Watching the clouds disappear is very symbollic and prophetic of life disappearing on earth,
for the water of life is disappearing from earth.

Cloud Sucking CO2

Every oxidized molecule of fossil fuels removes many molecules of water from the traditional precipitation patterns.
Every gallon of gasoline that you burn takes several gallons of water out of your rainfall.
Drought-strickened areas can either limit individual cars or have Mother Nature, God's accountant on earth,
ban the cars by virtue of no water for people to drink and survive.
Most driving is not for the cost of living but the cost of lying.

An originating point of this writer's interest in CO2 and the atmosphere was the article on how the US, French, British and Russian military were experimenting on "burning off" fog from airfields in the 1960's. While the process of burning natural gas was found to work, it was also found to be too expensive for it cost, when oil was $3 a barrel, about $1200 to clear a field of fog for about 15 minutes. The experiments were terminated because of high cost.

The phrase "burning off" is more of a perspective than a truer description of what transpired. It was the CO2 generated by burning the gas that absorbed water from the fog droplets and bound up thirty or more water molecules in a transparent cluster. This cloaking of water vapor has been documented in the cloaking or deforming of hurricanes as seen from satellite images. One need not go into space to see the power of CO2 to suck up clouds. This writer has observed the process repeatedly by watching distinct, well-shaped clouds disappear as they moved from low population areas into densely populated metropolitan areas.

Below are some pictures take of clouds that disappeared in less than ten minutes. In the first case, the clouds were moving into Richmond, Virginia. In the second row, the clouds were coming from the west into the metroplex of Dallas-Ft. Worth. One could see the clouds not merely being cloaked but pulled into the dense CO2 mass for the auto-addicted Texans.
The image of seeing a person's breathe brings to mind cold weather. Some people think you only see your breath when it is cold enough to freeze the moisture in your breath. No, seeing your breath is a factor of the dew point which is based on the air's humidity and temperature. When you see your breath, you are seeing a small cloud that you formed. The higher the humidity, the higher the temperature at which you can see your breath. This is why you can see clouds on hot days, for clouds are masses of high humidity like your breath.  If you breath out in dry air, you don't see your breath, for the water does not form particles large enough to reflect and refract light. (I write this comment box sitting in a kitchen with a temperature of 55 degrees and a humidity of 80 percent as I try to make smoke rings with my breath.)

In this simple, common experience one can see the dynamics of CO2 dessicating water in the atmosphere and ground. As breathing in a dry room results in no visible water particles so does the earth breathing into a CO2 saturated atmosphere result in no clouds. This can also be seen in how sometimes the high-flying jets have or have not contrails, that is, man-made trailing clouds from the moisture created by oxidizing hydrocarbons. If the air is dry then no contrails. In the 1930's and 1950's Dustbowl, and every other drought downwind from major oil fields flaring off non-commercial natural gas, the dry, dusty soil came from the dessicating clouds of CO2 not the farming techniques. The role of CO2 in air dryness and water particle formation (clouds) is why a hurricane can intensify after formation if it runs into a a "CO2 Blastoma" but a general rise in CO2 atmospheric levels will reduce hurricane formation since falling water is necessary to sustain the EMF component of cyclonic activity--Hurricanes for Dummies.

In this simple, common experience, one can see why hurricanes formation is affected by CO2. As CO2 increases, hurricanes will form less often because there is not enough water particles to sustain the cyclonic dynamo sustained by the emf right-hand rule from the static electricity of falling water.

More than one weatherman has had their precipitation forecast unfulfilled with the reason being the CO2 blastoma developed by the fossil fuel burners in a metropolitan area. The CO2 blastoma is the reason why you will hear a weathman say that the radar shows rainfall but it is not hitting the ground because of the dry air at the ground. The dry air is composed of the CO2-sucking blastoma, the FRQ clusters. Keep in mind what they call frozen carbon dioxide, dry ice. The longer a location goes without precipitation, the larger and denser the CO2 blastoma. Winds, even hurricane strength winds, do not blow the CO2 blastoma away--see Bonnie--for the basic forces of nature acting on a CO2 molecule that moves at 7000 to 9000 mph does not really notice the 75mph to 200mph of a hurricane. The winds below are lazy 5mph to 10mph. The hydrophilic nature of CO2 is evident in these vanishing clouds. The opposite happens to lands under CO2 plumes from oil fields: Dust Bowls, East Africa, etc., that is, water is pulled out of the soil upwards into the CO2 plumes.

(Please note that this movement of H20 and CO2 toward each other is an essential step in the photosynthesis process with carbonhydrates being the vectored result from the catalytic nature of chlorophyll.)

Dallas Ft.Worth: Note the center-of-image cloud which happens to transect the contrail of a jet. The upper part is relatively intact while the lower part is being pulled toward the ground. One could watch it being pulled downward by the carbon dioxide. After a while this cloud was totally gone.

Later picture of same cloud disappearing toward the ground:

This picture shows clouds that are higher in the sky which remain intact as they are no so susceptible to frequencies of the carbon dioxide section of the symphony of existence .

Richmond Virginia May 2006: This is a picture taken southwest of Richmond looking toward Richmond, that is, looking to the northeast. The stippled body of clouds were moving northeast toward Richmond. The closer they got to Richmond, the more they disappeared as you can see in this picture (the stippled column is broad and denser overhead but thins as it moves toward Richmond). The clear blue areas constitutes what meteorologists would call a "dry" body of air but a better description is a "drying" CO2 blastoma tearing the water particles apart and binding the H20 into FRQ clusters.


  1. 141203 Per the Organic Thesis, CO2 creates a "blastoma" over a city which does not move until it is saturated. One see this blastoma stripping H2O from incoming clouds as they disappear with leading feathery edges--see Cloaking Hurricanes. The size and height of the blastoma was deduced by on a clear, cold day watching jets flying at 35,000 over Richmond, VA. The contrails of jets disappeared as they flew over Richmond only to reappear as they were flying away. I estimate the gap at 5 to 10 miles based on the geometry of the height and angles of appearance/disappearance.
  2. 141204
    A northbound jet was observed flying just below the solid cloud coverage on a cold day. Immediately, its exhaust was converted into a white contrail surrounded by clear sky that was approximately 10 times the width of the contrail.

    This picture was taken 45 minutes after the jet passed (I was driving my handicapped wife to a Christmas party so I could not stop without frowns). The cloud sucking streak can be seen just over half-way down the photo straddling the light pole. To left of the pole is a remnant of the water vapor contrail with clear sky above it. Initially, the demarcation was very clear and straight.

    Per the organic thesis, cloaking and fission/fusion, the exhaust of CO2 and H20 from oxidizing jet fuel resulted in the water immediately freezing whence the white contrail while the unbound CO2 stripped and cloaked water from adjacent overcasting clouds from both sides and from above whence the clear sky. This phenomenon stretched from one horizon to the other.

    This also shows how the CO2 from oxidation does not immediately disperse but hangs together until saturated. (Significance for timistic explanation of gravity.)

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