On Sept 11, 2007, it rained on the North Pole, an event never known before.
On January 11, 2008, snow fell in Baghdad, an event no living being recalled.

Individually, records being broken is not statistically significant.
Globally, records being broken in unison is significant.

Climate Records Broken

When suddenly more baseball players are breaking records that stood for decades, you have to wonder what has changed in the environment. Likewise, when century-old meteorological records are being widely broken not by partial percentages but by double digit percentages, you have to wonder. Claims that it is better record keeping or communication is a false claim, for the records are decade or century old records. The Farmers Almanac was a dessiminator of distant weather oddities. (Additional reports of record climate changes can be found in the analysis of torrential rains.)

  • 010827 "Tampa's dry August may set a record"
    Florida's drought, heading into its fourth year, is on course to produce one of the driest Augusts on record in the Tampa region.
  • 011219 "Record rains fall on the Northwest"
    In Washington, record rainfall totals for the date were reported from Olympia to the Seattle-Tacoma airport to the north and Stampede Pass in the Cascades to the east. The total at Olympia, 2.12 inches, easily bested the mark of 1.38 inches set in 1966.
  • 011120 "Thirty-six rainless days pour on the problems"
    Richmond has apparently set a record for the longest run of rainless days in more than a century of official weather history.
  • 011223 "Snow, cold are in; record is out"
    Like Joe DiMaggio's record-breaking hitting streak, Minnesota's stretch of above-average daily temperatures is expected to end at 56.[previous record was 42.]
  • 020108 "Heavy snowstorms hit Russia's far east"
    Some two months' worth of snow showered down upon the far eastern region, piling half a metre of snow upon numerous villages and bringing down electrical lines. Vladivostok dwellers also witnessed a rare snow thunderstorm, which had been seen only twice in the 20th century.
  • 020219 "February is fooling the flowers"
    "It's not just early. It's outrageously early," said horticulturalist Deb Brown at the University of Minnesota
  • 020221 "USA's winter weather defined by record warmth"
    The nationally averaged temperature was 39.94 degrees Fahrenheit for November through January, 4.3 degrees above the 1895-2001 long-term average.
  • 020327 "Rivers down to barest of levels"
    scores of the nation's rivers fell to historic low levels during the past four months
  • 020401 "March wasn't quite lion enough to add to weather records"
  • 020619 "wildfires have scorched 1.75 million acres so far this year, more than double the 10-year average on this date" 
  • 020619 'Extreme behavior' pushes Colorado blazes
    "We're less than a week into the fire season and we're almost at the total for the entire 2001 fire season in Colorado of 280,000 acres"
  • 020729 [Graph of historical wildfires. Note: While the recent fires have been about 10% of the size of historical, 300,000 versus 3,000,000 acres, the recent fires would have been larger if the number of firefighters today were as non-existent at the time of these historical fires.]
  • 020809  "Floods Sweep Through Europe, More Than 20 Dead"
    "One weather station on the river recorded the highest rainfall in 48 hours since records began over 100 years ago."

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