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Why the most relevant, intelligent mind.

If you were stranded on a deserted island with a companion, would you want that person to be a major league MVP or a home gardener? A know-it-all teleprompting network anchor? A re-election addicted habitual politician? Bill Gates? Tayler Swift? DIBs--Deserted Island Bob? A Cavegardener?

In our increasingly darker future needing relevant problem-solvers, I am a full moon. My closest competitors are mere momentary shooting stars. I don't know everything and I don't know how to save the world, but I stand alone in knowing what needs to be done to reverse Climate Hell: Silver Bullets and Golden Dagger

iCube: Integrity of Intellect and Information (top)
One's problem-solving ability reflects nature vs. nurture. A noble savage in a jungle is not going to reverse climate change. Nor will a moron in the Library of Congress. The former is like a state-of-art computer with a blank harddrive. The latter is like a Radio Shack TRS-80 with little memory.

The brain is a computing machine. Like a car engine, one can tweak to increase performance. But is the brain processing ethyl or regular gasoline? Problem-solutions or GIGO--Garbage In, Garbage Out. 

An update on the nature vs. nuture concept is iCube: Integrity of Intellect and Information. Intellect is the raw natural brain power from genetics and nutrition. For a given intellect, one's acquired information determines problem-solving power. iCube sounds more hip than IQ, like a cousin of iPad or iPhone.

Objective Achievements (top)
I do not claim to have the greatest raw intellect but I have achievements that indicate I am no moron. My college transcript shows I graduated cum laude from the largest university in Illinois (29,000) in just over two years. One semester of seven courses was ace'd for 24 credit hours. The nine-month pre-med organic chemistry was completed in two months as an overload. In the US Navy I scored a record high on the final comprehensive electricity/electronic exam. I was rewarded with early non-com promotion and a plum assignment on a top secret doomsday ship.

My graduate work was in the neuro-sciences. I developed an advocational interest in CO2 metabolism (crucial in my under-standing of atmospheric metabolism. Together with my chemistry and electricity knowledge, in 1982 I essayed "Oil Droughts." The primary impact of global warming would not be rising heat but changing precipitation. Droughts and floods, increasing in frequency and severity, would destroy the food chain causing social, economic and political chaos.

I did not go to college for job-training. Rather, I wanted to answer the question, "What is the meaning of life?" Initially studying religions and philosphy, I realized many questions could be rejected by understanding the mind that posed the question. Thus, psychology became the subsequent field of my endeavor that prompted a subsequent question: What is the biological basis of thinking which led to coursework in biology and chemistry. In college, I studied how to better learn and to better remember which leveraged my iCube.

In high school, I graduated in the middle of my class of 400 but scored in the high 90s on the college boards. Why? Because I didn't have time for homework as i was frying hamburgers 40-50 hours a week. I was earning but still learning.

An odd achievement was leaving home at age 8, shining shoes 40-50 hours a week to partially support myself. I "seduced" my 75-year old great-grandma by doing all kinds of chores for her. She gave me residency on the condition I pay some room-and-board by putting in a garden and earn my own money for personal needs. Best thing ever: I learned the work ethic early-on, an empowerment that gave me future advantages over the competitors who quit early in trying to solve the problems of their lives. Definitely an example of making lemonade out of lemons.

Creativity: Solving Time-Wasting Problems, Not Wasteful Thinking (top)
Real creativity requires more than a fast brain fueled by a large vocabulary memory. Creativity, defined herein, is an action that solves time-wasting problems in new, better and faster ways. Creativity is not merely something different. A walking encyclopedia merely regurgitates old informatin rather than creates new relationships that better solve time-wasting problems.

Essential to real creativity is a longer attention span than the average person. Compared to the wide-perspective of a longer attention span, the average person has tunnel vision. A long attention span allows one to see new relationships or discern contradictions.

Muddled-class? Yes, just as the lottery is a tax on the poor who don't know math, the stock market and 401ks are a tax on the muddled-minds who igknow math.

Purist Thinking: A More Perfect Problem-Solver (top)
One can leverage one's learning and memory by implementing certain lifestyle changes. Eat proteins in the morning and carbohydrates before sleep. This echos an evoluntary trend as highly active carnivorous predators feast on their prey that are often slower, omnivores or herbivores. Do you choose your diet to optimize your thinking and sleeping?

"It must be nice to be perfect" the bogus revelation of insecure individuals suffering from inferiority. It would be nice being perfect if less perfect people did not think they were more perfect by expressly resenting those who work and think harder. This is like the self-blinding faithful who claim to be better than rational, logical and objective thinkers.

BTW: I am not interested in being perfect--whatever that is. I am interested in being a more perfect problem-solver with the reward of more happiness from a problem-freer life. Oddly, I have had people say I am too happy or that I don't deserve to be so happy. Go figure.

Distractions: Of Course, Your Mind Is Busy, But Busy At What? (top)
To be a great problem-solver requires more than eating right to think your best. One must discipline oneself to avoid distractions on the continuum from foolish multi-tasking to solo concentraton. To choose quality over quantity of friends and families.

Nowhere is the cheapness of human interaction more evident than in distracting social media claims of having thousands of friends. The Middle-English etymology of friend defines a real friend: "freeing person," that is, a person who helps your find freedom from time-wasting problems. Words, especially on impersonal devices, are cheap. Based on average time commitment, at any moment one can only have six friends because friendship is a two-way time street.

A million Facebook friends is not worth one good, real friend who will keep you be part of the rising depression rate among de-personalized young people.

One can see how distractions are projected into one's thinking with TV news programs that have moving images in the background. Techies playing with graphics who have no understanding of how the brain works ... or do intend to dumbdown viewers cognitive capacity. Distractions give a sense of being busy, but one should ask, "Of course I am busy, but at what am I busy?"

My greatest take away from high school was typing at 100wpm. Hunt-and-peck chicken typist have self-distracting broken thoughts. What I am thinking flows through my fingers without a stop-and-look thought.

A common distraction is thinking about sex. When one becomes aware of sexual desire rising, best thing to do is to do the obvious to clear your mind. A cheeriO catalyzes a clearer consciousness. Some think about sex all the time while a smart hedonist has sex so as to think all the time. The cheeriO is the greatest emotional moment for 90% of the population according to Al Huxley. He defined an intellectual as a person who found something in life more rewarding than sex. (As noted elsewhere, the people who don't enjoy sex are more readily the anti-abortionists as they never experience the rush to throw caution and condoms to the wind, prefering cold showers and frigid winds.)

Words Matter (top)
Part-and-parcel to minimize distractions is not stumbling over missing picture words that are worth a thousand words. A large vocabulary allows one to travel faster in life from mountain top to mountain top thereby avoiding the slow travel of descending into the valleys of igknowance.

People who don't have the vocabulary to read a paragraph or sentence opine it is not true and is not worth believing. Climate change is one such topic. Woe unto the knowers who try to set free the inhabitants of the blackholes of igknowance.

ASD: Attention Surplus Disorder
Opposite of Attention Deficit Disorder(ADD) is Attention Surplus Disorder. Whereas ADD cannot keep enough thoughts in mind to combine so as to understand a larger thought, ASD is the opposite. With ASD one can connect the dots into a line that the average person cannot see. Or, the ASD'er sees contradictions unseen by the ADD'er. ASD vs. ADD is not black and white but exists as extremes of a continuum.

In 2010, Microsoft funded an attention-span study at McGill, the Harvard of Canada. which found a 12-second average attention span. Five years later, the research study was repeated which found an 8-second attention span. Cellphones were blamed for the drop. Prima facia: Cellphones are dumber downers.

Do the math: If a concept requires 9-seconds of cogitation and you only have 8-seconds, the concept will not be readily apparent. If a frog that can jump 8" it will always be at the bottom 9" steps. Or, consider the monkey jumping for a banana on a string out of his reach. The monkey, as has been shown, will move a box under the banana to grab a meal. The boxes of our mentality are the words in our vocabulary which leverage our intellect and attention-span for a higher iCube. Learning is earning a better life.

In terms of classroom knowledge, one benefit of ASD in understanding more complex relationships. Also, an ASD'er will maintain interest and curiosity longer than ADD'er. The way to kill a person's innate curiosity is to expect motivation in learning information above one's attention span. Social promotions does not do the student any good.

Part and parcel to decreased attention from cellphone is the increase of depression. Cellphones discourage true personal interaction. One can terminate, rather than resolve, an unpleasant interact by "blocking."

In terms of interpersonal interactions, one does not benefit from having ASD because of seeing contractions. An 8-second ADD'er will not see a self-contradiction in 9-seconds, but the ASD-er will. The latter questioning the former usually leads to tension as the ADD'er does not sense the contradiction. Attempting to clarify what was said is seen as arguing by the ADD'er whose objective thinking decreases further. ASD'ers minimize or avoid personal interactions, e.g., most autists.

Multi-Tasking:  Two half-wits don't make a witty conversation.
Consider the reality of being on the phone with someone who is also talking to a third-party. In most tasks, multi-tasking produces half-solutions. There is a time and kind to listen to music when tryinig so solve a problemm that requires mental clarity.

Visions without Roadmaps are Stop Signs: Software Coding (top)
Describing problems and solutions is the easy part. Most people think bitching about problems and sharing their baseless gut reactions is fulfilling their civic and human duty. Harder is organizeing and motivating people to solve their common shared problems. Better than a soapbox is software programming.

Most politicians and their staff lack hands-on program coding skills. A person who can conceive a needed reform and translate that vision into coding has a roadmap rather than a stop sign. I first coded in COBOL in the mid-1970s and have micro-business computers in my attic that were purchased in the late 1970s. The Timism reform proposals (below) to fulfill the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on Planet Earth are shovel-ready.

Currency: Symbols or Substance? (top)
The word currency derives from the expression, "What is your time currently worth?" And, worth is a measure in the time-savings of a problem-solver. Worthlessness is measured in the time lost in one being part of the problem rather than part of solution.

To facilitate an efficient economy, currencies were developed to eliminate the time-waste of bartering.  Historically around the world, they were standardized in relation to food production. A good currency analogy is the blood in one's body. Hypertension is inflation. Low blood pressure is deflation. Like the body, a good currency is kept current and constant in relation to the body for good health.

Timism proposes a shovel-ready, on-line accounting system for a currency based on what a nation or person is currently worth: lifehours. Clearly, the teacher's time is worth more than a bank robber's worth. Yet, a bank robber can have more wealth. This simple comparison demonstrates how wealth can be divorced from worth. Too often, and self-defeatingly, the muddled class focuses on funny numbers on funny paper as wealth when it is often self-deflating in value. Think of the Tulip Mania(1637), the South Sea Bubble(1720), and the internet/realestate bubble(2008). Politicians and economists should educate people to these false promises rather than engineering them as examples of capitalism for a fewer few, aka, greed..

When it comes to international trade, nations play games with their currencies to gain advantages. The value of a nation's currency should be tied to the national hourly cost of living divided into the 24-hour workday. Would you rather be a millionaire in a nation where you have to work 16 hours a day to buy basic necessities of life, e.g., Zimbabwa. Or, a dollaraire where you only have to work one hour a day for your needed food? The former lifehour value would be 1.5 while the dollaraire would live in a nation with a lifehour value of 24. International trade should be tied to a nation's lifehour value not cooking the books. see ....

Currencies are symbols of worth which can be easily divorced in many ways from the substance of worth--see Currencies: Symbols or Substance.

Democracy: Ultimate Form of Productivity (top)
The best time-saving governments are democracies which vary in purity from name-only to working, problem-solving democracies. Democracy is the ultimate human productivity as it saves more time for more people in the shortest amount of time. The penultimate human productivity is a stable currency kept current in its problem-solving time value so workers don't waste time trying to figure out how to beat inflation. Stable democracy and currency are the foundations of Morality of More Time. Democracies save time. Depostism wastes time.

Retirements: Cancers and Cures (top)
In 1980, the average retiree had almst $300,000 in retirement benefits, and, the top 2% had 20% of America's capital wealth. In 2015 (last time calculated), the average retiree had $100,000 in a 401k which with inflation was a drop of 90% of retirement wealth. Oppositely, the top 2% had 50% of America's capital wealth. How did this happen? 401k's, the biggest bank robbery in history which robbed American workers of a deserved retirement.

Wall Street, investment bankers, and business schools hijacked the terms and tools of capitalism to decapitalize production and decapitate jobs: Decapitalism--Economic Bloodshed. Capitalism is a victim of identity theft. Marketing empowers advertisers to prompt people to buy things things they don't need with money they don't have. Economists fabricate theories of something-for-nothing that politicians legalize with tax benefits that the nation cannot afford. The gold trickle theory ended up being yellow doodoo.

The cure is simple to reverse the rape of retirement rights. Like currency reform it is a matter of re-marrying the symbols of wealth with the substance of worth. Do you want a retirement? Optimists opt for Timists.

Writings: The Journey of a Polymath Wannabee (top)
I was lucky in being a curious loner. Reading was mofe enjoyable than irrelevant, irritating interactions. By age eight, I had paged thru the World Book Encyclopedia five times. I picked up a lot of words and ideas. Progressively, as an adult after college, I researched the major historical cultures and empires as well as other encyclopedias, e.g., Encyclopedia of Physics to test the applicability of Timism principles.

To understand a topic best, one need summarize one's understanding. It is like teaching. One should write an essay or a book. In the late 1970s and 1980s, I wrote more than a baker's dozen on several topics. Some titles indicate the areas of curiosity and consolidation. (Index)


  1. Principles of Reformations
  2. Election Reforms
  3. Taxation Reforms
  4. Employment and Education Reforms
  5. Democratic Capitalism


  1. 24in4 (website)
  2. Ecos Nomos
  3. Currency: Symbols or Substance
  4. Managing without Managers

While my writings can be cited as opinions, they are opinions not without solid data and information. Over 30,000 articles from academia, government and media have been stored since the late 1970s. On climate change, I have over 10,000. A personal program, Eintime, let me extract key information when I wanted to write a new essay. (Interestingly, in 2015, I cited my 10,000 references to a climate denier who said his gut reaction negated my accumulated research and conclusions.)

Inadvertently, I read a lot of highly regarded books. On a flight in the 1990s, I read and checked a listing of "The 100 Most Influential Books in History." I checked off 96.

Conservatives hate enlightened (aka woke) eggheads like me except when it comes to their healthcare or car repair. Then they want double-yoked eggheads.

Timism: The Morality of More Time: Index  (top)
Timism is a heuristic tool that shows whether an entity/event is creating or losing time with a pointer at the cupid or culprit.

Key Insights: (Index) ... cliches file:///I:/

  1. Gravity is a push, not a pull.
  2. The linear speed of light is an epiphenomenon of the rotational speed and precession angle of the basic particle of existence.
  3. Tornados and hurricanes are Mother Nature's DC motors observing left/right hand rule, gradually dissipating EMF.
  4. The Periodic Table of Existence.
  5. Quality of life is quantity of time: Time continuum from love to hate, in deed or speech.
  6. All are equal, but some are more equal than others ... Cliches.
  7. Time is the thread in the fabric of life ... the gravity of existence.

TOE: Theory of Everything (top)
In the field of physics, a Holy Grail is a Theory of Everything. Timism provides a framework by which the data can be reviewed from a new perspective for a theory that extends upwards through the five other major levels of existence: chemistry, mentality, economics, politics and morality. Its simple model unites the two major field of quantum physics and relativity as symbolized by E=Hf=MC2. It explains the Yang-Mill paradox which is the equivalent of combining three sets of pennies(3,3,4) that becomes almost dollars. Or, the masses being fed with little food after which the surplus is greater than the original amount of food.

The elements of Timism have always been in human descriptions of the world. In economics, productivity is production per unit of time. Currency is derived from "What is your time currently worth?" Governments manage the time of the governed by laws, regulations and taxes. Politics is supposed to be about solving our shared time-wasting public problems. Entiities (selves, families, communities and nations) self-destruct when publice politicians legalize private laws--privileges. When politicians legalize good policies then the polity in the polis will be polite without police.

Creo Sum (top)
The following lists many of my creative achievements.They are the product of two gifts: a great brain and a great curiosity.


  1. Global Democracy Tax for Ukraine
  2. CO2: Killer Molecule 1982
  3. Brainbees:
    1. Overview
    2. Civility Brainbees: Prevent public hearings becoming mob scenes.
    3. Grassroots Gerrymandering: Creating Zero-Cost Primaries for one and all.
    4. Summary
    5. Index
  4. Disaster Preparations Services: Public school based (high school and elementary schools) (Index)
    1. Jabber Democracy: High schools for immunizations, giving the average high school about $1.6 million just for the Covid vaccine.
    2. Civility Brainbees: Eliminate chaotic public meetings by letting potential speakers prioritize each other, an educational, stress-reducing process.
    3. Stop Bullies: Simple way to stop bullying in the three school levels (high, middle, and elementary).
    4. Food Distribution: High school-based to organized and standardized the haphazard, wasteful food give-aways. Some scientists are predicting climate disasters will cause food rationing. Do you want to be methoically, transparently organized before the need? Monthly pickup in advance of disaster. Disaster response: 1st come, 1st served.
      Or, OJT wing-it in middle of worsening famine. Consider Hurricane Ian (2022): Would people have suffered less if a school-based distribution system instead of Johnny-come-lately for TV PR? (see Struggling families say pandemic food stamps ending at a horrible time - The Washington Post
    5. Electrification Denial: High school committee to determine if a person has violated the simiple laws that should not require costly in carceration, e.g., bullying, hate speech, disinformation. Violators have home electricity meters removed for one or more weeks.
    6. Sister Cities: Each home has four pen pals at a distance of more than 200 miles for re-location of minors during a disaster and an influx of able-bodied adults to quickly rebuild a community with a minimum of CO2-generation from relying on fossil-fuel machines.
    7. 24in4--Share Job Time or Jobless Crime: A committee investigating work-hogs who work more than the optimal workweek length thus denying others the right to work. Violation by de-electification of individual and company. Either we share job time or jobless crime.
    8. Zipcode Disaster cleanup teams: Based on their long-postal code route number,
    9. Retired Professionals: 8-hours of community service for healthcare costs, e.g., home inspection and car inspection/evalutation.
    10. Government funded vasectomies.
    11. Global Forest Fires Fighters
  5. Lifehours: A global universal currency that transcends the boundaries of centuries and politics.
  6. Economics:
    1. 24in4 (1989) campaign: cost of humanity problem
    2. 401ks being the biggest bank robbery ever.
    3. Retirements Re-start
  7. Physics
    1. Linear Speed of light is an epiphenomenon of rotational speed and precessing angle of basic particle.
    2. Gravity: A push not a pull, frequency based, entropy driven.
    3. Solar Shades
  8. Timism:
    1. Morality of More Time: a.k.a., the Periodic Table of Existence
    2. Manheaven Project: The Global Manhattan Project
  9. Personal
    1. Cavegarden: 2.5 times more yield per square foot ... 39ft cucumber plant ... 29ft tomato plant ... bathtub full of cucumbers ... 250 quarts of pickles in tub
    2. Around the World in 30 days on Amtrak and VIA ... Map ... Postcards ... Tickets

Respect: Inspect and Re-Inspect (top)
One cannot respect unless one has the relevant knowledge to inspect. Nor can one appreciate--add value--if one is unable to inspect and re-inspect. But, you can like or dislike what you cannot respect. I know nothing about music. Unlike a trained musician, I cannot fully appreciate the subtleties and richness of the great music from all ages. But, I can like some music more than others. Thus, most people like or dislike me.

In race and religion, igknowant people choose not to get on first base in knowing other races and religions. They cannot respect nor appreciate that which is different because they do not question to liberate themselves from their igknowance. On the whole, that is why liberals respect and appreciate others who are different. The victim of racism senses the liberated soul and readily extends a hand of gratitude for being treated as an equal human being.

Respectable people respect me. Unfortunately for both you and me, few can respect me because my relevancy is beyond their paygrade. For you, insufficient numbers of people will support the Tools of Timism to support the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on Planet Earth from Climate Hell. Few understand the Timism's delineation of the Calculus of Reality based on the Math of Mother Nature. (If you understand the above lines then you seem respectable.)

References (top)
I have many references, formal and informal, that indicate my high iCube. Many have the accolate "best ever." Three have been amusing: DIBs--Deserted Island Bob. The one of which I am most proud was a wealthy, influential intellectual who responded to the question of why he had me as friend: "In my life, I have known five people I regard as smarter than me. You are the only one still alive."

A Vow and Warning (top)
In summary, I know how to think better than most people. The breath, depth, and inter-connections of my problem-solving knowledge can be described as "acupuncture morality." A problem-solution in one school of thought can be readily seen to apply elsewhere. The Morality of More Time is the master jigsaw pattern out of which all schools of thought are cut. The difference is the thin veneer of vocabulary that obscures universal inter-connections. Timism is a Rosetta Stone for heuristic insights.

Do you know anyone one with the problem-solving knowledge and skills listed above? From almost a half-century of double-alphabet testing (if not A, then B, if not B then C ... if not Z then AA), I have shovel-ready, unified, simple solutions to many of the problems behind our accelerating, synergistic existential meltdown:

inflation, immigration, education, racism, retirement and free time.

The most important fixes are the Silver Bullets and Golden Dagger have been formulated to reverse Climate Hell.

The price of my keys to greater freedom from problems is also the means: Better democracy via brainbees.

Born in 1950, I am an old man with a bases-loaded cardiac Grand Slam: aortic aneurism, mitral deterioration and CABG needed. I may not be around to share the higher tiers of simple solutions to our existential Gordian Knots. In 2024, I chose to delay any surgical cardiac corrections because I knew that after the six- to eight-week recouperation that I would not return to working to share Timism. So, I gambled that I would not stroke, burst or infarc before my sweat gave lasting life to Timism.

Personally, it does not matter what humanity does. I am a short-timer. Most people are CO2-sinning malignant materialists obsessed with the play pathos. They don't deserve to escape the Climate Hell of their doing. Already, many climate-changing deniers are reaping the rewards of their igknowing the laws of Mother Nature: fires, floods, tornados, hurricanes, crimes, terror and hunger. For a modern Jeremiah, by analogy, it does not matter whether women are in beauty contests or mud wrestling.

Those who travel alone travel further faster.

Individuals Define. Committees Refine.

Copyright Robert "Bob" Barnett, 2024