.

The CO2 sins of a parent are visited upon the children in the form of global dying. In order to pursue the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth, controlled depopulation requires that sinners be euthanized. A duty to die  drive home the point that people need to question not whether they are part of the problem--we all, there are no innocent victims--but to question how much they are part of the problem. As parents and offspring are euthanized under the shared blame/punishment via sins of the father, people will quickly question. Monetary fines and punishment do not hinder people, especially corporate wrong-doers who have the accountants adjust the sales price to pay for the fines. The executives still get their big fat pay packages.

Time in jail stops potential sinners. Time in jail for the sinners' kids will be a greater disincentive. If someone goes to jail for crimes against humanity, e.g., CO2 sinning, should it be the sinners or the victims of the crime? Should it be the victims' children that suffer or the sinners' children?

When the sins of the fathers are inherited upon their children then fewer fathers will sin.

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