September 27, 2005 (Sent October 13, 2005)

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Dear Weatherfolks:

Jim, linked is a copy of my original 1982 letter to you on rising CO2 levels as well as your response eight months later in 1983. The topic was CO2 and atmospheric changes. 1982!. Almost a quarter of a century ago.

Still not appreciated but clearer than ever is the more important role of CO2 as a water-absorber in alterring weather patterns. Refreshing or refocusing your memory,

  1. increased atmospheric CO2 soaks up water which causes droughts immediately downwind from the source of CO2 (oil fields or metropolitan areas)
  2. with an eventual deluge when the atmospheric CO2-rich "soda bottle" is shook.

The CO2-caused concentration of precipitation into increasingly longer and intenser droughts/deluges is stressing and killing our environment upon which our future depends. All the projected ills of global warming have been transpiring as local warming under the CO2 plumes from oil fields. Because both the water density and stored energy is greater with the CO2 enriched atmosphere, weather patterns are both more violent and sudden.

Part of the original letter showed the relationship of Africa's drought that began in the mid-60's with the upwind development of oil production beyond 8 million barrels on the Saudi peninsula. Importantly, I cited how the rains returned to Africa for several months that coincided with the 75% to 95% oil production drop that coincided with the OPEC embargo of 1973-74. After the embargo ended, the rains ended and the drought returned.

Further examples: China, Brazil, Central Asia, Prudhoe Bay, Canadian Maps

Since then, I have documented expanding envelopes of drought downwind from developing oil fields: China, Brazil, Central Asia, Prudhoe Bay, US East coast,etc. Locally, there is an interesting reason why the drought went away but has come back--2005 has the driest September on record yet Kansas had a 10" rainfall (October 2).
One of the most interesting, supporting evidence for the relationship of drought to oil fields is two maps from different departments of the Canadian government.
  1. From the energy department one maps shows the developed oil areas of Western Canada.
  2. From the forestry department one maps map of elevated fire conditions due to drought and dryness.

The maps overlap.

Unlike the Mid-East and equatorial Africa which are arid and desserts, the forests of Canada provide a broader, more sensitive litmus test on the effects of CO2 as an atmospheric dessicant. The same dessication of Canadian forest is happening here. You all at WWBT, keep talking about dry, dry air. Well, as CO2 increases, binding occurs which reduces local precipitation. It's like giving salt to a thirsty, dehydrated person.

Biomass stress and degradation, agriculture, diseases

What most people don't realize is the growing imbalance between CO2 generation and CO2 incorporation into the biomass. As CO2 increases, the Biomass is stressed, starved by drought and then confounded by deluges that bring invasive diseases or bugs, e.g., the bark beatle now has two reproduction cycles per year because of warmer weather, destroying forest in the West and Alaska. Because of the drought, the biomass does not have the health to survive attacks that it previously could have survived, e.g., the dying of oak trees in Virginia.
The climatic alternation between deluge and drought stresses the biomasses further. My CO2 drought/deluge model says that the evils of global warming are not higher temperatures as much as changed weather patterns: droughts and deluges. By the time global warming starts killing people from overheating, the world's population will be greatly reduced by drought/deluge and the offsprings, e.g., mold.

Many opportunistic invasive organism that have not had widespread temperature/moisture support will become endemic or pandemic. I believe the faster and newer variations of flu viruses are impacted by the CO2 matrix, e.g., bird and dog flus, for many reasons. I experienced a young ill child who had mold growing in her lungs and esophygous. I have documented an area of CO2-related ailments that I call the Alpha-Trifecta.

Claims of increased agriculture production from increased CO2 are refuted by research: "But when carbon dioxide was added to this mix, the production dropped by 40%" Why? The CO2 clusters of water are too large to migrate through the plant pores. Like giving a baby an orchard of apples instead of a spoon of applesauce. Like square pegs for round holes. Like "Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink."

Hurricanes: More, Stronger, Visibly Deformed by "Stealth" CO2 Clusters

My predictions on increased hurricanes, strength, origin and locations have proven true. Hurricane behavior has confirmed the relation of CO2 to altered weather in a most interesting way that is worthy of Star Trek "stealth"  or "cloaking" terminology.

I originally documented this to you in 1982, Jim, with references to experiments to clear fog from airfields by USA, France, Britain and Russia in the 1970's using CO2. Described as burning off the fog, the true mechanism was the CO2 released from the hydrocarbons which bound with water into transparent clusters. Buttressing this CO2 mechanism is how the researchers had originally achieved the same results with dispersing more expensive dry ice particles: What is dry ice? Frozen CO2 which releases CO2 as it sublimates.

  1. The Gulf of Mexico (GOM) is an interesting laboratory for showing the stealth role of CO2., for here massive bodies of moisture (tropical cyclonic systems) meet massive bubbles of CO2 from the oil wells (aka CO2 blastomas). The deepwater GOM wells are monsters, producing between 30,000 and 100,000 barrels per day while the average on-shore oil well in the US produces only 7 barrels. There are about 50 GOM wells which began to produce oil in the early 1990's, increasing in number by less than 8 per year. The enlarging East Coast drought  envelope of recent years  (1999-2003) can be tied to the increased number of these wells.
  2. True to form, deluges occurred just outside the East Coast drought envelop, remember the annual repeat of once-in-500-years floods in North Carolina? The drought disappeared when oil companies finally implemented a natural gas distribution system which eliminated the flaring of the natural gas into the atmosphere. Crude is more commercial than natural gas and is more easily transported sooner to markets.
  3. This repeated the disappearance of the downwind drought from the East Texas Oil fields--the Dustbowl--when the Big Inch and Little Inch pipes were constructed in the early 1940's to distribute the previously flared natural gas to the industrialized Upper Midwest. Ironically, the recent observations that Katrina and Rita caused the greatest human upheavel since the Dustbowl have played out everywhere that oil wells have generated drought CO2 plumes.
  4. The attached sheet summarizes a few key cloaking examples/principles.

Because of denser water in CO2 enhanced air mass, more water can come out faster as testified to record deluges. In addition, the energy density is greater which means more violent storms. Because of the stealth nature of the moisture, weather systems develop suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere, e.g., Ophelia as well as tornadic cell storms. The water is there, but it is not visible, it is stealth water. Many a half-filled, half-empty glasses were actually full. (Psst. Can you figure out why the East Coast drought has come back? If you can, you will see that this developing drought envelope will be worst than the last. It is part of a "cure is worse than the disease" scenario.) The drought pendulum swinging in Portugal is coming here. Over longer and longer periods, the total precipitation will not change but it will drought/deluge delivered.


Clearly, if the CO2 matrix is valid, new climatic concepts are in the offing. As one understands the nature of CO2 blastomas, one starts looking at satellite images not for high and low systems but for blastoma development and movement. The phrase "high pressure system with dry air" is another term for a CO2 blastoma, increased pressure and dessication from CO2. An important consideration is how, apparently, the dynamics of CO2 blastomas are not geometrical but are exponential in their climatic effects. (One blastoma shows evidence that the oil companies are like the tobacco companies who knew of their products evil long before they admitted it in public: Bonnie, the smoking bite.)

You all have an opportunity to become a center or clearing house for the CO2 matrix info. As with many things, the focus that introduces the concept becomes the most informed as others direct questions and information to the originators. If you don't want to push it then I will put it away for another rainy day. This is an opportunity for you to be masters of your universe, get your Andy Warhol moment. (I prefer having Einstein Eureka Epiphanies and don't care whether women are in beauty contests or mud wrestling.)

Summary/Conclusions/Warnings: You ain't seen nothing nyet.

  1. As my original paper was too advanced for your TV station in 1982 so may it be with its update to you
  2. I have no doubt that, like tobacco companies and gummy bears, the oil companies are aware of the CO2 drought/deluge connection because of certain documents and actions that I have detailed.
  3. Sadly, I actually think that if humanity did not generate one more molecule of carbon dioxide that we are past the tipping point, that is, like the Titanic striking the iceberg, our civilization has to sink: Not in centuries or decades but in a few years from faster changes in the water cycle. The question is whether we will have lifeboats or anarchy which is a question that is the primary project to which the CO2 matrix is secondary. The stressed biomass and melting polar regions/bogs/tundra are releasing CO2 rather than converting into hydrocarbons: Last year, the increase in atmospheric CO2 was significantly greater than that released by burning fossil fuels.
  4. There is no chemical process of greater import to humanity than the CO2 matrix.

Lord Jim

In Lord Jim, Conrad's protagonist realizes he made a terrible mistake consigning passengers to death for which he spent his life trying to reverse the decision. You, Mr. Jim Duncan, have a duty and responsibility to assist in promoting public awareness. If you had acted on my original communication almost a quarter of a century ago, I believe the scientific community would have substantiated global warming sooner because of the spotlite on the CO2 matrix.

Millions have died directly from the CO2-induced drought as well as billions have suffered economic upheavel from the effects of drought (Africa, China, Central Asia, Brazil). Without implementing the lifeboats of survival (I have been building the list for 25 years), the millions of lives disrupted by Katrina and Rita will be nothing compared to the tens of millions of Americans devastated by impending ramifications of the CO2 matrix. Some considerations:

  1. Refuge in air conditioning as a response to global warming ignores how the food chain depends on plants and animals that don't have air conditioning. Because of high water temperatures, the bottom of the ocean food chain dropped out  early this year in the Pacific Ocean off our western coast with a drop in bait fish, birds and mammals dependent on plankton. (Not too soon, people will have a choice of either air conditioning or refrigeration, mold or cold, etc.)
  2. You and yours are not immune from the sudden tragedies on a scale. If not this year then next year Richmond and Virginia will suffer from a combined Gaston and Isabel. The politicians are not organizing us to reduce the damage but are posturing to leverage their re-elections.

Heart of Darkness: House of humanity on fire

The house of humanity is on fire but Americans put more time in their own houses rather than the house of humanity. If New Orleans had given 1% of their time to dike improvement they would have dry homes today. Instead of a Superdome they should have built a SuperDike. New Orleans is a poster child for my addition to Shakespeare's observation, "Ignorance is bliss" ... "only until the ignored problems destroy your life." The people in New England, deludged with record rainfall and flooding (October 2005) are another hidden cost of the CO2 matrix. While your home maybe on highground, the cost of human problems are integrated into the overall economy as higher prices and lower quality of life. We all pay for the CO2 matrix (Alpha Trifecta).

The house of humanity is on fire and the arsonists who started the fire are in charge of putting out the fire. Instead of spraying water they are using gasoline. I have been compiling a list of mistakes and alternatives. The ignorant responses to Katrina/Ria are metastazing a cancerous mass spreading throughout the American and global economy. What a horrible mess far worse than any summary I've read so far. While the house of humanity burns, politicians fiddle with their re-elections.

Conrad's Heart of Darkness portrays a world in which greedy white massa's enslave whole black populations as, today, the oil companies have mentally and emotionally addicted people to black oil. The arsonists of humanity can also be called "petrophiliacs," that is, people who knowingly ignore the good of humanity for private greed and gain from petrodollars. While a pedophiliac can disrupt the life of a few dozens or hundreds, petrophiliacs disrupt the lives of billions.

Consistently, in reviewing people's response to global warming, e.g., the Bush White House, one can see the complicity of petrophiliacs in the greatest crime of humanity, e.g., editing supportive research out of global warming reports. The deaths from the CO2 matrix will dwarf all the genocides of the last century.

Jim, are you a petrophiliac? Do you have financial investments in energy and transportation that predispose you from being a free thinker who pursues the truth so as to share liberation with others? Do you think you can comment without ever being a victim of the CO2 matrix?

Course of Action and Redemption

This is what you weather folk need to do.

  1. Set an hour time-slot (lunch?) so we can review my website for your further edification (I have a 1200 lumen LCD projector).
  2. A series presentation by TV12 can be spread over several days with each of you becoming the "expert" for that area, delivering a three to five minute overview. I will not upload the related websegments until after you have teased the public. You don't have to present it as fact, per se, but as a theory on par with global warming. You can state that if it is true, more people need to be aware of it.
  3. Tentative segments are
    1. History of droughts and oil fields:
    2. Global warming long-term effects can be found under the CO2 plumes from oil fields, drought/deluge preceding health, economic and political chaos. What has happened over the last 20 years in Africa and Central Asia has not transplanted to America: What how Katrina/Rita evolves into riots, unemployment, crime, terror and insurgency. There is mechanism in play that transcends current schools of thought and understanding based on the quantification/qualification of time into "periodic table of existence" of which the chemical periodic table of elements is a subset.
    3. The basis of global drought/deluge: CO2 is a dessicant. Cite the military experiments with causing fog to become invisible.
    4. CO2 and hurricanes: More, stronger, deformed.
    5. Future implications: Rise in diseases and other human illnesses-Alpha Trifecta.
    6. What we can and must do.
  4. I believe a national documentary will eventuate thus a courtesy copy to Mr. Al Roaker. I don't see why the segments won't be aired on local news casts around the country and world.

In the week preceding the 4/5-part series, a "teaser" ad could consist of the Jim announcing the series.
"In 1982, I received a paper from a viewer who not only discussed CO2 and global warming but forecast CO2 causing alternating droughts and deluges. Recently, we received an update that provided more convincing evidence which I wish was in the earlier paper. WWBT-12 will be doing a weeklong series on how increasing CO2 may be already causing more damage than we expected from global warming: hurricanes and floods. You be the judge."


Given the import of the topic and my extensive support for the thesis, you might say I have failed to communicate. Actually, there is a greater problem than global warming that is destroying humanity which contributes to global warming.  The greater problem is the existential meltdown of the periodic table of existence upon which all lives depend including your loved ones. The foodchain is better understood as a chain of time with the top levels being economics, politics and morality. The resolution of the greater problem (and its universal application ) involves "hf=CMC." Go figure.

TV12 has televised shows on Hurricanes Isabel and Gaston as well as numerous Katrina episodes. Why not a news segment series on reducing or delaying future shocks? Without change, we will have storm seasons that dislocate not three million but double-digit millions. Your buying power and pension will evaporate in the ensuing economic entropy. I hope I hear from you before eight months has past, for this is a genie in the bottle which when released will be either granting wishes or resentment, an opportunity or an opprobrium.

Increased greenhouse gases are not going to destroy your grandchildrens' lives, for many grandchilden will not be born because of what the CO2 matrix is doing to destroy the biomass and to collapse the foodchain. As noted in my websegment and shown everywhere, survivalists don't benefit from storing food, for they are shot for their food. Without a global plan, global warfare will evenuate out of the social, economic and political chaos wrought by the CO2 matrix in the next few years using the latest weapons of mass destruction. Before that cataclysm, we will experience a rapid rise in unemployment, crime, SUV-shootings and suicide bombings--an American insurgency worse than Iraq. Without better democracy and better capitalism, what needs to be done will not be done.

Sincerely, and sometimes too sarcasticly,


P.S. If you are interested in following up, please leave a message at 804-233-7541. This is a generic answering machine with a generic message. If you call and leave a message, the person with the machine will contact me for I will be out-of-state and country half of the time in the next few months.


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