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Global Drying: What You Can Do

In the matter of oil wells creating downwind droughts, more important than saving the environment is saving your food supply, your job and your future. The economic issue is not guns or butter, but oil or butter with the wrong choice meaning more guns being used domestically and internationallly. Our oil companies, our President and our Vice-President will not change their habits--see Texas Oil Cartel. They make money that allows them to jet away from the problems which most of us cannot do.

What can you do? Help generate more public awareness of how the energy crises isn't going to help the body of economy any more than blood-letting helps an anemic patient.

  1. Email seven news organizations: radio, tv and newspapers.
    • Include a message to them to spread this discovery that has great import for the energy crises and world peace.
    • will add your email address to the list for future notification of the next step which will have stock market impact.
    • You will be entered as a plaintiff in the Class Action Suit against oil producers, companies and landowners.
      (The other email recipients will be removed from the above list when they comment on the oil-drought connection even if they reject it.)
  2. Email your friends to visit this website.
  3. Email your favorite local newspaper and TV station.

The promised higher integrity in a Bush White House is a myth--Eco Fascists. What his predecessor did with interns and later lied about, the new occupant is doing with our Mother Earth, a far harmful dalliance. Given the patronizing duplicity of the Bush team, it would be a waste of time to email the White House.

Don't email the habitual politicians--your Congressman, Senator or Governor. Do you keep going to the same medical clinic if you are sick and you realize the doctors are quacks? If you are sick and your habitual politicians are the only ones who have the power to stop the habitual problems for which, from delection of duty, they are responsible. It is a waste of time and internet. I mailed this information to the governors of drought strickened states. Have any of them come out with concern about upwind oil field to match their declarations of drought concern? Regarding national habitual politcians, we have the best Congress that money can buy and the big money is oil money. The White House is controlled by the Texas Oil Cartel whose leader has a father, former President Geo. Bush, that visits Saudi Arabia as a lobbyist for oil concerns and the bin Ladins. Habitual politicians will sell their children to get re-elected. Are you better than their children?


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