Timism offers:

Hope Despite Global Dying

If one has the integrity of intellect and intelligence (iCube) in assessing the state of life on earth, it is really hopeless. Consider the following bummers:

  1. CO2 Matrix: Oil is killing life on earth

  2. False Hopes: The only hope is massive, widespread controlled depopulation.

  3. Habitual Politicians: Only interested in re-election not saving life on earth.

  4. Existential Meltdown: Every problem-solving process is failing faster as problems grow bigger faster.

  5. Burn, Baby, Burn: Massive, continental-wide wild fires will stop life on earth in a few months.

  6. Tipping Point: We have passed the tipping point, that is, Mother Nature is now the biggest source of CO2.

  7. Recovery Point: We have probably passed the recovery point, the point of no return, that is, there is nothing we can do now to stop global dying whereby 90% human kill off by 2015 and total earth death by 2050.

Is there hope? Yes, but less and less. Without hope, more and more people will turn from trying to save the sinking ship of humanity to trying to have as much useless fun and play in their final moments. Or, people will seek hope in false prophets, false profits and pupit pied pipers. The latter are the existential liars who have metastasized cults of illogical aliens who think there is life elsewhere when life on earth dies.

Hope lies in the Manheaven Project wherein human activity is retimed to eliminated the costs of wants, wastes, and lies that are unnecessary CO2 sinning. Re-timing must be done in all human activities, including

  1. Taxes,

  2. Debts,

  3. Workweek ,

  4. Play,

  5. Education ,

  6. Parents ,

  7. Insurance, and

  8. Military .

Failure to retime means that we will have none of the above.

At one time, this writer hoped for economic reforms that would lead to 24-in-4, that is, we can have a 24-hour workweek in 4 years with more time and money for self, family and community. Now, that 24-in-4 hope is gone as we must eliminate the false economy of wants, wastes, lies and play which will, given the math, result in a ten-hour workweek or less as living populations are distributed to food generating areas for seasonal work. Otherwise, no hope.

Additional Reading

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