Cloaking Hurricane

(Also see Hurricane Changes, Cloaking, WWBT 051007 Letter and Cloud Sucking CO2.)

A primary premise of the CO2 matrix (causing climatic change by channeling moisture into deluge or drought systems) is the water-philic nature of CO2, that is, CO2 rapidly and readily soaks into or soaks up water like a magnet and ferrous metals mutual attraction. Restated, while water and oil don't mix, H20 and CO2 have a long-standing incestuous and polygymous relationship on many levels of the periodic table of existence, e.g., the Alpha Trifecta.

An atmospheric characteristic of the CO2 binding up water into molecular "clusters" is that the clusters are transparent or invisible, that is, the CO2 cloaks the moisture so that a human cannot see it. Because the precipitation characteristics are alterred by CO2, e.g., dew point, cloaked moisture does not come out as rain as soon as it might. However, when it does come out, it tends to be record setting.
Equally important to understand is that cloaked moisture does not eliminate the winds of a hurricane.

"Hurricane Frances stalled off the east coast of Florida on Saturday but its outer bands whipped the shore with 90 mph wind that downed trees, knocked power out to hundreds of thousands of people and ripped parts of roofs off buildings." ABC News

The binding is a simple process. From the timistic description of our physical foundations of existence, the strong and weak forces are united with gravity from a single process, spinbarism. In other words, the same process is responsible for chemical clustering and EMF as has been shown by physicists for the strong and weak nuclear forces.

The 155mph winds of a Category 5 hurricane are pissants compared to the 7000 to 9000 mph molecular winds of the CO2-H20 pississippi physics. The same molecular forces account for why dentists should sterilize their suction systems from which they put tubes in a patient's mouth. Quantum mechanics and chaos theory explain what happens: Disease-bearing debris moves against the wind/suction direction like a sailboat tacking into the wind with the reclined patient being innoculated with other patient's germs.

While the coriolas effect initiates the spinning of the moisture mass (tropical depression), it is the spin orientation of released water and carbon dioxide that perpetuates a cyclonic storm even when it migrates to a higher latter where the prevailing winds are in the other direction. Simple references to "energy" is a useful perspective like telling kids to behave or the boogeyman will get them. The cyclone ceases when evaporating water is no longer available, over land masses or cold water.

Previously, the CO2 water-philic nature was described like the relationship between a magnet and a ferrous metal. It is important to note in reviewing the satellite images that the invisible quadrant or band consistently has its origin in a CO2 blastoma. If a hurricane is moving into the Gulf of Mexico, the leading edge will be cloaked. As a hurricane is moving away from the Gulf, its side facing the Gulf will be cloaked. In a very real sense reflecting a hierarchy of self-symmetry, as the individual water molecule is mutually attracted to carbon dioxide so are CO2 and H20 masses of each mutually attracted with the visible/invisible shape acting like a compass always pointing to magnetic "CO2 blastoma." Keep this in mind as you review the below tattered hurricane images.

Arlene 2005 Cindy 2005 Katrina 2005 Frances 2004 Ivan 2004

Consider these pictures in which both hurricanes show the cloaking on the western edge of the hurricane with one big difference.
  • Charley was moving east from the Gulf of Mexico
  • Franceswas moving west into the Gulf of Mexico

Direction of hurricane does not matter on quadrant cloaking or intensity.

The France's image shows the general circular shape of a hurricane with the wisp of a cloud band in the Gulf.

Charley 2004

Frances 2004

An individual hurricane (1998 George) shows the shifting invisible quadrant closest to the Gulf of Mexico CO2 blastoma.

September 25: Upper Left September 27: Lower left September 28: Lower side

This is interesting for it shows
CO2 dessicating the adjacent
hurricane edge but not the
whole quadrant.
(also see Smoking Byte)

The cloaking of hurricane depends on the CO2 blastoma metastasized by concentrations of innumerable oil wells (oil fields) or concentrations of igknowant human beings (all fools). (The majority of Americans are something-for-nothing believers in igknowance is bliss, petty petrophiliacs.) As a rule, newly formed hurricanes in the center of the Pacific or Atlantic Oceans will be whole donuts rather than ragged candy swirls. The latter patterns develop as the hurricane encounters CO2 masses. If an immediately prior hurricane soaks up the CO2 mass or disrupts oil production (CO2 generation) then hurricanes close to shore will not be deformed by the CO2 matrix because the CO2 is either gone or not produced.

Cloaking can be seen in different hurricances

  1. Compare different hurricanes in different places, open ocean or close to CO2 generation sites, oil fields or high human density (US at night shows density).
  2. Or, one can view subsequent satellite images, e.g., Charley 2004 ShapeShifter, in which the visible shape of the hurricane changes as it goes from open water to CO2 blastomas.
  3. Compare subsequent hurricanes over the same CO2 emission source, Gulf of Mexico or Florida. (Four-Hurricane Poster, 2004, above)

Hurricanes landing on the US provide a unique confirmation of the CO2 cloaking thesis. As posited, those parts of the cyclonic storm that comes in contact with a CO2 mass will exihibit candy swirls or stalling with one exception, the smoking bite.  

These images show how CO2 blastomas are clear and present danger compared to the gloom and doom of global warming from CO2. The time-saving benefits of oil are negated by the rising costs of CO2 blastomas and global warming. But since the oil men are in charge of the White House, Congress and the Supreme Court, the decision to keep burning more and more oil will be made for greed.

  1. The president asks OPEC to pump more
  2. Geo. Talker Bush promises to empty the Strategic Oil Reserve
  3. Congress wants to open the ANWR even though the evidence of Prudhoe Bay having destroyed Alaska is very obvious.
  4. Gov. Jeb Bush wanted to use a loophole to open Florida's coastal waters to drilling.
  5. State politicians don't want people to stop using gasoline so they are fighting rising prices by eliminating state taxes on gasoline.

The house of humanity is on fire and the arsonists are in charge of putting out the fire. But God is just. The Alpha-Trifecta affects all. A lot of people are burning BTU's in their SUVs that are costing millions of people a warm winter.

Annual summary posters show the variability of hurricane shapes. This is NOAA's 2000 poster (click to enlarge).  Other available years from NOAA are NOAA: 2001, 2003, 2004 (below). No 2002 annual summary was found on-line.

2004 Charley > Frances > Ivan > Jeanne NOAA poster
The 2004 poster is one of the finest examples of how a series of hurricanes will go from the most CO2 affected (ragged/swirled) to un-deformed donuts: (click to enlarge)

The ragged, tattered IR-image of Charley looks like an X-ray of a cancerous mass which CO2-blastomas are upon the face of Mother Earth.

The below hurricane images show the difference
between cloaked and visible hurricanes.

Extreme MakeOvers: The following show images show gross deformation of the "cyclonic" storms to the point that they should be called "hemicyclonic" or "gerrymandered" hurricanes. Click for an enlargement (if available)

2005 Katrina: Note cloaked sides.
Pre Florida Over Florida After Setting in Gulf gathering more moisture--"topped off CO2"

2005 Dennis: Note cloaked sides
Side toward GOM wells is cloaked Ibid ibid Moving on land away from Gulf: Cloaked in rear.

2005: Arlene, Cindy, Ophelia, Rita
Arlene Cindy



2004 Bitten Bonnie: This image is a "smoking gun". Compare it to other images and to 2004 George.
The Bonnie Bite is totally different, a cutting-edge CO2 blastoma that has different time-parameters
of concentrations like the different between Scotch with Branch and Scotch neat.
Bonnie Aug 11 visible Bonnie Aug 11 IR 2004 George Sept 27

2004 Charley's One-Week Life Aug 9 to 14
This montage of satellite images shows the nipping of CO2 blastomas upon Hurricane Charley depending on its proximity to major urban areas or oil fields, a revolving door of donuts and candy swirls. A more complete, day by day analysis can be found at "What about Charley?" Also see ShapeShifter

2004 Frances August 31-Sept 6
Donut Mid-Atlantic August 31
Stalling off Florida Coast September 4
Florida CO2 Blastoma
Gulf Deformation from Oil Field
CO2 Blastoma September 6

2004 Ivan, Cat 5 September 13

September 25: compare to Frances (above, center) Ivan removed existing CO2 blastoma and closed down Gulf oil wells so Jeanne could be a donut hurricane.

Gustav 2002: Note pulling in
blastoma from
Eastern United States: Pacman?
Lilli 2002: Pulling in two CO2 blastomas to have a visible peanut cookie visible shape.
2001 Allison: Half of the hurricane is invisible due to the Texas/Mexico blastomas.
1999 Floyd
1999 Dennis
1993 Emily--normal
1991 Perfect Storm: A Perfect Marriage of H2O and CO2 as they rush into each others arms.
Oct 26
Oct 30
Nov 1


"Energy" is not a description of mechanics anymore than "love" describes the myriad of ways a loving person gives time to the beloved. Energy is an overused, misused, catchall phrase like inflation, market forces, free speech, and states rights that misleads by mixing apples and oranges, equating black and white, or showing horsechestnuts to be a horse of chestnut coloring. Energy is a shallow concept for lazy thinkers guilty of funny mentals.

One cannot understand hurricanes or tornados without an understanding of physics and emf, e.g., the left-hand rule. Bringing physics to cyclonic weather patterns offers insights back into physics if one has a simple rather than a standard model. While nature abhores a vacuum--a rule--the low pressure eye of a hurricane is a capless vessel that maintains a state of relative vacuity. Why? The Lorenz Contraction.  With the simplicity of spinbarism , one can see in everyday events the hypothesize phenomena requiring high speeds or energies. The Lorenz Contraction is why a puffy Cheetos can spear a telephone pole, well, actually why straw has been found inbedded in other objects after a tornado as if the straw was a steel nail rather than a flimsy fiber. If correct, spinbarism shows how time-matter is warped within the confines of cyclonic systems to account for property changes. The Lorenz Contraction is behind the hysteresis of motors and generators which are nothing more than cyclonic systems with a greater density of inputted spinning, synchronized particles compared to hurricanes and tornados which while less efficient and dense--evaporating water--convert greater amounts of matter per unit of time. To use Einstein's perspective, you can get the Lorenz Contraction by moving faster through space, or, herein, by having space move faster through you. Movement is, as many know, relative.

Question that NOAA can answer: This model predicts that hurricanes that encounter CO2 blastomas will move slower in their forward motion than donut hurricanes. A simple determination of average forward speed would


  1. 110827 Hurricane Irene: Before it encountered the CO2 blastoma of the United States, Irene was a nice donut before becoming a meterological cancer. Important to note is the size of Irene--massive--which reflects the increased size and duration of weather systems based on increased CO2.

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