Spoiled Brats

Are today's younger generation from boomers downward spoiled? How did this spoilage happen? What are the long-term costs?

For many reasons, parenting is part of economics. Historically, parenting is the origin and basis of economics. Least known is the origin of the word "economics" which was Greek for "home management." Essential to managing a home is raising children. The home is a private economy with the aggregate being the public or shared economy. How parents raise their children determines the future dynamics and values of the private and public economies.

Many parents are criticized for "spoiling" their kids. Spoiling is often looked upon as a harmless vice like gambling or prostitution. The rationale is that nobody really gets hurt. Everyone wants to do it. Is this true? If not, what is a simple obvious means test? A simple question.

A general principle of lasting moralities is the question "If everyone did it, what would be effect?"  Can we as a whole gamble our way to properity? Can we screw ourselves to safety. Can we play ourselves to security? Can we spoil our kids to be problem-solvers?

In the prior questions are actions that do not solve problems per se. Rather they are diversions of human activity away from creation of solutions. Like many non-working activities, the important question is whether the action impinges on the minimum amount of worktime needed to have the necessities of life. Would you want to be on a deserted island with who only wants to gamble, screw or play? Would you want to be on a deserted island with spoiled people? Consider the origin the word spoil, "to strip, to plunder" from whence is derived the expression "spoils of war." In essence, gamblers, prostitutes, players and spoilees do not want to work. They do not want to solve problems.  A problem in early colonization of the New World was many of the arrivals did not want to work at the basics of survival which caused troubles at Jamestown.

The cost of living is part of the cost of humanity. The other part is the cost of lying, that is, how we lie to ourselves about our wants which leads to wasted time followed by worried time if we over-indulge our wants. If a person, family, community or society does not expend sufficient time in economy of needs for living, death will follow. When one hears that America is in decline and that we have exported our basic industries, it is restatement of the prior sentence.

While many parents would not raise their kids to be gamblers or prostitutes, the effect on the parents' economy, savings and retirement is the same if they raise their kids to be players or spoilees. The problem-solving dynamics of all four are negative rather than positive. If you want your future to be less, teach or tolerate gambling, prostitution, playing and spoiling. Of the latter, spare the rod and spoil your retirement.

Observations on spoiling one's kids.

  1. America doesn't work anymore because America gambles and plays. Spoiling kids usually involves making them scumnuts who expect something for nothing or focusing on playing games in the network of sports.
  2. Because of decades of habitual politicians borrowing money to fund public budgets, America has engaged in Monetary Colonialism whereby the USA exported dollars in exchange for goods and services. In other words, we used dollars "to strip or plunder" foreign economies without the ugliness of war.
    1. This stimulation of foreign economies and education, not only undermined our future but allowed American families to live beyond their means. More cars and suburbs were built with deficit dollars than otherwise would have been. Bigger families were funded. Symptoms of living beyond one's means is financial, emotional, mental and intellectual excess, and, importantly and sadly, leg-spreading that increased family size and general propulation which the family and public economy really could not afford.
    2. Not only was family size larger than it would otherwise have been--see Family Size and Economy --but parents spoiled their kids more because they had more money.
    3. The personal, private, in-home legacy of monetary colonialism is parents not having the former means to raise their families as the ramifications of living on borrowed money as a nation comes home to roost. Quite often, this decline in buying power is exacerbated by offspring returning to the nest alone or with another generation of spoiled brats. America's legacy of living beyond its means is a personal thing.
    4. Not only do parents who over-littered the landscape with too many kids have the financial struggle of feeding more mouths than they can afford, but their brats have spoiled minds that are always mouthing off and demanding the former level of spoilage.
    5. Parents with money beyond their real means, kids beyond means but spoiled kids beyond means. True to form, those who lived beyond their means now must become meaningless (have less means) and probably become means, based on rising crime and violence.
    6. Many "good" parents are in fact parentheical parents who have to explain away their childrens failures with cliches like an alcoholic defending his not being a drunk. At a certain point in listening to their excuses for why the are really good parents, one realizes the parenthetical parents are hypocritical and pathetical. It is like the difference between the public speeches and private comments of Sorry Palin.
    7. On a personal note, rarely does this writer find a parent with adolescent, teenage or grown kids who don't express a regret that they had kids. Their public defense of the "family" is quite different than their personal conclusion. Afterall, if you tell others your kids are a mess, it says something about you. So, you maintain a facade little realizing that you are perpetuating pro-littering in which more mouths will compete with your savings and pensions. This unnecessary competition from a false facade will impact you as competition inflation dilutes the buying power of your funds. The sooner people are honest with the failures of their lives--especially in parenting--the sooner we can reduce bad parenting. If every alcoholic comes out the closet, we can have better spirits. Many times this childless writer has been told he was lucky or smart to have early on shot blanks thanks to a vasectomy.
    8. The prior personal observation references the on-going failure of parenting, especially in the USA because America has lived as nation far beyond its means thanks to the deficit-loving habitual politicians. The something-for-nothing catalyst of exporting dollars for foreign goods and services is a restatement of you don't appreciate something unless you earned it. Instead of resolving problems in the home for better balanced human beings, deficit dollars trickling down from the halls of Congress prompted efforts to buy happiness with unearned allowances or gifts. Welfare, private or public, consistently destroys the humanity of the recipient, e.g., Parasite Hilton .
    9. Parents attitudes toward their offspring run the gamut from caring to non-concern. Parents who care increasingly confront the legacy of monetary colonialism. They watch their kids have no jobs, no future and no hope. Most of these parents would not have had as many kids if the habitual politicians had not kicked down the road the need for a logical restructuring of the American economy to live within America's means. In 2010, the habitual politicians still cannot kick the habit of kicking the can down the road as public budgets at all levels are running worsening deficits. (Timism has a plan which offers hope.)


  1. Spoiedl brats:
    1. Which is a better lifeboat: One with first-class spoiled brats clutching their bulging moneybags or steerage-class working brawns with bulging muscles? The legacy of America's recent parenting is a growing percentage of spoiled brats who have the money to hirer rowers but won't let rowers into the lifeboats. America will sink because of the spoiled brats legacy.
    2. Spoiled brats get into the top schools through legacy admissions
    3. Spoiled brats get into politics thanks to Daddy, aka, nepotism (Latin for "not potent" whence also "nephew").
    4. The final legacy of recent American parents is the demise of America.
  2. When this writer lived in Minneapolis (2000-2003) a friend's girlfriend was a real rich, real spoiled girl who was unhappy despite mind-boggling spending on shrinks. The latest shrink had told her that in order to find her true self she needed to live in poverty with a lower class welfare family. After a few weeks, she started looking for another shrink. Suggestions that she get a job and steward her inheritance was not acceptable.
  3. Did you give your child a car? You destroyed not only your future but America's future. Every spoiled brat is a future drain on the future of you, America and humanity. Are you proud of yourself? If you are, it is a false, phoney pride for the word pride, like profit, comes from Latin for forward existence, pro esse. Did your spoiling your brats take our existence forward or backward? Bad parents are a major cause behind our existential meltdown.
  4. Did help your kid buy a house? Thanks for fueling the inflation behind the housing bubble, that is, everyone will get rich in the real estate market. Can't lose. Reminescent of the internet stock market bubble where a new economy was a sure bet.
  5. Ironically, those with unearned income, that is, income that they legally or illegally stole from workers who are wage-earners, are the persons who are quick to justify an unfair economic system with a knee-jerk faith in and defence of a "free market." Slave master used to praise the benefits of a free market system that allowed them to  get the best price by choosing Baltimore, Washington, Richmond, Wilmington, Charleston, Savannah, Atlanta, Mobile or New Orleans as a location where in to trade their slaves.
  6. Throughout history, spoiled brats have garnered the power of public problem-solving, e.g., hereditary monarchy and nepotism. As a result, societies that tolerate or promote spoiled brats decline and die. Today, spoil brats control government and media with programs and messages that sound good but are saltwater solutions.
  7. Spoiled brats think they are better than the working slob. Mother Nature doesn't think so.
  8. Spoiled brats are never innocent victims, e.g., the Virginia Tech shootings where students just sat in their desked, spoiled by the lack of real world problem solving in the college of hard knocks. Sitting, waiting for mommy and daddyto solve their latest problem.
  9. It is upchuckable to watch a spoiled brats talk about their concern for humanity. They don't get it. They are like the racist plantation manager living a life of leisure beyond their problem-solving means based on the sweat of de-privileged slaves. Spoiled brats talking sympathy and empathy are like the founders of Giiggle who have a corporate motto "Do no evil" and pontificate on democracy and capitalism while they steal billions from the pensio ns of middle-class workers by counterfeiting stock certificates through the stock option ripoff.
  10. Which Political Party is the party of spoiled brats? Republicans or Democrats?
  11. Spoiled brats funded by parental handouts are victims of the devil's workshops, that is, idle minds are the workshops of the devil. (Adled minds are the workshops of economists.)
  12. Spoiled brats talk in dysfunctional ways that seem logical to their minds.Spoiled brats are their own worst enemy who will themselves & humanity because they will never recognize nor admit the primary source of their problems, namely, spoiled brats.
  13. Spoiled Brats never admit t hat they are spoiled brats. Sooner would a politician admit to the following than a spoiled brat confess:
    1. When I said campaign contributions did not affect how I voted, I lied.
    2. When I spoke of patriotism, I was getting kickback from foreign corporatons and governments.
    3. When I wrapped myself in the flag, I shit on it.

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